Signs of love or falling in love: 42 signs


There is no test that would unambiguously answer the question of whether you love a girl. But there are some signs of love (love) that say that you do not want to live without it. And if you are wondering how to understand that you are in love, then read on.

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Love is a wonderful mysterious romantic phenomenon. But love can be frustrating, cruel, confusing, scary and mind-blowing.

Entering into a relationship with a woman, a man begins to feel sympathy, a feeling of affection and comfort. But no matter how good you may be with a girl, you may still have a question: do I love her?

Sometimes it’s hard to see if your girlfriend is the one destined for you.

Love is not just a desire to tear off clothes from a girl, although, of course, without this, too, nowhere. It is about the desire to spend the rest of his life with this woman, together with overcoming life’s hardships and sharing joyful moments.

When a man is in love, he is able to roll mountains to make his girlfriend happy, to stand in the way of a flying bullet in order to save the other half from imminent death, defending her to the last breath.

And although the above words sounded a bit dramatic, that’s how a man feels when he falls in love with a woman.

In the context of this article, the concepts of love and love are assumed to be identical, since their signs are seen as manifesting themselves in the early stages of the development of relations.

Signs of love (falling in love)

Signs of love

1. If something happened, you want to tell her first about it

When you find your love, the girl begins to occupy a very important place in your life.

You will be torn to pieces from the desire to share pleasant significant events that happened to you.

But more importantly, your girlfriend becomes emergency assistance for you.

She begins to act like the first person you think about when terrible things happen in your life, which is a sign of trust, support and love.

2. You get angry when someone speaks ill of her

If you are in love with a girl, you can still sometimes get an unpleasant expression in her address, but if someone else does it in your presence, this person for you suddenly becomes an enemy.

When you love, you continue to notice the minuses of the object of your feelings, but you are extremely negative if others condemn your girlfriend.

3. She is present in your future

When you think about achieving future goals, you imagine how your girlfriend is near you.

You do not think that it can interfere with you in something, but on the contrary, it is a reason for you to move towards your goals more rapidly.

4. You think of joint children

The fact that you are thinking in principle about children or about children with your girlfriend is one of the most important signs of falling in love.

5. You think about what your children will be

The arrow of Cupid is clearly not flew past without hitting you, if you, noting the quality of their girls are thinking: “I want my children inherited it…”

6. You really care what she thinks about you

All of us in varying degrees, it is important what other people think about us.

But if only minor criticisms on her part make you rethink your own values and generates in you a burning desire to change, then there is a high probability that you’re in love.

7. You feel bad if you upset her

If the girl is upset by you, you are trying to make great efforts to resolve the problem.

You are ready for any feats and even able to apologize.

8. You think about how to make her happy

If you find that you get genuine pleasure when you make a girl shine with joy, this clearly means that you care about her more than about yourself.

9. When something hurts her, it hurts you too

If a colleague makes your friend cry, you feel uneasy. Can you imagine how you come to her place of work, and decide the question in the form of an ultimatum.

The manifestation of defense is one of the signs of love.

10. The opinion of her family members is important to you

If you put on an evening suit because you were invited to the potatoes in the village to the grandmother of your girlfriend, a spark of love has clearly caught fire in you.

11. You want to know her family

You are very interested in people who were at the origins of your girlfriend’s upbringing, and you seek to get to know them better.

12. For you, her needs are important

When you make plans for the future, you consider the needs of your girlfriend.

13. You make the common pet

If joint pet care starts to bind you, you most likely have very serious intentions for the girl.

14. When she needs you you’re there

Punished the offender your girlfriend, rolled mountains for it, put in place your mom. All this is a clear sign of love.

If the girl needs you at 2 a.m., you wake up, get dressed and go outside.

15. Fear of losing her

To be honest, this is a very disastrous feeling when you realize that you feel vulnerable, and often note that you care about the girl more than about yourself.

Love makes you believe that you have everything you need and you do not want to lose it all.

16. Passion for her continues unabated

Even if you have been together for a long time, you still think that your girlfriend is amazing and beautiful, and every meeting with her is like the first time for you.

