If you still cannot decide and stuff big, beautiful tattoos, then we want to bring a few undeniable facts in favor of the mini-tattoo. First, it’s beautiful.

 Conventionally, all people can be divided into two categories: those, who wanted a tattoo and immediately filled, and those, who doubt, for a long time thinking, trying figure, he consults with family. That’s the last I specifically made a collection of transferable tattoos, which are held throughout the week. With their help, you will be able to understand, what it is – to carry on the drawing itself. In 90% of the cases after the transfer tattoo, people come to the present, and some decisions about it instantly. The most important thing is to find a qualified master, to eventually get a really beautiful tattoo. But if you still can not make up your mind, I advise you to start with a mini-tattoo, especially since such a choice has its advantages. ”

1. You can stuff anywhere


 Small tattoos can be done on any part of the body – on the finger, wrist, ankles, behind the ear, on the chest or stomach and even on the face. And everywhere they will look beautiful and stylish. The process itself does not take much time – literally in half an hour, you will become the owner of the tattoo. ”

2. You can always hide

always hide

“The only exception is the tattoo on the face or neck. Although high collar sweater or sweatshirt will help hide the tattoo – and no one will know, that you have it. ”

Small tattoos swim in time and become indistinct,so do not make the drawing too small. With the wrong size chosen in a few years, it can turn into a stain. To avoid this,find a professional,who will tell,how best to do,to avoid disappointment in the future.

3. Easy to care for

Easy to care for

 It’s easy to take care of a small tattoo, especially since it requires attention only a couple of days after application. For example, in my work, I use the healing special film, which is stuck on the tattoo soon, as it is ready. With it, you can take a shower and do not worry, that figure will float or something goes wrong. After a few days, the film needs to be removed. By this time, the place with the tattoo is already healing. No problems and worries! ”

4. Look cool symbols and inscriptions

Look cool symbols and inscriptions

 Drawings look more advantageous in a large format. Sometimes the size affects the perception of the picture as a whole. For example, do not stuff a small snake, since it will resemble a worm. The same applies to the dragon, which can turn into a lizard. But the symbols or inscriptions in a small size, on the contrary, will look great. ”

5. Black and white tattoos always look fashionable

Black and white tattoos always look fashionable

 Color in small tattoos can get lost, so I recommend not to trick and beat the black and white mini-tattoo. There is a rule: the simpler, the better! “

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