Anti-cellulite bath at home

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Anti-cellulite bath
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Body care is an important beauty ritual that does not depend on the season. We have prepared some secret anti-cellulite bath recipes for you.

More recently, we talked about how to prepare a relaxing and healing bath, which will help bring the body to a tone, “relieve” tension and remove toxins. Another advantage of therapeutic baths is the anti-cellulite effect.

The three most simple recipes are already in the material!

Orange bath

Take three or four shredded oranges. Mix with 3 tbsp. olive oil and 0.5 cups of sea salt. The resulting mixture should be wrapped in gauze and immersed in water. Anti-cellulite bath is ready!

Orange bath

Honey bath

Make a honey bath is quite simple. One glass of honey needs to be dissolved in warm water. Lie for 20-30 minutes, and after – wrap yourself in a blanket. It is very important to observe the warming effect.

Bath with essential oils

Essential oils work well on the skin and have an anti-cellulite effect. You can use butter: orange, lemon, pine, bergamot or rosemary. Enough 5-7 drops.

Bath with essential oils

Milk bath

The first thing you need to do is dissolve five drops of essential oil (you can choose at your discretion) in 250-300 ml. milk Add the mixture to warm water. Another component is sea salt. This bath should be taken no more than 20-30 minutes.

The main recommendations and precautions

In order for the procedure to be as effective as possible – you need to adhere to general recommendations. First, clean the skin with a scrub. Most recently, we told how to do it at home.

  • Observe the correct temperature of water (everyone can choose the best for yourself).
  • Observe the correct temperature of water (everyone can choose the best for yourself).
  • To accept such a procedure should be not more than 20-25 minutes.
  • Do not use foaming means. They can reduce the efficiency of all components.
  • Check all substances and agents on the allergic reactions of the skin (do a test drive). Add 5-8 drops of essential oil to prevent irritation.

It is necessary to abandon this procedure if you have problems with the heart, gynecological or oncological diseases, and other chronic diseases.

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