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5 reasons to drink a cup of coffee


Understand the popularity of the drink like coffee. Coffee is also one of the healthiest beverages on the planet.

Reason number 1 Style

Since the morning of the inhabitant of a megacity, it is already difficult to imagine
without a glass of coffee in hands. Immediately clear – a businessman. Do you want
to look stylish? Drink coffee. Many simply can not wake up in the morning without
this drink. They believe that it gives vivacity, although, sometimes, it’s just an

Reason number 2 Cheerfulness

In Muslim countries, alcohol is banned, so coffee quickly replaced it, coming to the Middle East from Ethiopia. Soon they learned about him in Europe, where, because of the exciting effect, they even called the “intoxicating potion of the devil”. In America, plants began to grow on colonial lands. That is why for the homeland of coffee, it is sometimes mistaken for Brazil and Colombia. If you still want to shake, it is better to drink the freshly brewed drink from freshly ground grains of good quality – it is important in what climate and in what country they are grown.

Occasion # 3 Tradition

If the interlocutor needs to discuss something, you can often hear an invitation: “Let’s go coffee with pop?”. This is not about the process, but about the ritual. After all, it’s clear that espresso is consumed in one sip, but here it is necessary to solve some important matters. This culture came from Mecca, where the first coffee houses appeared. They could not only chat with clever people but also make good connections and even find a job. And today the deal will be over a cup of coffee.

Reason number 4 Rest

If you paid attention, coffee is associated with intelligence and aristocracy. Of
course, this drink has nothing to do with a healthy lifestyle, but sometimes it’s nice
to afford a cup in a good cafe, gossiping with a girlfriend. Coffee is a stylish leisure.

Reason number 5 Coffee is fashionable

Coffee is fashionable, it’s the mass culture that came from the United States. There,
he became a symbol of independence from the UK, where they constantly drink tea.
And together with globalization from America, we got a drink that we drink daily
without even thinking. However, many admit that they do not like the bitter taste of
coffee but still use it. Causes? We named them above.


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