Qualities of a real man: 20 qualities

real man

What is a real man like? Is an ordinary person among us an unattainable ideal? What qualities should a real man have?

Due to the fact that the concept of “Real man” does not have legislative consolidation, everyone who uses this phrase implies their own meaning. Undoubtedly, the meaning invested by women is different from what a man imagines. That is why the article will be divided into two parts: first, we will analyze a real man through the eyes of women, and then imagine what men think of him.

Very often, when women are asked what qualities a real man should have, the first thing they answer is that they should be kind and loving. Here are those on the loving good man. But as a rule, this is the first thing that comes to mind, and such an answer can be obtained more often orally. If a woman has time to reflect, the hero of a somewhat different novel looms.

The qualities of a real man from the point of view of a woman

  1. Smart.
  2. Confident.
  3. Has a sense of humor.
  4. He is a man of his word and always fulfills its promises.
  5. Decently earns.
  6. Has a house and a car.
  7. Loves and respects his baby (according to women’s online edition).
  8. He is attentive and not indifferent, always listen and support.
  9. A real man would never hurt his woman and will not change her.
  10. Loves to indulge his favorite pleasant surprises.

In the above classification is rational, except for one important point. Real men don’t exist. Confident loving and kind, earning a lot of money, always ready to rush to the aid of my missus and give her a strong shoulder, even if it threatens to disrupt lucrative trade to which the man went for a long time. Talking about a real man, women use characteristics that belong to different psychological types of people. Good and hard, sweet and sour… but Oh Well.

Considering a real man with masculine positions, I suggest investing in this concept the value of the “Normal man”.

The quality of the men (normal men) from the male point of view

  1. He knows what he wants, and he has a goal to which he goes. While a normal person understands that the main purpose in his life is a struggle for resources.
  2. Do not lose time in vain, he always has class.
  3. For all his life committed to self-development in all its forms: intellect, sports, health, emotions, material wealth.
  4. Woman for a normal man is not the goal, although it plays an important role in his life.
  5. The emergence of women in the life of a normal man is not a reason to drop everything.
  6. A normal man is all right with self-esteem and he understands that if a particular woman will go out of his life, it will not affect his future.
  7. For normal men, it is clear that the woman loves to run to her, and prerogative of big decisions, always in his hands.
  8. He is not on female manipulation but does not apply to such manifestations with apparent aggression, rather they make you smile.
  9. Knows that women live by emotions, so he understands that it is necessary to be a supplier of such emotions. Portions of emerging emotions are not the result of applying the woman of manipulation and his own desire for a normal man.
  10. Companion of a normal man is an only worthy woman.

A man is a person with a core, changing the surrounding reality for himself. He does not wait for a successful moment, hoping for circumstances, but creates them himself. In order to be able to influence the world around him, a man, first of all, learns to control himself.

Napoleon Hill wrote the following: “Self-discipline is through self-control. This means that a person must control all his negative qualities. Before you learn to control circumstances, learn to control yourself. Self-education is the hardest work. Do not defeat yourself – you will be defeated by yourself. At the same time, standing in front of the mirror, you can see in yourself both your best friend and your sworn enemy. ”

Purposefulness, maximum control over your body, thoughts, emotions and your future are the features that attract women so much.

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