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The best vacuum earphones of the year

Dear readers, we represent to you a selection of top 5 best earphones according to Sprintally.

1. Sony MDR-XB50AP


Sony has long been entrenched in the audio market because it was she who created the first cassette player. It was with her that our memories of the first imported technology began. Prices, of course, at that time bite, but now the situation has changed slightly. Specifically, the model MDR-XB50AP is significantly different from its previous competitor.

To positive qualities, we include a well-designed design, sound quality, and a good microphone.


Sony always came up with great responsibility to such an important moment. Buying Sony, we take the design standard – jewelry shapes and faces. Cups are made with inserts for corrugated metal, which ideally combines with the black body. In terms of color registration, we have 4 colors: black, yellow, blue and white. Due to this, the company is trying to expand the circle of consumers, because black color can suit business people and bright colors for teenagers.


In relation to the MDR-XB50AP, it’s not all that simple. The set of ear cups will allow to carry out a qualitative soundproofing under any auricle, but at the same time the essential weight, as for droplets, complicates long-term use. In fact then ears quickly get tired. A significant advantage is the selection of materials – any part of the headphones is pleasant to the touch and has high quality. It is almost impossible to break them in everyday use. Separately, it is worth highlighting the microphone unit. This is a very convenient device, equipped with a special button for receiving calls and a volume control.

Technical features

Sony is one of the few companies that keeps its word in everything. They promised us budget headphones with high-quality low frequencies, and we get the MDR-XB50AP. Of course, the mid and high frequencies are slightly truncated, but the headphones were aimed at an audience that loves Basshead.

Headphones come to absolutely any digital source and are generally good from both an aesthetic point of view and sound.

As a result, it is worth highlighting 3 out of 5 representatives for the better. They fully justify the expectations, and the best, of course, were Sony headphones. Yes, the price is slightly more than 15 dollars, but for this money, we get a number of advantages, with practically no shortcomings.

2. Beats Urbeats


Beats Audio every year acquires a growing army of fans all over the world. Basically – these are people in the age category from 15 to 25 years. Among young people, the headset is very popular and this is confirmed by a group of analysts. They said that the Beats Audio headphones surely took a third of the total sales in the world market. Only original models are taken into account, all kinds of fakes, of which countless, were not considered. This, of course, also makes a kind of company PR.

The main advantages are the original style, as well as the brand recognition. High quality and good sound – the headphones produce a very deep and deep bass. From the ergonomic point of view, they also do not undermine.

Let’s consider in more detail the design of Beats Urbeats

In appearance, these are ordinary vacuum headphones, but they have a very rich design, which is full of aggression. Imagine a situation where people turn to you, not noticing at all that you are wearing headphones. Now imagine the same situation, but when you’re in the headphones Beats Urbeats. Is the truth absurdly obtained?

With such a colossal set of colors that goes into use when decorating the case, headphones can be seen from 15-20 meters.

This design is very multitasking. Not only does the headphones look very beautiful, so they also speak for themselves. Now you do not have to explain to your acquaintances what kind of miracle is the technique in your ears.

The materials are matched with the mind: a high-quality metal case and a rubberized wire. The company offers a wide range of colors, however, the most popular and famous is the combination of red and white. An important factor is the dullness of the surface of the cup – this ensures that there are no fingerprints on the body.


Mentioning the comfort and convenience of using Beats Audio headphones, we are not wasting the air. One set of headphones speaks for itself: a set of four pairs of ear-cups made of silicone will allow using headphones for a long time. “Gags” fit tightly into the ears and make an ideal soundproofing.

Life is greatly simplified due to the use of a flat cord for headphones. Probably each of us was faced with the problem of tightly tangled headphones, which, well, I do not want to unravel. So, Beats Audio solved this problem. This form of wire does not get tangled up completely when worn in a bag or pocket. The cord itself has a length of 1 meter and this is quite enough for comfortable use with a player or smartphone.

In addition, the wire is equipped with an adjustment unit, which has a built-in microphone. The only drawback and weakness of all headphones is the mounting area and this company is not an exception.

When you purchase, you will receive a branded carrying case.

Technical features

The headphones fully support the requirements of their target audience. Note that mainly buyers are young people who like to listen to dubstep and R`n`B. Accordingly, the headphones are “sharpened” at lower frequencies. This is due to oversaturation and part of the middle and low frequencies are simply eaten. Perhaps the average user of this and will not notice, but for a person who wears at least once in a life quality headphones, the difference is amazing.

3. Monoprice 9927


The manufacturer is a so-called reseller and is engaged in sales of a large number of goods. Surprisingly, for such high-quality headphones, you only need to give away $ 15 . Undoubtedly, this balance of price and quality deserves the third line in the ranking of the best headphones.

Among the main advantages of Monoprice 9927 is an unusually low price, a unique design and a good selection of materials.


It’s funny that for such cost headphones have an original design. They are made of a black soft-touch, which is very nice to touch. The headphones themselves are made in the form of shells and have small grooves.

