Tom Cruise

Best movies of Tom Cruise

Every self-respecting film lover has one or more favorite heroes and looks forward to the release of their new films. Others eagerly review the entire filmography of their favorite star.
Ben Affleck

Best movies of Ben Affleck

To the fans of the actor is dedicated. The best movies of Ben Affleck were collected by "Sprintally" especially for you. Enjoy watching. 1. Clever Will Hunting Year: 1997 Genre: drama
Mickey Rourke

Best movies of Mickey Rourke

Everyone knows Mickey Rourke as a professional actor, screenwriter, but few know that he is also a professional boxer. Besides this, Mickey is a sex symbol of his generation. But,

Top 10 movies worth watching

1. The Last Castle Year 2001 Genre: Action, Thriller, Drama Country: USA Duration: 131 minutes Cinema Search: 7.4 Fate is not always fair and the present case is no exception.