How long does college board take to send sat scores?

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In the journey to higher education, standardized tests like the SAT hold significant weight. For many students, it’s not just about the hours of preparation but also the anxious wait afterward. After all, once you’ve taken the SAT, you’re eager to send those scores to your dream colleges. But how long does College Board take to send SAT scores? Let’s delve into the intricacies of this process.

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Understanding the SAT Score Sending Process

Before diving into timelines, it’s essential to understand how the score sending process works. After completing the SAT, you can choose up to four colleges or scholarship programs to send your scores to for free. This service, known as the “Score Choice,” allows you to select which scores you want to send, ensuring that colleges only see your best performances.

Once you’ve made your selections, College Board processes your request and sends your scores to the designated institutions. However, it’s crucial to note that this process takes time and may vary depending on several factors.

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Factors Influencing Score Delivery Time by College Board

  1. Test Date: The timing of your test affects the score delivery duration. If you take the SAT during a high-volume period, such as in the fall when many students are applying to colleges, the processing time may be longer due to increased demand.
  2. Method of Sending: College Board offers different methods for sending scores, including regular mail and electronic delivery. Electronic delivery is typically faster, as scores are transmitted digitally, whereas physical mail may take longer due to postal service timelines.
  3. Score Reporting Schedule: College Board has specific score reporting schedules for different test dates. Scores are usually released within two weeks after taking the SAT, but this timeline can vary. It’s essential to check the score release dates for your specific test date to understand when your scores will be available for sending.
  4. Recipient Institution’s Policies: Once College Board sends your scores, the delivery time also depends on the recipient institution’s policies and processing timelines. Some colleges may receive scores electronically and update them in their systems quickly, while others may take longer to process incoming scores.

Average Score Delivery Timeframes

While the exact time it takes for College Board to send SAT scores varies, there are average timelines to consider:

  • Electronic Delivery: Scores sent electronically are typically received by colleges within 1-2 weeks after they’re released by College Board.
  • Regular Mail: If you choose to have your scores sent via regular mail, it may take additional time for colleges to receive them, usually within 2-4 weeks after they’re released.

It’s essential to factor in these timelines when planning your college application strategy to ensure that your scores arrive at your chosen institutions in time for their application deadlines.

Tips for Expedited Score Delivery

If you’re on a tight timeline and need your SAT scores to reach colleges quickly, consider the following tips:

  1. Opt for Electronic Delivery: Choose electronic delivery when sending your scores, as it’s the fastest method available.
  2. Plan Ahead: Be proactive in scheduling your SAT test dates, keeping in mind the score reporting schedule and application deadlines of your target colleges.
  3. Check Score Release Dates: Stay informed about the score release dates for your test dates and plan your score sending accordingly.
  4. Communicate with Colleges: If you’re concerned about score delivery timelines, reach out to the admissions offices of your target colleges to inquire about their processing times and any additional steps you can take to expedite the process.


The question, “How long does College Board take to send SAT scores?” doesn’t have a one-size-fits-all answer. The time it takes for your scores to reach colleges depends on various factors, including test dates, delivery methods, and recipient institution policies. However, by understanding the score sending process, staying informed about score release dates, and proactively planning your score delivery, you can ensure that your SAT scores reach your chosen colleges in a timely manner, allowing you to focus on the next steps in your educational journey with confidence.


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