Honey hair color: fashionable dye 2019

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Honey Hair Color
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Honey hair color – one of the warm shades that give softness to the face. We decided to make out all the nuances of this coloring!

Honey hair color may have a different undertone. The most popular: golden, caramel and cream. From this depends on the intensity of staining. Each girl (regardless of color type) can transform her image with this shade of hair.

Let’s talk about all the nuances of fashionable hair color.

To suit honey hair color

Honey shades give softness and tenderness. They resemble a red color. The main difference in saturation and brightness. Such coloring is ideal for girls with dark skin and light eyes (brown, green, blue). Remember that it all depends on the chosen subtone!

To Suit Honey Hair Color

Golden honey locks are an interesting option for girls with fair skin.

Honey color in harmony with the dark strands. Use this technique in fashionable techniques of coloring: balayage, shatush, ombre or sombre. Hair gain volume.

Golden Honey Strands Is An Interesting Option For Girls With Fair Skin

Golden Honey Strands Is An Interesting Option For Girls With Fair Skin

Unusual option – honey-caramel, which is perfectly combined with equipment balayage. In order for the color to be as natural as possible – combine shades of the same color range. Suitable for girls with brown eyes and dark or tanned skin.

Golden Honey Strands Is An Interesting Option For Girls With Fair Skin

Many girls choose a light honey color with a golden sheen. This color gives expressiveness and saturation to blue and green eyes, and a “sunny” subtone emphasizes the lines of the face (like a bronzer).

Golden Honey Strands Is An Interesting Option For Girls With Fair Skin

Care for colored hair

You can save color and neutralize yellowness with the help of special care. Replace your regular shampoo without sulfate. Pay attention to the lines for dyed hair. Once a week, use toning masks or balms. Natural oils “will help” to improve the structure of the split ends. For example, coconut, almond or jojoba.

Care For Colored Hair

Cons staining

Honey hair color is very beautiful but has its drawbacks. The first one is quickly washed away, and after two weeks it can get a little red (the main shade changes). Ready to try?

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