Eating “as it will” for months and living in a “passive” mode, we, having reached “critical” body weight, want to lose weight quickly and even “urgently.” Usually, women tend to “pull up the figure” before the holidays, including the New Year or March 8. I want to wear a beautiful dress and shoes with heels, and the extra weight presses: swelling, shortness of breath and other phenomena – a little fun.

How to do everything? And the holidays “on the nose”, and working hours have not been canceled, and the family needs attention: the majority of our women have the second shift in the evenings. When to engage in weight loss and where to start? How to quickly lose weight at home?

Many starts with hard diets – to lose weight, so “to the fullest”, – break down, get stress and depression, and excess weight “triumphs victory”. Do not be with you so!


Diet lose weight fast

Of course, there are a lot of examples of “super diets”, including in the network. For example, it is proposed to lose 5-7 kg per week on such a diet, and it is promised that “it is quite easy to sustain”:

  • Breakfast: buckwheat on the water without butter and salt and tea without sugar;
  • Lunch: small Apple, a Cup of plain water;
  • Lunch: the piece of boiled chicken (breast), salad of raw vegetables (carrot + cabbage) with vegetable oil;
  • Snack: orange (grapefruit), water or tea (decoction of rose hips);
  • Dinner: low fat cottage cheese (250 g).

It seems “tolerant”, but repeating this menu, changing dishes in places if desired, is offered daily, and it’s better not a week, but a whole month. Most “ordinary” women on such a diet in a few days will want to howl, “break everyone” or at least bite: you can not only deteriorate your health but also ruin your relationships with relatives and the whole environment.

Water is required!

Water is required

Naturally, to lose weight quickly, a woman needs to drink plain clean water. Everyone knows about water consumption (1.5-2 liters per day), but it’s not tasty and doesn’t crawl into the stomach – not like coffee, tea or juice. But our cells constantly lose water – for example, when we breathe. In late autumn and winter, this process is even more intensive (although it seems that more moisture is needed in summer), it is more difficult to get rid of toxins and all kinds of “working out” the cells: this is increasing weight. Most of the moisture is lost at night – about a liter, and it must be replenished immediately, in the morning. We drink anything, but not water, but in the evening, after sweet, salty, spicy snacks, we catch up on the loss: in the morning, swelling is not only literally “evident” – all parts of the body suffer. Water balance is disturbed, saline, fat, etc .; the longer it lasts, the harder it is to lose weight.

Drinking water is worth starting. Do not cram it into liters: drink in small sips, but often, especially between meals; Keep a glass of water nearby and you can take it with you in bottles.

Homemade weight loss for women

And now let’s talk about other simple steps that help to lose weight quickly at home:

Homemade ways to lose weight for women

  • The first thing to start losing weight at home, get rid of hunger: learn to eat at least 5 times a day. The portions are small, about 200 g of the stomach will not stretch, will no longer “jump” sugar, will balance the metabolism fastest way to lose weight open.
  • Less than 200 grams and it’s hard to stop? Eat slower, chew thoroughly: the next piece takes after you swallow the previous one.
  • Not impossible to abandon the usual products? And do not! To lose weight fast at home, a little re-think your diet. “Content” can be left unchanged, changing only the form of love “milk” – go for lean rather than fatty-smoked-sausage – ham, instead of the white baking – whole wheat bread (bread), preferably without yeast; instead of juice from a bag – the usual apples, pears, oranges, etc., etc. Amount of food cannot be reduced – change composition. To deprive yourself of coffee if you “very dear”, is also not necessary: remove the cream and sugar.
  • A convenient scheme for reducing weight due to calories: at each meal, 1/4 servings – vegetables with a “negative” calorie content; in a few days – 1/3 servings, and then – half. However, the second half should be high-grade proteins and high-quality fats: it is better to lose weight on a low-carb diet than on a low-fat diet – it has been checked repeatedly. Salt is limited to sharply: it seems tasteless, but hunger, as you know, seasoning any dishes.
  • An important condition for fast slimming is special, the evening ration. To refuse to eat after 18 hours, if difficult, is also optional. You can eat and at 20.00: 50-80 g low-fat cottage cheese, a couple tablespoons of natural unsweetened yogurt and a small Apple. Even 1-2 tsp of honey won’t hurt but add them or yogurt-curd or herbal (green) tea.
  • One more prerequisite: good sleep with normal duration. Not less than 8 hours, and can and more, even working ladies that will be able to go to sleep no later than 22 hours. Lack of sleep really stimulates weight gain, although most referred to poor diet and physical inactivity.

Focus on proteins

The following proposal is this: to lose weight fast at home, focus on proteins.

If you have enough determination to quickly change your dietary habits, success in weight loss comes faster. Dramatically reducing the carbohydrate part of the diet, it is possible to obtain encouraging results.

Protein – as much as possible: any lean meat, eggs, cottage cheese and low-fat cheese, “sour milk” (especially natural yogurt), seafood and fish.

Other necessary components – vegetables-fruits-berries (all fresh) and fats: natural butter, natural vegetable oil, from olive to coconut. At last, you should pay attention: it is possible to cook, even to fry – if you follow the norm, the weight will go. By the way, if it is recommended that meat without fat, fish, on the contrary, fat is the best form of fat, omega 3 fatty acids. Of course, it should not fry, bake, stew and boil for a couple. You can even lard, a little salt, with vegetables and condiments like horseradish and mustard: the perfect “winter energy”.

Focus on proteins

Without sugar, grains and starches, but there are a lot of vitamins, minerals, protein and fiber: there is no hunger, the weight goes away quickly, and strength increases.

The best types of vegetables, from the most accessible: all kinds of cabbage – especially Peking, Brussels, broccoli; cucumbers, tomatoes, sweet peppers, zucchini, pumpkin, green beans (peas, beans), eggplants, carrots, onions, celery (root); leafy and spicy greens – lettuce, spinach, chard, dill, parsley, etc. Add sea cabbage and mushrooms, and if you can, asparagus, okra, avocado, artichokes, jalapeño (hot pepper). With fresh vegetables (raw, boiled, stewed, baked) you can “overeat” as much as you like if the gastrointestinal tract allows: you will hardly get any extra carbohydrates

Move to lose weight!

And of course, how to lose weight quickly at home without doing sports? Yes, nothing.

Dramatically changing the diet, you can lose weight without exercise, but the figure will not tell you “thank you”. The muscles do not harden, and the skin still sags: what kind of beauty is this?

move to lose weight

In the cold season, you don’t really run in the mornings, you don’t pull on a bike either. Gyms, swimming pools, fitness clubs remain, but they need time and money. You can run up and down the flight of stairs if the entrance is clean and tidy, but this is a rare success.

However, a quick walk down the street 1-1.5 hours a day is available to everyone, and 30 minutes for home gymnastics can also be distinguished. It is not difficult to find complexes of simple exercises now: squats, push-ups, pull-ups, jumps, lunges, leg lifts, “plank”, etc.

Remember: you can not lose weight “through force”, causing damage to health – and the weight will return, and will have to be treated. And another thing: fast weight loss is suitable when you need to lose 2-3 kg for the holiday. If the weight exceeds the norm by 15-20%, it is better to choose more benign, but long-lasting schemes.

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