Best movies of Gerard Butler

Gerard Butler

6. P.S. I love you

P.S. I love you

Year: 2007

Genre: drama, melodrama

Director: Richard LaGravenes

Duration: 126 minutes

The main characters are the perfect pair, which is just made for each other. They are two halves of one whole, which can not exist separately. It would seem that the ideal story of a happy life and death in one day. However, fate has its own plans for this pair and soon the girl remains a widow. Grief has no limits, but a loving husband, even after death, tries to help her. He left her several messages that will help her to accept the loss and start a life without him.

Each of the letters ends with the same phrase: “PS I love you.”

Cinema Search: 7,699

7. 300


Year: 2007

Genre: fantasy, action, drama

Director: Zack Snyder

Duration: 117 minutes

The picture will tell us about the historical events that happened in Thermopylae, in 480 BC. We learn the story of three hundred brave warriors, led by their king Leonid, who stood in the way of countless hordes of the Persian king Xerxes.

Spartans have always been famous for their hard military education and the thirst for battles. Now they had the opportunity to face a truly powerful opponent who had numerical superiority.

The wise king chooses the only right decision – to occupy a cleft in which the numbers are irrelevant, and the fearlessness of the warriors inspired the people of Greece to unite against a powerful enemy, thereby completely breaking the course of the war.

Cinema Search: 7,629

8. The Naked Truth

The Naked Truth

Year: 2009

Genre: melodrama, comedy

Director: Robert Luketic

Duration: 96 minutes

He is the star of a new, growing popularity, TV show. His motto for life is “sex, drugs and rock and roll.” He does not like the ideas of feminism at all, and political correctness is also alien.

She is a successful lady who keeps the image of the “mythical” ideal man in her head.

What will come out of their meeting?

Cinema Search: 7,563

9. Redemption


Year: 2006

Genre: thriller, drama, crime

Directed by: Mike Barker

Duration: 95 minutes

History will tell us about the ideal family of Nile and Abby Randall. They have an excellent marriage and a wonderful life. This is the so-called “American dream”, which will end sooner or later.

So it happens, the daughter of Nile and Abby – Sophie, kidnapped and the couple has nothing else but to agree to all conditions of the kidnapper. Now the life of their daughter depends on Tom – a sociopath who has long had nothing to lose.

Each requirement of Tom differs more and more sophistication. Gradually, the heroes guess that the villain does not need money, but their own family life, which they have built for ten years.

Cinema Search: 7,192

10. Coriolanus


Year: 2010

Genre: thriller, drama, military

Director: Rafe Fiennes

Length: 123 minutes

The audience will enjoy an adaptive legend about the Roman general Gaia Marcie Coriolané. He lived in Rome about the fifth century BC. The picture shows how bureaucracy and political games can destroy a person.

A distinctive feature of the film is its unusual voice – the whole film in Shakespeare’s poems! Also, the protagonists are transferred in our time and armed not with sword and bow, but with automatic rifles.

Cinema Search: 6,901

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