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Top 10 cheapest dog breeds


Cheapest dog breeds: When we buy a dog, we get not just a pet but a family member, a friend, and a universal favorite. But at the same time, we take on a huge responsibility because we will have to walk with it, play with it, and attach it during the vacation.

In addition, owners will have to forget about saving money because visits to veterinarians, routine vaccinations, buying high-quality feed, etc., are mandatory.

Because purebred dogs are not cheap, not everyone can afford to buy such a pet. There are two options here. Or give a house to a charming mongrel. Or choose an inexpensive pet.

We will look at the top 10 cheapest dog breeds that are no worse than those that cost thousands of dollars. Everyone has their character, characteristics, and price, but this will not prevent them from becoming loyal friends.

These are the top 10 cheapest dog breeds.

1. Dachshund – starting from 25 USD


Dachshund’s height at the withers is up to 35 cm, and weighs no more than 12 kg. Dachshund is active, agile, independent, and at the same time, innovative.

Dachshund is indefatigable. Suitable for people who have time to communicate with their pets because the dachshund can not live without the owner’s attention. It loves children. A dachshund is a dog with a strong character, fearless and confident.

Dachshunds will not forgive their harsh treatment, can become disobedient, and do everything out of spite. The dachshund should not stand on its hind legs or jump from a height due to the peculiarities of its body structure.

2. Pekingese – from 25 USD


Pekingese is a small dog with a height of 15 to 25 cm. Pekingese is proud, a little capricious, and does not like fuss and noise. Suitable for older couples because dogs like peaceful environments.

They do not feel so lonely and can be alone in the apartment. Pekingese feels the mood of the owner and tries to dose communicate. Please do not take this dog to a family with children because it is indifferent to games and does not like to obey.

They do not like close physical contact; they can bite. A Pekingese can make friends with cats, but it can’t stand other dogs, huge ones. Passive does not require daily walks.

3. Border Collie – from 50 USD

Border Collie

It is considered one of the most intelligent dogs in the world. They are often used for search and rescue operations and make the best guides. The height of males is 50-53 cm, and females are slightly smaller-47-52 cm.

Please do not buy this dog if you live in a cramped apartment; they need space. The aviary is also not for them because they love freedom very much. If they can get along with other animals, then only as a patron.

They are not suitable for a sedentary lifestyle, and border collies need physical activity, any activity related to energy consumption. Their ancestors were shepherds, so they will be happy to graze any animal; they are incredibly hard workers. It will not be possible to make a calm, “sofa” dog out of it. They are good-natured, with a peaceful nature.

4. Yorkshire Terrier – starting from 50 USD

Yorkshire Terrier

The Yorkshire Terrier is one of the most popular decorative dogs in the world. The height of representatives of this breed is only 15-17 cm, and they weigh from 2 to 3.2 kg.

It is excellent for families with children, as its irrepressible energy makes it a great companion for fun activities. York is ready to be friends with all family members, but the owner will choose one and be loyal to him.

This breed is very hardy and energetic, with a good reaction; despite its size, they are distinguished by remarkable courage. They are genius and easy to train.

Among the disadvantages – they demand food; some products are contraindicated for them. We will have to take care of constantly its health and protect it from injuries.

5. Basset Hound – from 60 USD

Basset Hound

The height of this dog is 33-38 cm; it weighs from 18 to 29 kg. The Basset Hound is a loyal but rather stubborn pet. The appearance of a dog is deceptive. It seems to have a quiet and modest nature, but in reality, it is cheerful and pleasant.

The Basset Hound is a real hound. If a dog attacks the trail of an animal, it will be almost impossible to distract it. Representatives of this breed have a resonant and deep voice, as your neighbors will be able to see if you leave it alone in the apartment. It would help if you walked with it constantly.

But they are distinguished by outstanding intelligence. If it is scolded, it can develop and implement a revenge plan. Basset Hound is not aggressive and tolerates the neighborhood of other animals.

