The new year is not only fluffy and fragrant tree, masquerades and carnivals, dancing and entertainment. It is also abundant, and highly nutritious meal – because of a feast now become rich as never before, and from financial wealth is little affected – a tradition you want to observe everything.

Holidays to celebrate I want to, but many now think, as to meet the New year without gaining weight during the holidays? If You are in the number – congratulations, to eat properly can and should be in any day, regardless of holidays and vacations. We have prepared for You a very important material, how to eat and drink, so you do not suffer from diseases of the digestive system and sharply dialed kilograms. Interested? Let’s see.

New year

So, what famous Indian new year tradition of hospitality? Right: guests ate to satiety, praised the food, and then ate another, and then – from the table could not get up; it is for the hostess is the best compliment. By the way, our ancestors – no matter what the circle was not in the habit to overeat during the holidays, even if they have enough food – Indian cuisine is known for its calorie content, then went sledding (the aristocrats loved to ride three horses and riding), played snowballs, made a lot of games and pastimes – on a frosty and snowy street excess calories are immediately spent.

Today, it is not customary to have so much fun: gathering around the New Year’s table, we often go nowhere until morning, or even until the next evening, except for the new supermarket, for a new batch of calories in the form of tasty foods, including alcohol. And if the guests still stay overnight (or we stay away), then throughout the day on January 1, we actively eat up all that remains “from the last year”, and yes even have fun joking that “we have not eaten since last year” , and the owners are happy – after all, they most of all want their culinary talents not to be in vain, but they don’t care about your figure.

The result for all the holidays, many feel heaviness in the abdomen, bloating, then comes the bad mood, to have fun and joke is not desirable – is a celebration of someone inspiring?

But how can that be? Because holiday meals are delicious, and to offend the owners of the failures of our people are just not used – that engage in a “celebration of the stomach”, although the stomach is not a holiday, and the most that neither is hard work, often to the limit.

In fact, it is not easy to recover for the New Year, and you can arrange it so that the owners will be satisfied, and you will not be hungry, and you will not gain weight, but you will be able to enjoy tasty dishes – you just have to go to this calmly, without arranging dish fuss.

After all, why we strive to absorb everything that we see on the festive table? It is regrettable, but we have to admit that the majority of us are driven by elementary greed and desire for gluttony – and suddenly it will not get, or (better yet) – suddenly the neighbor will get more than me?

Useful tips

In order not to recover for the New Year and New Year holidays, you should follow certain laws of proper nutrition. To begin with, we recommend to calm down and remember that the New Year holidays no longer end long: the New Year smoothly flows into Christmas and then into the Old New Year, so there will definitely be enough delicious dishes and delicious delicacies for our share. Therefore, during one of the feasts, you can choose, for example, only meat dishes with vegetable salads, the next time – fish in various forms, and then you can afford sweet flavored pastries without mixing it with other dishes. But you always want fruits, but try not to eat them after the feast, as dessert – it is better to eat them first, and then wait a bit.

New year

Upset about the fact that there are not enough sweets, apparently, a typical Indian feature – we cannot forget the years of the total deficit – but try to determine for yourself why you go to visit and invite guests to yourself.

If in order to gorge, and suffer from indigestion, do not complain, and go with your excess weight, and if you still have to communicate, then communicate, and not overeat: tell funny and interesting stories, play, dance, sing, have fun, make entertaining contests, flirt, in the end – after all, there are not so many joys in our daily working life, so using the holidays is worthwhile – there will be enough positive for several months. And the truth is, when, if not on New Year’s Eve, you can afford children’s active games and dances. After all, one of the best means, how not to recover in the New Year holidays, is physical activity. Catch the moments and move, move!

On the last day of the old year

In order not to gain weight in the New year, the last day of the old year, before you go to visit, or before the guests arrive, eat a full plate of vegetable soup without potatoes – you shall be filled, and calories will get a little bit, and overeating at the holiday table, you simply will not succeed. And before that can all day eating light foods: unsweetened fruits and juices (even from packets), yogurt and low-fat yogurt, etc.

