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Fashionable torture: the most uncomfortable shoes of stars

uncomfortable shoes

Each of us at least once, but bought those same shoes of dreams that are outside the store are a real tool for torture. And star ladies are no exception.

Platforms-skyscrapers, inappropriate size and missing heels – we remembered the most uncomfortable shoes of celebrities!

uncomfortable shoes 1uncomfortable shoes 1(A)

Marion Cotillard most often chooses a rather classic in form and style shoes, but a couple of years ago, the French actress appeared at the next event in sandals with heels in the form of bone figures. The question of whether, as the star was convenient to move, can be safely removed from the agenda.

uncomfortable shoes 2uncomfortable shoes 3

British it-girl Daphne Guinness is known for her love for frankly strange things and unusual images in general. One of the “chips” stars have long been battalions and shoes … without a heel, which has only a high platform in front. And, to be honest, we admire Daphne – she has never failed to fall on these  skyscrapers”!

uncomfortable shoes 4uncomfortable shoes 5

Kim Kardashian did not change high heels during both pregnancies, and at some point, fans of the TV star was afraid for her health – plastic sandals were so unstable, that the heels are literally  left” out from under the feet of celebrities.

uncomfortable shoes 6uncomfortable shoes 7

By the way, plastic shoes do not leave Kim’s wardrobe to this day. Afraid to even imagine, what sensations you experience in boots made of plastic.

uncomfortable shoes 8uncomfortable shoes 9

Among the lovers of the strange ( and obviously not the most comfortable) shoes was noted and Angelina Jolie. At the premiere of the Maleficent, the actress arrived in white  boats” with a curved heel-wedge.

uncomfortable shoes 10uncomfortable shoes 11

Sandals Alysia Reiner joined in himself, it seems, everything, that only can be uncomfortable when walking: moving the tape around his ankles, beveled heel and plastic jumper.

uncomfortable shoes 12uncomfortable shoes 13

To  beautifully suffer”, it is not necessary to choose strange shoes – it’s enough to get a pair not in size, like Jennifer Lawrence. Fortunately, the actress still coped with the “dangling” sandals and with honor stood the whole premiere.

uncomfortable shoes 14uncomfortable shoes 15

Unsuccessful shoes were picked up and Julianne Moore – the actress ‘s feet  moved” forward, and fingers frighteningly sticking out of the jumpers on the sides.

uncomfortable shoes 16uncomfortable shoes 17

Distinguished and stylists Sarah Jessica Parker – the star shoe in shoes in the form of lion paws on the heel.

uncomfortable shoes 18uncomfortable shoes 19

In her time, Lady Gaga was often inspired by Daphne Guinness, who “opened” our collection. Especially for the soul of the singer favorite shoe Britons – the most uncomfortable battalions on a huge platform in the front, in which it is almost impossible to walk.

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