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How to quickly get rid of acne


Today is an important day, but a huge pimple popped up on my nose, which is difficult to hide with a foundation? Acne that has suddenly appeared does not only spoil the mood and appearance but also hurt terribly? It’s familiar, right? At least once, but in a similar situation, each of us was trying to solve the situation by different methods. And they were not always effective. Therefore, let’s figure out how to quickly get rid of acne at home. And improvised means.

First, you need to understand what acne is. Acne is a complex problem in our body that appears in response to some kind of irritant or pathogen from the outside. Beauticians have not yet found the exact definition of acne, but they know how to treat them. Therefore, today you will definitely learn how to get rid of large acne on your forehead.

Surely, you noticed in your body that after eating chocolate or coffee, acne immediately appears on the skin. If not, we advise you to look at the reactions of your skin to such irritants. So, what causes can be an irritant to acne?

What causes acne?

What causes acne

Doctors advise treating acne immediately to prevent their spread. If this is not done on time, then scars may remain on the skin, which are very difficult to remove. Acne can develop for various reasons. Here are a few of them:

  • Accumulation of dead skin cells: They can get stuck in sebum, causing clogging of pores. As a result, blocked pores become acne.
  • Heredity: If you have a genetic problem, acne on your face can bother you throughout your life. The genetic justification for this is that hyperactive sebaceous glands produce a lot of sebum, which leads to the formation of acne. In this case, you should consult with a specialist, since home remedies and natural methods may not solve your problem.
  • Teenage acne: They usually occur during puberty. When the body undergoes physical changes, the sebaceous glands become overactive. The accumulation of sebum also blocks pores and causes acne.
  • Hormonal acne: If you think that you no longer need to be afraid of acne since you are no longer a teenager, you are mistaken. In adulthood, acne can be caused by hormonal imbalances in the body. This is a very common symptom of PMS, which also occurs during menopause.
  • The growth of bacteria: The sebum that accumulates in the pores contains bacteria. Under suitable conditions, these bacteria spread, causing painful acne. They feed on sebum and produce a substance that provokes inflammation of the skin.
  • Dairy and high glycemic index foods: A report presented by New York University and published at the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics says that eating foods with a high glycemic index (baked goods and sugary drinks with a high sugar content) causes acne. Too much dairy in your diet is also bad for your skin.
  • Fatty foods: This is the most important cause of acne. Eating large amounts of fried and processed foods leads to lubrication of the glands and the formation of sebum, causing acne, blackheads and acne.
  • Medication: Some medications, such as epilepsy and medications with androgens, cause acne.
  • Skincare products: Using products that are not suitable for your skin type can be harmful. In addition, frequent changes in cosmetic products also adversely affect the skin.
  • Travels: During long journeys, environmental changes such as weather, temperature, humidity, water, etc., cause acne.
  • Stress: Another common cause of acne is stress. Stress alone cannot cause acne, but it exacerbates the problem by releasing inflammatory chemicals called neuropeptides.
  • Friction or injury to the skin: When you constantly rub your skin or pick acne, its condition worsens. Even the pressure exerted by helmets, narrow collars or scarves can cause acne.

How to get rid of acne?

How to get rid of acne

How fast to get rid of acne, but still free?:) The first thing you should pay attention — acne treatment should be gentle, soft and not mechanical. That is, it should not look like this if we don’t know how to quickly get rid of the big red pimple, we extrude. No.

Remember the main rule: if you have a pimple or inflammation on the skin, do not dare to squeeze it out or do a facial cleansing. It is difficult to come up with a crazier and more dangerous idea. This will only “spread” acne throughout the skin and increase their number.

In order to get rid of acne, we need facial cleansing masks, specialized acne ointments are suitable, which will remove inflammation and gentle care for sore skin.

Facial masks for acne

Of course, you can buy a special ointment in the pharmacy (in principle, anyone that the pharmacist will advise), as well as cosmetic gels to cleanse the skin and tonics. Any cosmetic cleanser that will not be aggressive to the skin and does not require mechanical action (so as not to spread acne).

But you can prepare a mask for acne and at home using improvised means. So, one of the effective tools that will help to quickly get rid of acne is a kefir mask or a mask based on honey.

Kefir face mask

We will need 1 tbsp. kefir, 1 tbsp. oatmeal, a little lemon.

Preparation: mix kefir and oatmeal, previously crushed in a blender, add a drop of lemon, apply on face for 20 minutes. Repeat the procedure daily for a month.

Honey mask

We need 2 tsp quality honey, one yolk, lemon (a couple of drops).

Preparation: mix everything, apply for 10 minutes. 3-5 procedures are enough.

How to quickly get rid of big acne?


Also, if in the morning you suddenly find a large inflammation on the skin and you need to get rid of it quickly, a small algorithm of actions to combat acne will help.

  • Squeeze only Mature acne. If the touch of the pimple pain is felt, then there is the inflammation. Not squeezing. Although very desirable.
  • Disinfect the pimple with alcohol. Put a cotton pad with alcohol for a few minutes. This should help with the inflammation.
  • Gently push the core of the pimple, but in any case not capture the surrounding skin. The force that pushes the pus must come from the bottom of the sebaceous duct. So at the bottom of the pores remains purulent residues.
  • Clean the wound with alcohol.
  • After an hour, when the wound calms down, apply a healing ointment.
  • The next morning, wipe your face cleanser and ice cubes (this will help to remove possible swelling).

This will help get rid of the usual acne, but if we are talking about how to get rid of subcutaneous acne, then everything is a little more complicated.

To get rid of subcutaneous acne, you need to remove the inflammation. Alcohol tinctures, face masks, healing ointments – all this should accelerate the resorption of acne under the skin. However, due to the fact that it cannot be squeezed out and “released”, such a pimple can remain under the skin for a long time.

If acne appears too often, you should think about your diet and hormonal health. Be sure to contact the beautician and doctor.

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