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The formula for success: Top 11


Only when you realize that you are a slave, you get the opportunity to throw off the shackles.

Probably many people at least once in their lives wondered: is there a formula for success? Thoughts filled with tons of money, cars, houses, girls, recognition and fame, strive to burst in and destroy the serene state of your mind. But how to subordinate all these attributes of success to your will, how to fully realize and reveal your huge potential, which is inherent in each of us? Let’s try to understand this article.

It should be noted that the information considered below is not a philosophical conclusion on an arbitrary topic. Each proposed principle is suffered and tested in practice. And even if a lot of it seems to you already clear, a huge recommendation is to reconsider your attitude to the content of the material and approach reading as consciously as possible.

The formula for success. Principles

1. Do what you love

Do what you love

Every person from early childhood has a tendency to some kind of activity. Someone constantly fantasizes and speaks beautifully, someone loves football, someone is fascinated by cars, someone likes computers, etc.

But now the time comes to get a professional education, and very often the young head is directed along the path taken by his parents, or towards something “prestigious”, where it will be “easier” for a young person to realize himself as a screw of the system, becoming a leader, doing hateful work and having a single outlet in the form of a family.

That is how the majority lives. But, as you know, this very majority will never succeed.

Therefore, the most important principle of the success formula is: “Follow your talents, which are revealed in your addictions. Follow this course. The only thing that will save you is the work that you really love. ”

Finding your destination is not so difficult. Trust your intuition. Ask yourself what interests you, what kindles you, what are you ready to do for days on end?

Sometimes you feel that your calling is related to a specific field of activity, but the profession itself is almost yours, but not quite. Expand your search horizon.

Max Fadeev wanted to be a singer but became an outstanding music producer. David Fincher was an excellent clip maker, after which he became the director of truly iconic films. Jared Leto generally manages to combine the stage with a musical career. Oleg Tinkov organized the production of ravioli, was the owner of the brewery, and then created the largest online bank. There are many professions in every area of human activity, so dig deeper.

It will not be superfluous to find out about the leaders of the industry you are interested in, and how much they earn. If there is no money there, it makes sense to watch something else. Although who knows, maybe you will create a new or related existing industry.

If in the hope of success you will go the wrong way, rush after other people, most likely you will be defeated. Perhaps you will achieve the goal, but in what way? Spend a lot of time and effort on a hated business … So stress is at hand.

Not the most pleasant scenario may be different. In search of a relatively easy profit, you will make a huge circle, and only once again at the source, you begin the path in the right direction. The sooner you determine your purpose, the faster you will become successful and spend less time in vain.

If you will do what you love, the rest of the principles by and large do not matter much. Find your business and determine your path.

2. Set a goal

Set a goal

There are people (there are very few of them) who absolutely don’t care what to do, the main thing is for what. They do not care about the way to achieve the goal, and they do not waste time searching for their destiny. One goal is enough for them to constantly be on the move and change this world. That is their formula for success.

But even if you are not one of them, you still need to have a goal. The goal is your guideline. This is the reason to get up in the morning and the rationale for your existence.

In reality, life has no meaning, so we ourselves must fill it with something more significant compared to what we now have and who we are now. Moving forward and reaching the goal, we are developing and changing, and this is very cool. Our possibilities are limited only by our imagination.

→ Don’t think about means to achieve the goal

At the stage of determining your goal, do not think about how you will be able to realize it. Even if the goal scares you, push the fear aside, and set yourself the highest bar.

It doesn’t matter that you are currently living in a hostel, but burn out from the intention to buy a house in the center of the city. Gain the courage to set big goals.

→ Visualization purposes

You must systematically mentally address your goal. At the same time, remember that the goal should not be abstract. Making a lot of money or becoming successful is all about nothing. Visualize a specific goal, such as the house you bought.

