Cardio training should be in the program of any amateur athlete because they develop endurance and promote weight loss. How to make cardio at home – read in our material.

Often, when a person is engaged in fitness at home, he has a problem with how to carry out cardio training, because often people in apartments and houses will not meet a treadmill or stepper. And there is not always money to buy them. Although, it should be noted that this is not at all necessary since cardio without a loss for the result can be done without sports equipment.

Cardio exercises (aerobic exercises) – this exercise, during the execution of which consumes energy, resulting from the splitting of carbohydrates and fats. It should be noted that in the first place during aerobic exercise the body will use carbohydrates, namely glucose, which has accumulated in the muscles. In order to start consuming fats and start the process of losing weight, cardio training should last at least half an hour. The optimal time is an hour.



To load your body with cardiovascular exercise at home, you can use running and jumping. It’s very simple: start training with running on the spot. At the same time, do not forget to work with your hands and follow the breath. Next, start running with your knee up. After some time, change the type to run in overwhelming. At the conclusion of the set, perform jumps on the spot.

Then you need to start over. To begin, alternate exercises as follows: 10 minutes – running, 2 minutes – running in the knee in front of you, 2 minutes – running with overlapping, 2 minutes – jumping.


Jumping into push-up position – a great workout not only for the legs and buttocks but also for the abdominal muscles. It is worth noting that jumping needs to be combined with running in place: 10 minutes running – a set of jumps, 10 minutes running – a set of jumps, and so on.

To do the exercise, stand up straight, then crouch completely on the score “1”, put your hands on the floor in front of you at the expense of “2”, jump into the bar at the expense of “3”, return to the full squat position at the expense of “4” 5 “jump to the standing position. For 1 set you need to make 10 jumps. As part of a workout, you must perform 3-4 sets.



Kicking is also an affordable and very effective type of cardio workout. You can hit forward and to the side. It is best to alternate directions so that in addition to aerobic exercise, all zones of the biceps of the thigh and buttocks are worked out.

To perform kicks, stand up straight, legs – a little wider than shoulders, knees slightly bent. For the convenience of the exercise, it is recommended that you bend your arms in elbows, and the arms should be gathered into fists and placed just above the chest. As you exhale, start kicking. To make it easier for you, imagine that you are hitting someone from your offenders. Please note that when performing beats, the heel should be directed as much as possible upwards, and the knees should not be fully extended.

Self-training must be done in sneakers, not barefoot. While doing aerobic exercise barefoot, there is a big risk of damage to the joints.

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