Of the minuses, they have a lot of salivae. They are sloppy, splashing water when they drink. And they will never give up their favorite habits; the owners themselves have to adapt to them. They like to sleep on sofas and beds.

6. Pug – from 60 USD


A small dog grows up to 28-32 cm and weighs from 6 to 8 kg. Pug is an entirely non-aggressive breed, ready to make friends with everyone, both with family members and strangers. They are amusing and pleasant, adapting to the lifestyle of their owner.

A pug can survive without long walks; that’s why they are an excellent option for a novice dog breeder. But they are very attached to people. If you leave the pug alone for a long time, it will be very stressful.

They are calm and balanced and will not be disturbed by barking. But they can sniff loudly or hiss and suffer from flatulence. They are also canine snoring champions.

7. Labrador Retriever – from 80 USD

Labrador Retriever

Labrador Retrievers are pretty large animals: males grow up to 56-61 cm, weigh up to 34 kg, and females are from 53 to 58 kg and weigh 25-32 kg. If you don’t like walking, choose a different breed, as the Labrador Retriever requires long daily walks.

It is not intended to protect the house but will accompany the owner on the hunt. Dogs like to eat, so you’ll have to monitor their weight.

But they are perfectly amenable to training and getting along with other children and animals. They have a very cooperative and straightforward character; the Labrador Retriever is friendly and always tries to please people.

These dogs make the best habits and helpers for people with disabilities.

8. French Bulldog – from 80 USD

French Bulldog

The height of this dog is up to 35 cm; it weighs from 8 to 14 kg. These are the best companion dogs because they are distinguished by a kind character and patience, complaisance, and friendliness.

These dogs like to go for a walk but will be happy to stay home in moderation. They don’t make much noise, as the French Bulldog rarely barks. They can become a true friend because they are devoted to both the owner and all family members.

Children quickly become attached to it; it never offends them. It is undemanding but does not tolerate heat (they need air conditioning): disadvantages – a tendency to flatulence, constant drooling, and wool.

French Bulldog is a decorative dog, but among its ancestors were fighting dogs. Therefore, they are ready to rush into battle and fight in the event of a threat. During walks, you should avoid such meetings.

9. Toy Terrier – from 90 USD

Toy Terrier

Toy Terriers are small dogs whose height does not exceed 28 cm and weigh from 1.5 to 3 kg. Ideal for those who do not have much free space in the house.

Features of their character are mobility, and they can frolic all day. Keep this in mind when buying this pet because, with it, you will have to forget about peace and privacy. They need constant attention, but in return, they will give affection.

If you do not allow it to throw out energy, aggressiveness may appear, and the Toy Terrier will start to spoil things. They are brilliant dogs that can very deftly manipulate their owners. They are not aggressive at all, but they can act as a security guard, warning about the arrival of strangers by barking loudly.

Psychoemotional instability is considered a feature of the breed. Toy Terriers can “start up” from any rustle, and it will not be easy to calm the Toy Terrier. Its barking is long and loud.

Another feature is the ability to remember; the pet can recognize a person it has seen only once.

10. Papillon – from 90 USD


Papillon is a small companion dog with elegant ears decorated with long hair. They are unusually shaped, somewhat reminiscent of butterfly wings. The withers height is 20 to 28 cm, and weighs no more than 5 kg.

Papillon is one of the most intelligent breeds. Features of their character-friendliness and loyalty. They don’t seem to be in a bad mood. They can also infect others with their optimism and endless fun.

But if the owners do not treat it well, the dogs may develop depression. They will not tolerate rude intonation and may even be offended by shouting.

Papillon is an obedient pet that will not spoil the furniture if left alone at home. But it is still advisable not to do this. The dog must have a friend, at least a cat.

A friendly pet will grow up only with proper, early socialization. Otherwise, papillons can show aggression and bite.

Suitable for outdoor enthusiasts. They are easy to care for, they are inquisitive, and they have a high ability to learn and train.

Papillons easily find a common language with children and other animals. Their main drawbacks are jealousy and a predisposition to diseases.

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