Foods that can not be given to children under age 3 years


The exotic fruit

The exotic fruit. It is important to remember that to eat those foods that grow in your Home. With regard to the child’s body, that exotic fruits can hurt him. Fruits such as pomelo and mango can not only become the cause of severe allergies but can cause severe poisoning. Beware!


Chocolates. Up to three years children do not need to give chocolate. The risk of allergies is even higher if candy added artificial flavor components. But after two years you can offer the child cocoa. Before the first introduction of cocoa in the diet of your child, you need to check if he had any allergies to this product.

Store bought muffin

Store-bought muffin. Different pastries, cakes, waffles and other foods from the store pose a greater burden on the body of the child. In baked goods, industrial production contains a lot of allergens and sugar, and also not very useful additives.

Store bought ice cream

Store-bought ice cream. Ice cream, as you know, included in the ranking of the most common allergens. If your baby is not lactose intolerant, the ice cream he can’t. In addition, this product contains emulsifiers, flavorings, stabilizers and so on. So it is better to learn how to cook ice cream at home.

Chocolate glazed curd bars

Chocolate glazed curd bars. The composition of this product contains too much sugar and fat, as well as stabilizers, emulsifiers and other “chemistry”. Curd there is very little, therefore the glazed cheese curds can’t be a replacement of this product.

Canned vegetables

Canned vegetables are inappropriate for children up to 3 years. Green olives, black olives, pickled cucumber, some children are very fond of pickled vegetables. But because of the abundance of spices and salt nutritionists advise giving the child such dishes.


Seafood. Boiled squid or shrimp are popular with many kids, but it is important to know that they are hard to digest and can cause allergies. Caviar is also undesirable for kids because of the abundance of salt and irritant action on the stomach.


Mushrooms. Children should not eat any wild mushrooms or mushrooms greenhouse. It is better if you will not give them up to school age. The fact that fungi can cause the baby indigestion because they are very difficult to digest.

“Doctor’s” sausage

“Doctor’s” sausage. Instead, it is better to give a piece of cheese. In boiled sausage and sausages contain a lot of salt, additives and unhealthy fats. They interfere with the absorption of calcium and increase the load on the circulatory system.

Meat and fish broths

Meat and fish broths. It is better to replace vegetable. In the cooking of meat and fish into the broth becomes too much of substances that irritate the vulnerable gastrointestinal tract of the child. So prepare soups with vegetable broth and let the meat separately from them.

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