How to meet a girl online: the system. Part 3

meet a girl online

In this article, you will learn how to meet a girl online using a simple and effective system.

Have you ever thought about what could cause male success in women?

Maybe you think that the main thing is an attractive appearance, or maybe a high social status or financial security, an expensive car, a high level of education, the ability to speak beautifully, self-confidence?

If you really think that way, then you have not yet become a skilled seducer. I sincerely envy you, because you still have ahead.

So what is the main thing? The most important thing is the clearest presentation of your goal, and also, as in any sphere of human activity, the development of necessary skills.

The required skills will arise as a result of gaining experience from communicating with female representatives, but so that you do not make mistakes at the very beginning of the development of seducer skills, I will share with you a simple system that will become your guide to the beauties of female hearts.

By observing the proposed system, you will forever get rid of those prejudices that, rooted in your head, created obstacles to your success.

How to meet a girl online

In order to meet a girl online, you will need a computer or other device connected to the Internet, a mobile phone, a notebook for recording contacts, free time, desire, a place (apartment) for a subsequent meeting.

I repeat that of the above requirements, the most important is the desire that determines your goal, that is, a sincere awareness of what you want.

Most often, the author used the online service You can use other dating services at your discretion, for example,,,

If you want to meet a girl online on Facebook, the considered method is also a good fit.

We go to one of the above dating sites, register, add photos (preferably at least 2). In the photo, none of the main characters, except you, should not be. The questionnaire should not indicate a lot of information.

Then we go to the search page and specify the parameters you are interested in. We filter the results obtained by the status “Online”.

If your page is at the beginning of the rating, and immediately after registration it will be so (later the page can be raised in the rating on a paid basis), then perhaps some of the girls will take the initiative and want to get to know each other first.

This is the easiest option. These girls themselves are looking for your location, it is usually easier with them than with the others to reach the final goal.

But we do not intend to wait and therefore go to the pages of applicants for an acquaintance from the search results and begin to write messages.

However, first of all, I want you, dear reader, to drive the online dating scheme into your head and always adhere to it.

The table below shows the stages of the seduction process and, most importantly, the goals that must be achieved at each stage.

After reaching the next goal, you must immediately proceed to the next stage. It is necessary to enjoy communication during the meeting, the previous stages are, rather, a step before the climax, and you can’t get stuck on them.

Also, one should not try to achieve the goal at stages that they do not correspond to, for example, it is not recommended to make an appointment in the messaging process (exceptions to this rule will be considered later).

Stages (system) of online meeting

1. Contact (correspondence with a girl)

Purpose: Take a girl’s mobile phone number.

2. Telephone conversation

Purpose: To locate the girl and arrange an appointment.

3. Meeting (date)

Purpose: Sex (if the meeting is not in a public place, otherwise it is either necessary to leave the crowded place with the girl, or if she is not ready for what we are ready for a long time, this meeting was held for the next meeting).

In the next article, read what to write to a girl in messages when meeting online.

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