Thursday, July 18, 2024

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Soulful Portraits of dogs, exploring the diversity and beauty of our world

Dogs: Photographer Alicja Zmyslowska miraculously manages to combine in her works amazing and still the beauty of desert landscapes with bright and active energy dogs. Her series called Craving Miracles is a three-year project that led her and her wonderful characters filming in the most beautiful places in Iceland, Norway, and Alaska.

In addition to the splendor of nature, Zmyslowska showed wonderful qualities of the dog’s nature, courage, adventurism, curiosity, and swiftness. The boundless energy of these animals and the inherent excitement in new discoveries and research is the best compliment the peace and tranquillity of the Arctic landscape.

Soulful Portraits of dogs:

dog 1

dog 2

dog 3

dog 4

dog 5

dog 6

dog 7

dog 8

dog 9

dog 10

dog 11

dog 12

dog 13

dog 14

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