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In our time, long and beautiful nails can be seen in many girls and women, but almost every time, admiring such nails, we involuntarily think: is it interesting, but are they their own or extended? After all, today even children of preschool age know that it is possible to build up nails, eyelashes and various other parts of the body – but here we will talk about nails.

Building up is convenient, but no more than that, and not everyone can wear on their fingers, even if beautiful, but still lifeless and other “nail substitutes” – having “your own” is always more pleasant. In addition, the opposite sex today is again interested in all the “real”, so it is better to try a little and grow your own, native, healthy and strong nails.


Experts say that nails on our hands grow at a speed of about 2 mm per week (in winter nails grow much slower) – this is normal, although today there are more than enough deviations from this norm. And it would be nice if the nails grew faster, but their growth, on the contrary, is very much slowed in many women; if the nails are still growing, they can break, peel off, lose their shape – so that you have to cut them and still apply to the manicure masters – it seems that the extension cannot escape.

But here’s an interesting fact: for most pregnant women, nails grow faster and don’t break, and this is simply explained – future mothers understand that harmful foods should be excluded from the diet, and healthy ones containing vitamins and minerals should be included as much as possible. become strong and strong.

Proper nutrition

Why don’t we change our diet for the better? This will be useful not only for strong nails, although a diet designed to improve their condition is called a manicure.

It is known that nails need calcium: it is abundant in dairy products, almonds, dates, figs, cheese, sesame seeds, legumes, some vegetables and greens, eggs, sea fish and seafood.

Proper nutrition

With chronic calcium deficiency, it is necessary to take special supplements with it, however, there is a folk remedy that is tested and safe – an eggshell. It is better to take the shell from poultry: it must be thoroughly washed, dried at room temperature (in some recipes it is recommended to roast in the oven, but it is better not to do it), separate the thin inner film, then chop the shell, and leave it to dry.

Well-dried shells must be crushed into powder, poured into a clean and dry glass jar, and stored in a dry place. Take for a month, 1-2 times a day, diluting 1/6 tsp. in a glass of water.

Strong nails need and zinc – it is also fish, cheese and eggs, as well as offal, bran, legumes, mushrooms, yeast.

Magnesium and manganese also make nails strong and healthy: the first of these elements is found in buckwheat and millet groats, legumes, spinach, watermelons, milk powder, tahini halva, nuts, rye bread, corn, cheese, carrots, chocolate; the second – in nuts, spinach, garlic, beets, pasta from durum wheat, mushrooms, liver, leafy greens, apricots.

Iron is a trace element that women often lack, so always include red meat, fresh vegetables and fruits, natural juices and legumes in the diet.

Gelatin is good for the health of joints, and nails are also formed from joint fluid, so if you want to make your nails strong, cook and eat jellied and jelly, strong broth from cartilage, bones and fish heads, and for sweetness – natural marmalade.


Homemade firming massage

Strengthens health and makes nails strong daily message: massage your fingers every day, and blood circulation will improve, and nails will get more nutrition and will grow faster.

One of the most effective procedures that promote the growth and strengthening of nails, paraffin therapy is considered. The procedure is simple, and everything you need for its implementation today is easy to buy at a pharmacy or cosmetic store so that for strong nails it can be regularly and successfully performed at home.

Baths for strong nails

And of course, baths are a tried and true home remedy that allows you to keep your nails healthy and strong at any time of the year.

The simplest baths for strong nails at home – saline. Salt is better to take the sea, and buy it in a pharmacy, without any additives and flavors – it contains a lot of useful minerals. Salt is dissolved in warm clean water (at the rate of 1 tsp per cup), hands are placed in it and held for 20 minutes. Salt baths should be done for 10 days, then a break – one month, and repeat the course. After that, it is enough to repeat the procedure once a week – for prophylaxis.

To make strong nails, trays with iodine are well suited: 5-6 drops of iodine per cup of warm (37 ° C) water. Hold hands for 15-20 minutes. Do baths every day for 2 weeks, then a break – one week, and repeat the course – this can be done several times.

And of course, a great tool for strong nails are homemade vitamin baths. Most of all, we consume vitamins A and C – make baths with warm vegetable oil 2-3 times a week, adding fresh lemon juice and pharmaceutical vitamin A to it.

Keep your hands in the composition of 5-10 minutes; do not rinse with water – wipe your hands with a moist cosmetic tissue or a soft towel, and only slightly dab your nails – all useful substances should be absorbed completely.

strong nails

Making regular nails at home will help regular baths with natural lemon juice: cut a whole lemon in half, and immerse the nails of both hands in the juicy flesh of the halves. Hold for 5-10 minutes; repeat every other day for 2 weeks. It helps the fragile and brittle nails essential oil of lemon: it should be rubbed into the nails 2-3 times a week. Treatments with lemon also have whitening properties.

Apple vinegar can be added to vegetable oil 1: 1 – such baths also strengthen weak and brittle nails. It is also good to rub into the nails fresh juice of berries: black and red currants, cranberries, sea buckthorn, etc.

With blackcurrant juice, you can also make trays for strong nails. It is necessary to grind chamomile flowers (2 tablespoons), pour them with a glass of boiling water, and cook for 5 minutes on low heat. Then cool, strain, add ½ cup of freshly squeezed currant juice to the broth, mix, put fingers into this mixture and hold for 20 minutes.

To make nails strong at home, a home bath with wine is perfect: add 1 tbsp to a glass of warm boiled water. red grape wine and infusion of horsetail, mix and immerse the fingers in the composition. The duration of the bath is 10-15 minutes.

Honey-cologne bath: mix any cologne with water (cup), add 2 tbsp. honey, mix to a uniform consistency and dip the nails in the mixture for 15-20 minutes. Then wipe your fingers with a damp cloth and apply any nourishing cream for hands and nails.

Firming bath with cucumber juice, beer and salt. Heat ¼ cup of beer and mix it with the same amount of fresh cucumber juice, add 1 tsp. salt, mix until smooth and put fingers in the solution for 15 minutes.

Baths with essential oils quickly make nails strong and eliminate their fragility: in addition to lemon oil, this oil is rosemary, citronella, grapefruit, orange, mandarin, etc.

Compresses and rubbing with essential oils also strengthen and polish the nail plate: these are oils of bergamot, lavender, ylang-ylang.

Within 10-15 days it is good to make such compresses: glycerin – 25 g, alum – 5 g, warm water – 70 g. Mix everything, wet tampons or discs in the mixture, apply to nails and hold for 15-20 minutes. After half a month, the course can be repeated again.

The mask with red pepper returns strength and strength to the nails, but it should be done carefully so as not to burn the skin. It is necessary to grind fresh or dried red pepper, mix it (½ tsp) in a ceramic container with boiled water (10 ml) and incomplete tsp. hand cream. Heat the mixture in a water bath, then cool it, and apply it warmly onto the nails. Hold for 15 minutes, then carefully remove the mask with a fat cream or vegetable oil – so that the pepper on his hands is left.

Protection features

Nails will be strong if you protect them from aggressive detergents and other household chemicals; Do not hold hands for too long in water – waterlogging also make nails brittle and weak; Do not often use nail polish removers – you can do this once a week, but you cannot use it with acetone at all.

Protect your nails with a variety of cosmetics – today they are sold in a wide range in all pharmacies and shops.

And another thing: you should not take calcium preparations uncontrollably – not everyone knows about it, but an excess of calcium, especially synthetic, makes your nails even more fragile and brittle, and in general it is very harmful for the whole body.

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