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How to become charismatic ? 9 tips


Charismatic people attract, inspire, surprise, and not so important how a person looks. Charismatic personalities are admired and followed. People with charisma are able to exert a strong influence on other people, without resorting to manipulation techniques. The people around them feel the joy of being able to communicate with a charismatic personality and are willing to help them on their own.

The question often arises: are they born or become charismatic? Of course, they do. Not a single child has yet appeared in the image of a mature charismatic personality. And you can become charismatic.

How to become charismatic or qualities of a charismatic person

1. You should be alien to the dullness of the surrounding world

If you do something, then give all the best 100%. If you are among the crowd, then you are in front and leading it. Charismatic people are always leaders, they are not afraid of responsibility, “somehow” is not their element.

2. Love and respect yourself and appreciate your time

At the same time, one should not engage in constant narcissism and refuse to help other people if it is possible to provide it.

3. Convey confidence

Speak confidently, out loud and be positive. A charismatic person has no problems, he can only have temporarily unresolved tasks.

4. Nonverbal communication should emphasize your charisma

  • Straighten your back and keep your posture.
  • Be relaxed, try to avoid crossing of arms and control your gestures.
  • During the conversation, look straight in the eye.
  • Smile to his companion.

5. Learn to speak and listen and be interesting

  • A charismatic personality is the soul of the company. Such a person can speak on almost any topic that will be interesting to the interlocutor, not limited to only dialogues about the weather. In order to be interesting, you will have to become a versatile person, and also love to read books and absorb information like a sponge from any source.
  • Become an attentive listener and show interest to the other party.
  • Be sure to remember the name of a new acquaintance and often refer to him just by name.
  • In the communication process use compliments and remember to accept compliments like not only young girls but all people, regardless of gender and age.

6. Be witty

Learn to laugh at yourself, at life, be ironic, but keep yourself within the permissible limits. Do not become a jester and do not be too caustic.

7. Learn eloquence

To do this, read literature and constantly practice in the field of communication, there are a lot of people around.

8. Know what you want

A purposeful personality always has the ability to attract other people.

9. When you enter into communication – be honest, sincere and open

If people really dislike you, no smile or eloquence will help to hide your true attitude.

Everyone can become charismatic, and you can if you want!

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