Beautiful tan this summer you provided. And today we are not talking about cosmetics. In the summer, our diet should include fresh vegetables and fruits. They will be great helpers on the way to an even bronze tan.

How to get a beautiful tan? Of course, the best sunscreens will come to the rescue, but one should not forget about products that have many useful properties and contribute to an even tan. Some products stimulate melanin production and retain a bronze skin tone.

We have compiled a list of five items that should be in your diet. Get ready, now the phrase: “Did you have such a beautiful tan, was it at sea?” Will sound more often.

Get a beautiful tan with the help of these vegetables and fruits:

1. Carrots

To get a tan and a gentle bronze tint drink a glass of carrot juice. It contains a large amount of beta-carotene, which protects against free radicals (capable of destroying cells). The main thing – to know the measure, because, in the end, your skin can get a nasty orange color.

Pay attention to the color of fruits and vegetables. Red and orange are best friends for summertime!

2. Peaches and apricots

Contains phosphorus, iron, bioflavonoids and other vitamins. In order to get an intense tan, you need to eat them 200 grams per day.

3. Grapes

It is one of the powerful antioxidants that not only restore the water balance, boosts immunity, but also kills bad cells.

It is best to do special week: a week to drink one juice and another.

4. Watermelon

Everyone knows that watermelon cleanses the body and cleanses the kidneys, but few people realize that eating only about 300 grams per day can get a beautiful skin tone. A huge plus – protection against ultraviolet radiation (SPF).

5. Tomato

We found a product that can replace low SPF cream. Slightly less than a glass of tomato juice per day contributes to the appearance of sunburn. Also, this vegetable helps protect our skin from the harmful effects of sunlight.

All these products are very useful and beneficially affect our body. In addition, they can strengthen the immune system and protect against radiation, vegetables and fruits will help your skin to get a beautiful even tan. Bronzer is no longer needed!

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