Just keep in mind that you should not just imagine a house as if you were looking at it from the outside. Feel yourself the owner of this house. Imagine how you go inside, and here your family meets you. You undress, go further, stepping on a thick carpet, and kindle a fireplace. You sit down in a chair and hear the sound of a flame of fire and a crack of logs, and after a while, you are invited to the kitchen, and you have dinner with the whole family.

You should not go in cycles and spend all free time for visualization. Just periodically refer to your goal again and again.

3. Don’t be dependent on the result

Don't be dependent on the result

Imagine the situation: you were informed that your dream has left your address, and in the foreseeable future you will have it. Moreover, you were handed a GPS-receiver, thanks to which you can track its current location.

What do you think, with what frequency should you check on which section of the path your dream is now? So, you should smash this GPS-receiver against the wall, and throw the fragments into the bin.

Imagine for a moment that your dream will get lost along the way and never reach your home. Mentally come to terms with this, and go do your own thing so as not to waste time.

Dependence on the result fetters you and reduces efficiency, and you need to act as if playing, easily and naturally. This is a very important element of the formula for success.

Reduce the importance of achieving results and focus on the process itself. In this case, the goal will be realized faster, and you will not waste energy in vain.

4. You are worthy of achieving the goal

You are worthy of reaching the goal

If a person was born and raised surrounded by ordinary people, it is hard for him to believe that his life path can be very different from the fate of his loved ones.

From childhood, you were convinced that you were “an ordinary boy (or girl)”. But the truth is that the nature of each person is initially sufficient, unique and perfect, and the emerging sense of inferiority is imposed by the immediate environment.

It’s something they can’t do there. And what do you care about their abilities? When a person gives advice, he actually speaks to himself.

Therefore, know that you deserve the best. Be sure of this, because it is.

5. Trust yourself

Trust yourself

Many books have been written about success. There are a huge number of motivational speakers who teach what and how to do. Each taxi driver in your city will sort through how you can become successful.

But when this noise constantly comes to you, you forget about the most powerful success trainer living inside you. The principles for success are almost universal, but each person has his own path, and there is no repetition.

Therefore, only you know what you really need and what should be discarded. Believe yourself, listen to your intuition when making a choice, and you will never lose.

→ Don’t rely on other people

If you are planning a joint business and are hoping for another person, you can be very disappointed. First of all, you must be confident in your abilities. You should have calm confidence that even without a specific person you can achieve your goal.

→ Don’t listen to pessimists

People are social creatures, and cannot exist outside of society. You can learn a lot from the people around you, but there is one problem in society.

So that you don’t rock the boat and do not become better than your loved ones by the head, don’t prove to them that their life was wasted, that there is a completely different reality in which there is everything you want, and it is yours, people will constantly tell you that and how to do in your own image and likeness.

If you fail, they will say: “What did we tell you?” But the funny thing is that if you become successful, these same people looking straight into your eyes will say: “Well, it’s you.”

Whatever they say, do not believe those who do not live the way you want to live. They have neither the experience nor the audacity to receive it. To follow the formula for success, you will have to learn not to pay attention to their opinion and, in spite of everything, move forward.

6. Don’t go against the system

Don't go against the system

Have you watched the movie “The Matrix”? In fact, it is a documentary.

Society is a relatively organized system, which mainly consists of its slaves, their drovers (the same slaves with slightly greater privileges) and free citizens.

The slavery system is represented by a combination of four elements: wage labor, the monetary system, religion and traditions (education), and the institution of the family. Undoubtedly, the family is wonderful, but holding a person from four sides, it becomes easy to manage and force him to act in the interests of the system.

A person is so used to being obliged to everything that sometimes completely forgets about himself. Sometimes the life of a member of society resembles running a squirrel in a wheel.

In reality, it is impossible to have absolute freedom, since social relations oblige you to comply with applicable laws, decency rules, honor local traditions and so on.

But if you finally realized that you are only a cog of the system, do not rush to deal with it. Do not loudly declare its depravity and futility of existence, because most people do not know what to do with true freedom.

