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88 Most beautiful Islamic baby girl names with their meaning.

Choosing a name for a baby girl is an important decision for parents, and for Muslim parents, it is essential to choose a name that has a positive meaning and reflects Islamic values. Here are some tips on how to give an Islamic name to a baby girl:

  1. Choose a name with a positive meaning: It is essential to choose a name that has a positive meaning and reflects Islamic values. Look for names that have a strong meaning, such as Aisha (meaning “lively”), Fatima (meaning “captivating”), or Maryam (meaning “beloved”).
  2. Consider names from the Quran: Many Muslim parents give their children names from the Quran. Some famous names from the Quran for girls include Aisha, Fatima, Maryam, and Khadija.
  3. Look for names with historical or cultural significance: Consider naming your baby girl after a historical figure or someone with cultural relevance. For example, you might choose the name Rabi’ah (meaning “spring”) after the famous female companion of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).
  4. Seek guidance from family and friends: Talk to family and friends who are knowledgeable about Islamic names and their meanings. They may be able to suggest names that you have not considered.
  5. Consider the pronunciation and spelling: Make sure the name you choose is easy to pronounce and spell, especially if you live in a non-Muslim country where the name may not be familiar to others.

Here is a list of the most beautiful Islamic baby girl names with their meanings.

Islamic Baby Girl

1. Aamina (Life, Prosperous, Safe)
2. Aasiya (Wife of the Pharaoh)
3. Aaziza (Loved, Respected)
4. Abla (Perfectly Formed)
5. Adiba (Cultured, Polite)
6. Afifa (Chaste, Modest)
7. Ahlam (Dreams, Visions)
8. Aida (Reward, Return)
9. Aisha (Living, Prosperous)
10. Aiza (Noble, Respected)
11. Alima (Wise, Knowledgeable)
12. Aliza (Joyous, Happy)
13. Amal (Hope, Aspiration)
14. Amira (Princess, Leader)
15. Anisa (Friendly, Companion)
16. Arwa (Mountain Goat)
17. Aya (Sign, Miracle)
18. Azra (Virgin, Pure)
19. Basma (Smile, Cheerful)
20. Bisma (Smiling, Joyful)
21. Fatima (Daughter of the Prophet)
22. Farah (Joy, Happiness)
23. Gul (Rose)
24. Hadia (Guidance, Direction)
25. Halima (Gentle, Patient)
26. Hamna (Protector, Defender)
27. Hana (Bliss, Happiness)
28. Hira (Diamond, Jewel)
29. Iman (Faith, Belief)
30. Inaya (Concern, Care)
31. Janna (Paradise, Heaven)
32. Jawaher (Jewel, Gem)
33. Juwayriya (Lovely, Beautiful)
34. Kauthar (River in Paradise)
35. Kulsum (Rosebud, Fragrance)
36. Laila (Night, Beauty)
37. Latifa (Kind, Gentle)
38. Maha (Radiant, Beautiful)
39. Mahin (Moon, Light)
40. Mariam (Bitter, Beloved)
41. Maryam (Drop of the sea, bitter, or beloved)
42. Maya (Illusion, Power)
43. Mina (Fish, Pearl)
44. Mona (Wish, Desire)
45. Nadia (Hope, Caller)
46. Nadine (Hope, Expectation)
47. Naila (Conqueror, Winner)
48. Nawal (Gift, Blessings)
49. Noor (Divine Light)
50. Noora (Light, Shining)
51. Nuha (Intelligence, Wisdom)
52. Rabab (White Cloud)
53. Rana (Look, Gaze)
54. Rania (Gazing, Contemplating)
55. Reem (White Antelope)
56. Rida (Agreement, Approval)
57. Rima (White Gazelle)
58. Saba (Morning Breeze)
59. Sadia (Lucky, Fortunate)
60. Safa (Pure, Innocent)
61. Salma (Peaceful, Caring)
62. Samia (Heavenly, Exalted)
63. Sana (Luminous, Splendid)
64. Sarrah (Joyful, Happy)
65. Shifa (Healing, Cure)
66. Sohaila (Gazelle, Brightness)
67. Tahira (Pure, Chaste)
68. Talia (Dew of Heaven)
69. Tania (Fairy Queen)
70. Tasmia (Glorious, Respectful)
71. Ula (Pearl, Gem)
72. Umayma (Little Mother)
73. Wafa (Loyalty, Faithfulness)
74. Wajeeha (Distinguished, Elegant)
75. Warda (Rose, Flower)
76. Yasmin (Jasmine Flower)
77. Yusra (Prosperity, Ease)
78. Zahra (Flower, Beauty)
79. Zara (Blossom, Princess)
80. Zeenat (Beauty, Ornament)
81. Zohra (Bright as Day)
82. Zoya (Life, Vibrant)
83. Aaliyah (High, Exalted)
84. Aamina (Life, Prosperous)
85. Aatifa (Affection, Kindness)
86. Afra (White, Light)
87. Aiza (Noble, Respected)
88. Amatullah (Servant of God)

Remember, the name you choose for your baby girl reflects your values and beliefs as a Muslim parent. Take your time and choose a name that has a positive meaning and reflects the values you want to instill in your child.

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