Dog grooming: tips and tools

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Dog grooming
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What is Dog grooming?

Dog Grooming is the process of grooming a dog. This is not just combing, it is a set of actions. Imagine that you go to the salon for coloring. You do not just dye your hair, they are dried and laid. The same is done with the dog’s hair in the grooming salon.

Why do I need to trim a dog?

There are two types of hair in dogs: wool and hair. They are easy to distinguish, the coat has an undercoat that warms a dog in the winter. From hairline, no undercoat, and the structure of the hair resembles a human. That is why some breeds need clothes in the winter. Without it, they would freeze.

No matter what type of hair the dog has, the grooming needs to dogs with fur, and hair. The difference in the types of grooming. For some species, e.g. for the West Highland White Terriers, mowing is undesirable, because it changes the structure of wool. Instead, the specialists in trimming dogs, that is a special device pluck out the hairs. This process does not cause the dog pain, but the hair looks neat and groomed. Another plus — after trimming the dog sheds less. For those dogs who have on the head of hair, grooming is a necessity. Your poodle does not look like a cloud, and York as a doormat, you need to cut them.

dog haircut

Stages of a haircut

Usually grooming dogs goes on behind closed doors. Why? When the owner of the dog becomes unruly, she’s begging on hands, refuses to execute commands. As a result, a haircut takes more time and effort.

The grooming there is no universal sequence of actions. Each groomer has their own approach, but the basic steps are the same:

  • wash;
  • hygiene;
  • haircut

Even if the day before the dog washed, the wizard will bathe her again. The coat should lie perfectly, so it is easier to cut. After the dog is washed, it is dried. Then cut nails, clip fur between the paws trimmed tummy and cut the rest of the body. Grooming the dog depends not only on the master but also from the owner. It is important to clearly explain what you want and show better photos.

How to cut the hair of your dog at home?

Grooming dogs is a complicated process. Perhaps some life hacks you can see or read, but to fully master the process can only be immersed in it. If you want to learn how to cut hair, go on courses.

Some steps you can still do at home. For example, to trim nails, wash the dog, even to do a sanitary cut. For home, treatments do not need expensive equipment. Enough to have a nail clipper, a clipper and a grooming comb.


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