How stress affects the skin?

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We live in multitasking mode when we do not have time to rest and eat properly. It all accumulates and affects our emotional health. So stress arises.

Stress affects not only the general condition of a person but also external beauty. Our skin responds to emotional manifestations first. First wrinkles, rashes, bags under the eyes and skin disease appear. And this is not the whole list!

Why is this happening and how to cope?


Dark circles and bags under the eyes

As we said earlier, stress affects the whole body. One of the points is a bad dream. At night, there are processes that help cells recover faster and carry out regeneration processes. The accumulation of water leads to the formation of dark circles and bags. It was then that the girls begin to search on the Internet all about patches under the eyes.

Stress reduces the immune system by 40%.


The first wrinkles can easily provoke chronic stress (cortisol level rises). All this entails an increase in blood sugar and reduces the production of natural collagen. Starting this process is easy, but to cope with it is very difficult.


Pimples, inflammation, acne

Acne from stress looks like a subcutaneous inflammation or a rash. Time is the main assistant in the way of healthy skin. Do not try to quickly get rid of them (squeeze out), because this can lead to aggravation of the situation and skin diseases.

Dark Spots

Stress affects the vessels (“breaks” the usual mechanism of work). It provokes redness or hypersensitivity. Pigmentation also appears.

What to do?

Your health and beauty are completely up to you! Try to relax more, practice walking in the fresh air and playing sports. In every person’s life, there are situations that make you worry, which leads to a violation of the emotional state. Before you get depressed, think about whether you can change something?


Use cosmetics with hyaluronic acid, antioxidants and collagen. This will help speed up the process of regeneration and normalize the water balance of the skin. Patches or home remedies with cucumber will help to cope with dark circles under the eyes. Do not forget about face and body massage (lymphatic drainage). Such procedures remove toxins and excess fluid from the body.

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