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Hair color, which is visually refreshing

Hair color

Pink hair color is one of the trends of the past season. This shade does not lose its relevance, because with this staining you can transform your appearance, refresh your skin and hide flaws.

The pale pink shade of hair looks great in combination with four of a kind or other haircuts for medium length. This option is suitable for girls with dark and light eyes.

The palette of fashionable hair shade is quite versatile: pearl, ashen, crimson, fuchsia and others. Pink strands with gold and silver hues look beautiful and unusual.

The pink color can be completely different. Saturated looks more bright and catchy, and gentle – gives the face softness and rejuvenates. Start with strands or tips. Such a game, in contrast, is perfect for fine hair, because this technique adds a multi-layer coloring.

pink color

To refresh your image – it is worth trying a soft powdery tint. Even the easiest toning will transform your look. Use this color in fashionable techniques: balejaz, shatush, and babylights.


It is best to conduct staining on light hair. For girls with a dark shade, the scheme is a bit more complicated. First, you need to lighten the main pigment, and then apply the necessary tone. To achieve the desired result, there should be no styling products on the hair. After all, they are composed of chemical components that can interact with tonic or paint. Therefore, the color can come out quite different!

coloration on light hair

How to keep hair color?

Care after dyeing is an important point that affects the durability of the pigment. Do not immediately wash your hair and use styling products. Control the temperature of the water and do not forget about the special lines for hair care. For example, with the help of toning products, you can maintain the brightness and saturation of your hue.

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