How to create a live TV streaming website?

Live TV streaming

Nowadays, building your own live streaming website like YouTube, Netflix, and Twitch is a great way to promote your business or brand. There are few things to be kept in mind while creating a live TV streaming website like where will it be, how will it look, you will need to get the license too, a plan for scaling, a reliable and powerful source for hosting, and you will also need it to be well-optimized.

The streaming will contain several things like- Advertisements, Q&A sessions, old videos, testimonials from customers, Contents from other sources, how to sessions, new events, information about new products, etc.


The Technical Part:

Uploading and promoting videos on channels like YouTube require you to sign up and upload videos, if you are setting up a website then you will need hosting too.You will also need a high-quality camera to shoot your videos nicely, a good audio recording too, an editing software on your computer. You will also need a nice background in your workplace or at home to give it a nice look, proper lighting, soundproofing because setting a backdrop brings all the attention of the viewer on you.


Setting up the website is one part and promoting and getting it out there is totally different and one of the most crucial parts. You need to promote your website, its launch and all the other important events on social media, emails, facebook, advertisement, etc.

Be Flexible:

A streaming TV channel has more flexibility than a network if they don’t like something then change it with something they might like immediately. Instead of introducing new products if they want to know how to improve the old ones, feed it to them then.Just give them what they want.

Few things to know before live tv streaming:

  • Safe and secure web hosting
  • Various uploading channels
  • Responsive front end of website
  • Active admin panel
  • Payment section
  • Online Video player
  • Social Plugins

Steps in Lifestreaming your website:

  1. Decide the outlook:

You need to decide how does it look and what will you display on it, will you be doing all the streaming yourself, will you have a particular type of content.

  1. Get the license:

To get a license you will get a free trial and you can decide from small to big instances, whichever you like.

  1. You will feel the need to expand:

You will eventually need the full license for bigger and better version of your website.

  1. Choose reliable and powerful hosting:

You will need appropriate bandwidth for live streaming as no one likes to see the videos buffer and wait for long.

  1. Getting your website optimized:

Most of the websites are accessed from mobiles nowadays, you will need your website to be compatible everywhere with great speed and performance.

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