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A new haircut will help to find love


How to arrange a personal life with the help of hair and hair color. No wonder women at all times paid special attention to hair. And believe me, not only for reasons of beauty. “In good life, curls twist, and in a thin split” – with aspiration judged on a beautiful head of hear about the prosperity of a neighbor in the old days. The hair of a beloved or beloved was taken with him on a long journey or did not last long in a medallion at the very heart. And it’s not for nothing that the very power of Samson was in the very hair in the Bible itself.

Hair – not just the main decoration of a woman (for men a little differently, many of them bald to the face). Hair accumulates energy, emotions, information and even “broadcast a signal” to people around us. Changing haircut and hair color, we can change the perception of others and their attitude towards us. No wonder they say: you want to change your life – first change your hair.

One week before the haircut

It is advisable to conduct energy practices a week before the haircuts, which will help to throw out the negative and pain of loneliness. Take a blank sheet and draw a character or image into which you put all your pain, resentment and suffering that are associated with failure in the relationship. Then rip this sheet into small pieces, imagining how you are destroying your loneliness. Try to spend a week before the haircut in positive emotions, surrounding yourself with objects that cause you romantic and warm experiences. Your psychological state is an important part of practice, and it is the mood and emotional background that determines the outcome of future changes.

What day is better to get a haircut?

Definitely on Friday. This is the day of Venus, a planet that symbolizes love. Venus is the manager of Taurus and Libra, so it would be ideal to make a new hairstyle when the Moon passes through these signs. If you are not at all ready to radically change the color of your hair, but you really want a change in your personal life, cut the hair and hide it.

What color and what haircut to choose

Hair color should be soft, with a warm shade – from golden-red to copper. Do not resort to the extreme in choosing a hairstyle. The haircut should be symmetrical because Venus personifies harmony and beauty. If you need serious changes, then you can not do with the haircuts. You need to come up with your own image: remember with which hairstyle, you were most happy, or think what image you think is ideally romantic and attractive. Realize that this is not just your next haircut, but it’s new qualities, a new image, attractive and desirable in the eyes of the future elect.

The main thing is the mood

It is very important, with what thoughts and emotions do you approach your reincarnation. If it is difficult to focus on the positive, start writing down and formulating the programs of the future: meeting with your loved one, your emotions and joyful feelings from communication, developing relationships. It is important to fix your new state of attractiveness and relevance: be sure to go somewhere, change your behavior, enjoy the attention of the opposite sex. Your task is to strengthen the Venusian qualities and consolidate them in your new image. As a result, changing hair color and hairstyles will help attract love to your life.

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