The cable is the weak point of any headphones, but Monoprice solved the problem with the help of a fabric braid, which not only protects the wire well but also gives solidity. Also worth noting is the high quality of the assembly – a complete lack of squeaks.


A small drawback is a very large size. Due to this, people with small ear cans feel uncomfortable, because with prolonged use headphones will press into your ears. Yes, it includes 3 pairs of silicone ear cups, and perhaps the average user will not experience any discomfort when using. Noise insulation at a high level.

Technical features

Surprisingly, at a cost of $ 15, the sound is even better than the closest competitors. Undoubtedly, users will be pleased with the good quality of bass. They have high quality and depth. Perhaps some will scare away the presence of noise at medium frequencies, but at this cost, the presence of a small amount of noise is justified. Also, there is a small nuance – at high frequencies, there is a very perceptible peak, but this is corrected by the equalizer settings. Spend 5 minutes of time and forget about the problem forever – weighty.

The detailing is average, and the frequencies are slightly greased, but overall the sound is clear and natural. As an unambiguous advantage of this model is worth noting that it is often compared with more expensive competitors (usually 5 and more times), which is already much, as it says.

4. Brainwavz M3


Unexpectedly, but the Chinese company made our way to our top. The brand is very unusual and has gained popularity far from everywhere. So, for example, in the USA, he does not enjoy much popularity, and judging by official sources, he does try to hide his origins.

Not surprisingly, the young company is trying to take as many niches as possible for doing business. Specifically, the Brainwavz M3 is designed for young people and other fans of modern music. The product is original and has nothing to do with fakes. This can be confirmed by a relatively large price for a Chinese company – $ 100.

The main advantages of the brand are purity of sound and quality of bass. Also worth noting is the good choice of materials for the case.


The case is made of several materials, predominantly over which is mainly metal. In appearance, the headphones can be attributed to the expensive and solid, because the form they have is very unusual. The thing is that the cups are a continuation of a kind of sprouts from a single piece of metal. Surprisingly, even the grid on the dynamics is also made of iron. This greatly improves the quality of the bits. In defense of the Chinese manufacturer, the lack of squeaks and backlashes can be attributed. This is a big rarity for the Chinese market.


In the configuration, there are 2 pairs of silicone ear cups. Soundproofing is qualitative, but there are some difficulties in fixing due to non-standard form. Separately, it is worth highlighting the cable – it is very durable, but has little flexibility. Perhaps this is not very convenient, but you can confidently say that these headphones will last a long time.

Technical features

The main feature is the non-standard choice of the membrane, specifically 10.7 mm. Metal parts of the case significantly improve the sound quality, and it becomes saturated and noble. Noises are present as such at all frequencies. The headphones themselves are aimed at basses – it affects their depth and quality.

They are adjusted in moderation and this absolutely does not affect the high and medium frequencies. They are picky and sound very natural. This model is an excellent quality option for its price. Perhaps some will be afraid to take the headphones from an unverified manufacturer, but they may well come up as a headset for daily use.

5. Sennheiser CX 280


The name of the company that is the market leader in audio technology. Undoubtedly, at the mention of this mark in the head there is an image of incredibly high-quality equipment, but at the same time very expensive. But this time the story is slightly different because headphones are very budgetary while maintaining the overall quality trends of the company.

The main advantages are low cost and high quality of low-frequency reproduction.


It would seem that it is possible to surprise the average user? The Sennheiser company has always distinguished itself with elaborate design and excellent quality of materials. It’s funny, but here the model differs significantly from the general trends – you can only determine the brand’s belonging to the brand in more detail.

The product looks like ordinary headphones from the budget segment of the market. Classic design and dark colors of the shell finish. For the manufacture of the case was used ordinary plastic. Users can assume that the plastic will be trimmed for wood or metal, but it’s not. Looks products like ordinary cheap headphones, which in the market are dark.


The design of the headphones does not differ at all from the bulk of their “brethren”. Silicone earbuds are perfectly seated in the auricles. The package allows you to choose the most convenient option because in the packaging just three pairs. Noise insulation is not ideal, but it is executed at the proper level. The wire is equipped with a volume control.

The wire should be emphasized because it is surprisingly thin and delicate. In defense of the manufacturer, it only needs to be said that it will not break for good, but you should be very careful in using it. The most vulnerable is the sore spot of all headphones – the attachment at the plug. Fans to pull out the headphones for the cord are advised to think twice.

Technical features

Undoubtedly, anyone who wants to buy this model expects to see praise for the quality and rich sound. Here you will find a small disappointment. No, the sound is not terrible, it’s just ordinary, normal. We were not pleased with the detailed specification of the manufacturers, unfortunately.

But there is a significant plus – this is a very deep bass. In general, the implementation is good for such a price segment of the audience. We dare to assume that this model is aimed at a wide range of consumers who are not very picky about the sound quality and want to buy branded headphones.

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