It’s raining day: 10 raincoats for cool summer

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Specifically, the editors wanted planned to make for you a selection of the most suitable raincoats on the autumn season, but last week we learned that it is better to be prepared in advance.

It would seem that summer is the perfect time to write about bikinis, straw hats and flip-flops, but the rains that have swept across Ukraine convinced us otherwise.

The weather itself is the hostess, and as it turned out, it is very unpredictable, so we rush to your aid and tell you where you can urgently buy yourself a perfect raincoat if suddenly the summer forgot that it was summer.

10 raincoats for cool summer


First and foremost, you can look at your favorite mass-market. The only “but”, not all popular brands included in their summer collection raincoats. So let’s decide what will be your “lifeline.” This time Zara, Stradivarius and Topshop will help us out in the summer season from the rain. Three different models, shapes and colors, will help you to choose the most suitable option.

Spanish brand Zara offers a short jacket with zips khaki. Most likely, you will wear it in tandem with jeans, but can also pay attention to the image that was proposed at the lookbook online store. Collaboration with the dress and the raincoat makes the outfit truly stylish and summer, even if the window is raging atypical weather for the hot season.


In the Stradivarius shop, you will find a delicate pink coat which will help to brighten up the gloomy, rainy mood. To complement the image, you must find a pair of rubber boots, preferably in similar colors, and you can safely go for a walk without fear of getting wet.


The most extravagant raincoat you’ll find in Topshop. Green vinyl trench coat with decorative white buttons and stitching — more expensive than their predecessors, but it is more spectacular. Given the fact that the cloak is made of a transparent material, it is not worth to experiment with basic clothing.


In addition to the range of mass-market, you always can find your ideal online store. One of the most popular sites ASOS has collected a huge database of rainwear from different brands. Short and long models, plain and prints, both cheap and expensive — you have choices.

The advantage of ASOS is that you can choose a suitable option not only for yourself but also for your young person, as the store and the male models of raincoats. But the drawback will be, at least seven days waiting for your order to transport you from England to Ukraine.


However, do not have to go to other stores when their, Ukrainian, ready to save us from wet weather. Niche, the domestic brands know the climatic features of our region, so happy to sew raincoats, which can conquer women’s hearts.

One of the most desirable raincoats can be a model from iCoat Raincoat. Ukrainian brand offers several spectacular options for raincoats and jackets with different colors. The only thing that unites all the raincoats is enlightened material.


The real raincoat can be a real treasure in your wardrobe. The brand has created a truly precious cloak, which is made in two shades. It remains only to decide: are you a girl gold or silver?


And completing our selection of no less brilliant masterpiece from the studio Coda. In such a raincoat, you will flicker brightly and you will understand that nature has no bad weather when you have such a creative solution in your closet that saves you from heavy rainfall. By the way, as for the shades of the raincoat, all the colors of the rainbow are available.


Even though lately the hot sun has been abruptly replaced by heavy rains, we still hope that August will be warm enough. And in case the last month of summer turns out to be too hot, then the editorial staff wants a useful selection in-store, where we told about dresses that help us survive the scorching heat.

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