Take advantage of the system. Don’t conflict with the leader and do not quit your hired job until you have established your business. Benefit from union benefits, free education, and medicine. Pretend that you are the same Neo who has not woken up yet.

And even after gaining freedom, don’t shout about it. Live your reality in happiness, prosperity and harmony with the outside world.

7. Don’t break yourself

Don't break yourself

Motivational videos and advertising slogans strive to push you to upgrade existing skills so that you become better and more successful, but manufacturers of goods and services made money from this.

If you are genuinely interested in something, then why not. Self-development for any person is very important.

But on the other hand, why do you get up at 5 in the morning and go for a run if you do not have extra pounds, and three times a week in the evenings you visit the pool.

Why do you need to go through pick-up trainings, if you can easily meet a girl on the street, and in fact, you have already met for a long time and are in a happy marriage.

You are told that hired work is evil, but you earn 10 thousand US dollars a month as an employee and at the same time love your profession.

This principle of the formula for success says: do what suits your interests and don’t follow up on high-profile statements. In a wrapper with the inscription “Freedom”, you can wrap a candy of completely tasteless content.

It’s better not to do this, of course, but even by drinking alcohol and smoking a pack of cigarettes a day, you can earn a lot of money, because there is no relationship between these phenomena.

Listen to outside advice, but don’t believe everything that is told to you.

8. Loosen control

Loosen control

You are the reason for everything. Everything is in your hands, and everything in your life depends on you. You have to do it. Go and get yours. Fate is a very convenient word for those who never make decisions. So speak to successful people? Many of them really think so.

But a considerable number of revered people can often admit that despite the tremendous efforts on their part, luck also took place. What is the cause of what? Most likely, these are two sides of the same coin.

In Western society the common belief in the American dream, a normal person can with the help of his indomitable will to subdue the element called life.

Christianity proclaims that all people are slaves of God who must obey the Lord God. All the will of God, so there is no need to rock the boat.

Buddhists believe that each person, without exception, can become a Buddha, i.e. enlightened (knowing the nature of things). Moreover, all people have a universal consciousness, which can be reached through meditation, self-study and other spiritual practices, and, in fact, are the universe itself, and therefore are inseparable from the rest of the world. Man and the universe are one. The true human “I” is the ultimate absolute, true reality, nirvana or God.

So what is really going on? No one knows how the universe is actually organized. And it has nothing to do with success.

Stop taking responsibility for your fate, but you should not think that you are not influencing this world. Throw this heavy burden off your shoulders, and just do your job. You clog your head with unnecessary thoughts that lead to nothing.

You already know that you should not be dependent on the result, so weaken the control of everything and everything, and instead enjoy the process. Adjust the movement towards the target, but do not hold on to your movement with a stranglehold.

It may happen that you fail, but only then realize that this was the next step towards a resounding success.

Sometimes life presents us with surprises, so don’t stand in the way of the universe, it knows better what you deserve. Stay in its channel and move with the flow, only coordinating the movement. Sometimes we get much more than we expected at the very beginning.

9. Stay neutral

Stay neutral

Society is constantly imposing something and is trying to manipulate you in every way. Therefore, the success formula includes a recommendation to remain incorporeal, shapeless, like water.

→ Get rid of guilt

If you said you have something, but you have promised nothing, and your job description of such rules does not mean you are trying to f##k.

Free yourself from guilt. You don’t owe anything to anyone if you yourself clearly have not accepted responsibility, for example, for your family. Do what you want and do not feel guilty.

Feelings of guilt were imposed on you by your parents and teachers as a child. But now you are no longer a child, and if you were told that you are “bad,” and … ren on them.

→ Get rid of low self-esteem

In this case, the legs grow from the same place – from childhood.

“You misbehave, nothing will come of you”, “These are just pipe dreams,” “You won’t jump above your head,” “Look at yourself. Who are you? ”And a lot of other rubbish was jammed in your mind, after which you certainly believed in it.

