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Most dangerous animals in the world

dangerous animals

The present world has a very extensive fauna that is able not only to escape from the threat but also to resist it. There are representatives who do not seem dangerous at all, but they can kill at the same time. In this top, we will consider different types of dangerous animals.

1. Scorpio Leirous

Scorpio Leirous

This little black scorpion can kill you in a matter of minutes. Dwells mainly in Africa, also found in the Middle East. Unlike the rest of his fellows, he is very dangerous and stinging the victim does not leave her the slightest chance of survival. The poison spreads through the body, causing savage pain, then paralysis and death.

2. Pisces

At the second line of our rating are located just 3 types: fugue, fish-stone, and piranha. Let’s dwell on each more in detail:


Fugue is an incredibly attractive delicacy among the peoples of Asia, but it is very poisonous. The cook must correctly remove all the poisonous glands otherwise the meal for the delicacy lover will be the last. A painful death from suffocation and complete paralysis are waiting for the man.


Fish-stone is a very quiet inhabitant of the water expanses, which never attacks the first. The poison is used solely for protection purposes. However, if a person is struck by her poison, then there comes an instant paralysis, accompanied by infernal pains, and the gradual withering away of the tissues.


Piranha. This species has gained some popularity due to the artistic coverage in various books and films. It is not surprising because the mouths of these inconspicuous seemingly fish are filled with deadly teeth that are ready to dig into the victim at any second. Basically, they attack other fish, less often in marine animals, people generally do not often. However, it is worthwhile to beware, because their razor-sharp teeth can tear out whole pieces of flesh.

3. Leo


An amazing representative of the cat family. It combines the perfect beauty, grace, and incredible strength and speed. This predator hunting requires a team, but driving a victim of any size for lions is not a problem. He can accelerate to 50 km / h and is able to jump over the fence, holding a cow in his fangs. Incredible power … In Kenya recorded a case of repeated attacks on people of an aggressive lion – he killed 135 people.

4. African elephant

African elephant

The elephant itself is a herbivore and has no enemies as such, but every year its victims are about 500 people, whom it pierces with tusks and tramples on its feet. In defense of elephants, it should be said that aggression is manifested only in cases of provocations from people. The elephant has excellent hearing and a strong nose, and the greatest danger is at the time of mating. This is due to an increase in the testosterone level 60 times. Because of this, seeing another male or man, the animal can attack.

5. Bear


A surprisingly massive and formidable beast, which horrifies its victims with its own kind. To date, the world knows eight species of bears that live in Asia, the Americas and Europe. The most dangerous of them are brown and polar bears. Most of them are considered omnivorous, but there is an exception – a polar bear. He is considered exclusively a meat-eater and eats only animals. He is not afraid of people, but he does not particularly want to contact. It is noteworthy that when you meet a bear, it does not make any sense to run away – it can develop an enormous speed (about 60 km / h). They rarely attack people, but by and large, this is due to the fact that people often do not go to their habitat.


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