17. You love to watch her when she sleeps in the morning

People don’t always look like angels when they are sleeping especially if they snore.

But if despite this, you consider her the most beautiful creature, you should know that this is another sign of love.

18. You think about how lucky you are with her

Have you had situations when you, having appeared at any celebration, looked around to just look at her beautiful face?

Well then, everything is clear with you …

20. You’re concerned about her safety

When you love, you really care about the mental state and health of your girlfriend, and it doesn’t matter with which pale face, devoid of makeup, you can see her.

When you get to know that she was walking late at night alone on the street, you get angry because the girl put herself in a risky situation.

21. Are you willing to compromise?

Love makes you compromise to find a solution that will make both of you happy.

You are even willing to give up something important in your life.

22. You miss her when she’s not around

When a girl is not with you, you want to at least just talk to her. You want to be near, and this is more than physical attraction.

23. It evokes in you strong emotions

It is not only in the fact that your girlfriend better than anyone else.

It provides you such an impact that you are willing to do crazy things.

24. You are jealous like never before

You never considered myself jealous, but now you don’t recognize yourself?

Perhaps in the past, you did not think that you could lose so much. And this, of course, is another sign of love.

25. Next to her, you feel like yourself

You used to love trying on various masks, but next to your girlfriend you became completely natural, giving up everything once and for all.

26. You never feel boring with her

You always want to be near your girlfriend, and even when she is nearby, you still miss her.

27. You let her take food from your plate

Picking his fork on your plate is definitely a reason to put a man on the place if you’re not in love.

28. You want to give more than to receive in return

If you notice that you want to do things for your girlfriend that you would have previously considered stupid or foolish, then most likely the flying boy with wings and a bow in his hands clearly did not miss.

Moreover, you do not expect something in return and catch a buzz from what had a nice thing to do.

29. You want her to meet your family

Your family members will necessarily be interested in the girl with whom you communicate.

But if you decided to submit it to your closest relatives, it’s something serious.

30. You think about what kind of mother she will be

You will begin to appreciate how a good mother will be your girl, and what kind of upbringing this will get your children.

31. She stays with you the next day

Usually, you called the girls a cab in the middle of the night, waking up in the morning alone.

But now, you’re asking the girl to stay, just to talk with her tomorrow.

32. You don’t think about sex with other girls

The hot girl decided to hug you in a cozy corner saturated with romantic music and dim lights, and you run away from her and go home. Well, you give … So you are in love.

33. You tell her about your fears

You only tell those who are scared and can hurt you that you trust very much.

34. In conversation, you use the word “We”

This is undoubtedly one of the signs of falling in love if, in a completely natural way, you and your girlfriend have turned into “We” for you.

35. You are making a large joint purchase

Making a major joint purchase means that you want to build a joint life.

36. You give her a key to his apartment

If you trust so much that you are ready to let the girl come and go to your house when she pleases, it means that serious thoughts have settled in your head.

37. You can just silently sit

If you are comfortable to sit near a girl without saying a word, then you should be together forever.

38. You know what she’s going to say

Before the girl begins to speak, you already know what you will hear, because you are in synchronization with her.

39. You want to spend the holidays with her

The upcoming vacation promises you ongoing parties and a large number of slender and beautiful girls, and instead, you go on vacation with your girlfriend.

40. With her, you are more comfortable than ever

Next to the girl, you get the feeling that you have finally returned home, after a long time wandering along the road of life.

41. You will not confuse questions about the wedding

If you do not pull people who ask you about marriage, something is wrong here.

In addition, you are not embarrassed when a girl declares your love or talking about children.

42. It improves the quality of your life

Passion, emotions, all this can be experienced with a person completely unnecessary for you.

But there are no problems with this girl. Instead, it seems to you that many problems are solved simply by her presence in your life.


There is no single sign of love that would convince you that you are actually experiencing a girl.

Sometimes you think that this is the woman of your dreams, while the woman of your dreams may be different from her lover.

A man who loves a woman cannot do without her, even if he believes that he can. And if so, then hold on to her and don’t let go.

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