From childhood, you were convinced that you were just a little man whose fate was predetermined from the moment you were born. This is complete nonsense.

You are the likeness of God, you are the Universe, you are originally perfect, and there is no need to listen to anyone.

But you should not pretend that you are some kind of cool and self-confident, but simply live your interests and go to your goals.

Reduce the importance of the people around you and their opinions, i.e. change your attitude towards people and their significance for you, and then they themselves will feel the power hidden within you.

Prove nothing to anyone, stay neutral, be open to the world, but live your mind.

→ Don’t boast of success

It is not forbidden to report on your achievements in a calm manner if you are asked about it.

But don’t honor your pride by loud statements at every step, what a fellow you are. In this case, be prepared to get a click on the nose, and do not say later that you were not warned.

→ Be calm and don’t fuss

When a beginner starts to do something, the naked eye can notice how he fusses, all so busy and fully involved in the process. Work is in full swing, smoke is on, but something is not visible here.

It doesn’t matter how far your goal is from you. It does not matter if you have already reached the intermediate goals, or if they are still ahead. You should act effectively, for which you remain calm with a slight smile on your face.

Relax, in time everything will come.

10. Be conscious

Be conscious

You had cases when you involved yourself in some kind of adventure, and then clutched your head with shouts: “Well, how so ?! After all, everything was clear! How could I let this happen!”

Have you ever thought that many people go to work to go to work?

In your life, there were situations when you were in a relationship with a person for a long time, and then you could not explain to yourself why so much time was spent on it?

All this happens due to the fact that a person lives unconsciously as if he were sleeping in reality.

The easiest way to get out of this vicious circle is to constantly ask yourself the question “Why?” Why do you need this work, this person? Why do you need to drink and smoke? What will this choice lead you to after some time?

In addition, to increase awareness, you should train your attention. The most effective and useful way to increase concentration and establish control over emotions is meditation. If you practice meditation for a long time, you can’t even imagine how much this will affect your attitude.

Don’t follow the path of emotions and a sleeping mind, follow the formula for success, be aware.

11. Change your setup

Change your setup

After all, you were taught that everything in this world is given for nothing. You were driven into the head that everything is complicated. You believed that to have a lot, you need to plow like a damn.

Remember the words of Tony stark:

  1. “It was easy.”
  2. “Didn’t even sweat.”
  3. “We can’t walk, we will run.”

→ Don’t fight, but get

If we take the jokes aside, then what are we observing? Suppose you have identified your favorite business, found your way and entered the line of your success. Is it really a burden for you to work more than you should if you are doing what you love.

Is a sleepless night really a problem if you spent it with your sweetheart? Of course not.

There is nothing complicated, there is no laziness or obvious fatigue, lack of motivation and a supply of energy if you are doing your job. If you do something with the soul, then everything is very simple.

Don’t contrast yourself with the world:

  1. Not in the fight, but in line for the victory.
  2. Not for everyone’s evil, but for yourselves.
  3. Not overcoming pain, but easy and simple.

On the other hand, an unloved job will seem like a boring, complex and hateful activity, even if it is 2 times lighter than what you have a penchant for. You may have the same opinion regarding something new and unfamiliar.

But even if you have to do unpleasant things, change your position:

  1. Getting to know girls is hard. No, just that.
  2. The work ahead is hard. Wrong, easy.
  3. I’m sad. Wrong, you should smile.

When you don’t know how to swim, ride a bicycle, drive a car, you find it incredibly difficult, but simply incredible. But by curbing these disciplines, you cannot understand why it seemed so complicated, why you yourself created obstacles for yourself. And really, “Why?”

In addition, stop thinking about the bad and form thoughts and emotions painted in negative tones. The world is how you see it. Life is beautiful, and the journey of life is intriguing and fascinating.

Whatever happens, say to yourself: “How interesting! What other unpredictable event lies ahead of me? Now let’s go and find out. ”

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