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A complete guide to tattoos and body drawings

Tattoos have long been a part of our lives. Fewer people are surprised at tattoos on passers-by; Mehendi drawings are gaining popularity on the streets every summer. Moreover, girls even decorate wedding images with transferable flash tattoos.

At the peak of popularity and the real height of tattoo art, we have collected for you the most attractive and popular options for modern tattoos. After all, those dark times passed when tattoos were considered a lot of the “jailers”, today they have become a real art and another means of self-expression.

So, if you always wanted a small (or large) tattoo, but are not sure or are afraid that they will not understand you, first decide for yourself the internal issues. Do you really want to draw something on the body and completely change your image or is it a minute weakness (no matter how harsh it sounds – the tattoo is forever).


For example, fingers and wrists can be considered one of the most accessible and “safe” places for tattoos. Of course, this is a rather noticeable part of the body, but it’s difficult to make a “partak” (the wrong tattoo) because the area is too small and the tattoo will look nice anyway. Of course, you can still talk about the chest or buttocks. What place for a tattoo you choose – a purely individual matter.

To begin, let’s discuss the main points of choosing and applying a tattoo, and then we suggest you get inspired and see our selection of materials about tattoos wherever possible. Agree, such options look very cool.

Care is the key to a beautiful tattoo

Be sure to follow the care requirements and keep the tattoo clean. If this is not done, a serious infection can develop. And, of course, keep your drawing away from the sun – ultraviolet rays decompose and wash ink.

Learn all the details in advance

Consciously approach the choice of a tattoo master and the tattoo itself. And be prepared to pay a lot of money for quality work.

If you are going to type something in another language, check the translation and spelling with a native speaker (Google translator is not an assistant here!). Do your research on tattoo artists and find one that specializes in your chosen style.

Do not rush

Do not hurry

Think about things that matter to you, about wise words, about people who inspire you, or even about works of art that resonate in your soul! Do not let anyone decide what a “good tattoo” is. This should be your personal decision, because, like clothes or makeup, this is also a form of self-expression.

Another tip – wait at least a year before getting a tattoo. If after a year the idea still seems attractive to you, and you still like the tattoo, most likely, it will be liked after 25 years.

You get what you pay for

As you already know, the tattoo will stay with you for life, so do not save. Good tattoos are really expensive, but it’s better to overpay than get a curve, an inaccurate pattern with spotty flowers, which in a year will even look like porridge.

Start small

This work of art will be on your body for the rest of your life. Make sure you are satisfied with the design and put your soul into this drawing. It is advisable to start with small tattoos in order to feel the sensations, and, in which case, to block the first work, which after a while can dislike you.

Think carefully about the location.

Be sure at 10,000 percent that you want to get where the tattoo should be located and how it can affect you in the future. Get ready that you will not only constantly hear various comments and opinions of strangers but also will not be able to get some work.

Tattoo Guide

Guide to tattoos

But before you go to get a tattoo in a hurry, think carefully and look through hundreds of different options, get inspired and fully think out a sketch of a future tattoo together with the master. And remember about security – this is very important.

Would you like to get a tattoo? Please let us know on the comment section.

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