Psychology of Online Dating. Part 8

psychology of online Dating

Psychology of Online Dating

The psychology of online dating is based on the concept of selection.

In the process of online dating, we don’t just weed out girls who are greatly tormented by any doubts, who may be too shy or who are convinced that indicating the number of their mobile phone in the message will be regarded by the Almighty as a serious sin.

We shape and increase our value by such behavior for those girls who are interested in us, develop their need for us.

We don’t creep in front of them, starting to convince them to explain something, prove, answer objections, because we have no problems with women.

And that’s exactly what they will understand at least at the subconscious level. All people feel it.

Similarly, men are often attracted to women who don’t notice us, or women who have many fans.

For each of us, this side of thinking was perfected to perfection even in childhood, when, as children – subtle psychologists, we understood how much our parents loved us, how much they needed us, and we used it.

It was precisely clear to us one more thing: if we want something that will hurt us (eat too much sweet), and our parents refuse our desires, we can throw a scandal, start crying, appear before the loving look of our parents as infinitely suffering victims, resulting in a definite reaction to this of our loved ones.

And if the parents, contrary to common sense, begin to feel sorry for us, go to meet us, show understanding and tolerance – that’s all, they got caught, we divorced them.

Thus, we often achieved our goal, because even then we understood our value.

And if parents didn’t dance so often to our children’s tune, what would it lead to? Only one thing – over time, we would become less likely to cry.

The main secret of effective communication and any social relationships can be formulated as follows: you will need a person only when you become of value to him. And if this person understands that it is of value to you, that anything in your life depends on him, you have lost a mental duel, this person does not need you, or you are not so needed. You will be the object that you can use if you wish.

We, in turn, do not need people who do not need us. It depends only on us with whom we will spend our time.

You will understand this even better when you get dozens of phone numbers in one evening.

Notepad for contacts

Earlier, I mentioned that for you to get acquainted online, you will need a notebook for recording contacts. Why is it needed?

Entries in the notebook are the easiest, most convenient and informative way to keep a file of your girls.

In the notebook you need to indicate the serial number, date of acquaintance, nickname on a dating site, real name, age, mobile phone number and everything you can find out about the girl: name, in which area and with whom he lives, if there are children, husband, where she works, studies, what she is fond of (crocheting, boxing), when there are weekends, whether there are free friends or is she a “loner”, does she drink alcohol, is she ready or not to come to visit.

The source of this information is both correspondence and telephone communication.

Also, to reveal a more complete image of the object of dating, knowing the name, age, the zodiac sign that defines two options for the month of birth, you can find a girl on social networks.

Of course, if a girl does not agree to come to visit and wants to meet in neutral territory, then there is no special sense in compiling her biography in a notebook.

Also, in the notebook, you need to tick off the fact of the phone call, as well as the date when you should call the girl next time, or reflect the date of the proposed meeting.

The need for this information is directly related to the large number of contacts established.

So that you don’t have to defragment your memory and not overload it with an excess of information, don’t be in an awkward position when the girl said that on weekends she will go with her friends to a barbecue overnight, and when you call, you ask if she recovered, all the valuable data should be reflected in a notebook.

Received phone numbers should be placed in the phone book of your phone only when the girl has agreed to meet on your terms and conditions.

In the next article, read what to talk to the girl on the phone.

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