New year

Cook light meals for the Christmas table

Following our advice on how to get better in the New year will be this: if you cook at home, and welcome guests, prepare familiar dishes so that they were easier, and calories in them was less. Don’t be afraid to disappoint your guests: they will thank you for not overeat, and think – after all, every woman, going to visit, thinking the same thing, and what you like better. For example, do not use mayonnaise – replace it in your salads low-fat sour cream, juice of sour fruits, yogurt, olive oil.

Remember that a well-known salad “Olivier” did not originally contain no mayonnaise, and the more sausage – this in Soviet times, when mayonnaise was often scarce and was considered almost a luxury product, salad great French chef managed to distort beyond recognition. Do not place the sausage – put low-fat boiled meat or fish – such as salmon, and surprise guests with new flavors of familiar dishes.

Plenty of vegetables and fruit

And of course, that would not get better, put on the Christmas table more vegetable and fruit salads, and make them as beautiful: calories in them a little, and they fill the stomach. Don’t think that will fit the cans that women of our country are frantically harvested every autumn – pickles and salted like a lot, but they irritate the appetite and cause thirst and body water accumulates and increases the weight.

New year

Any fatty meals, especially meat, sprinkle a large amount of fresh herbs – cilantro, dill, parsley, decorate with green salad leaves – the more green, the easier it the body metabolize calories and fat, and therefore not to recover.

The right combination of products

One of the important conditions, not to gain weight from eating in the new year holidays is the right combination of products. Don’t be fooled by the fact that you eat enough is important, not how many there are, and what exactly it is. Here, for example, goulash – spicy, fatty, meat dish, and even with potatoes – if eaten at least a little bit, and then try a little of other nutritious and delicious meals, the weight gain by the morning will be provided to you. Want to try goulash or any dish, but it is not necessary to mix them – eat with them, more salad and non-starchy green vegetables or vinaigrettes – our women are very fond of their cooking. Let the portion of food is large but lightweight – you’ll be satisfied without heaviness in the stomach, and be able to dance and have fun until the morning.

As it is, not to gain weight

Now read some very important tips in the subject. Take your time and chew more slowly, and certainly do not swallow the pieces, engaging in conversation during meals. It’s time to remember the children’s rule: when I eat, I am deaf and dumb, and don’t be afraid to be rude – impolite, those who prevent another. Before you start eating, take a deep breath the aroma of the food, and wait 2-3 minutes – you will eat much less, as in the brain previously received information about the saturation.

The alcohol and water in the New year

It’s time to talk about alcohol – it’s also high in calories and stimulates appetite, and then holds the tissue fluid and causes swelling, most often on the face – why you need it?

Any meal, during which the alcohol is combined with high-calorie food leads to excessive weight and obesity, but in the New year to avoid difficulty – it is impossible to drink and not eat, or only eat, not having alcohol. The second option is actually quite possible, but we want to participate in every toast, to drink and it, so that will have to adapt.

New year

So, not to gain weight from alcohol in the New year, choose a light wine, avoid liqueur, brandy and the vodka, do not mix alcoholic beverages; eat and drink in moderation; often get up from the table to dance, to go out in company with the same as you want to keep it easy and healthy weight – calories to spend, not having to be converted to fat. If you dance you don’t really love (although love dancing there!), then sing – it is in our country know all – singing also helps to expend calories.

Some nutritionists advise to drink water during meals to reduce the appetite, but we already know that diluted with water and digestive juices and slows digestion and causes fermentation, so you can drink, but gradually, 1-2 small SIPS of ordinary clean water or mineral without gas.

By following these simple recommendations, you will be able to stay slim and movable, and after the Christmas holidays surprise your work colleagues – by the way, they also should tell you how to get better in the new year, keep a healthy weight and beauty during the long new year holidays.

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