6 ways not to feel pain by deceiving your brain


The brain sends us signals of pain, not because he wants us to just suffer — it’s an evolutionary mechanism that the body has injuries that need attention. But sometimes it happens that the brain itself creates pain. For example, there was a case when a man in the boot went through a construction nail and he was going crazy from the pain. But when he took off his shoes, it turned out that the nail went between the fingers and nothing hurt. The pain immediately passed.

Here’s what you need to do to ease the pain:

1. Create a comfortable environment

When you are nervous, the brain thinks you are in danger, therefore, requests information from the peripheral nerves more strongly, and hence the sensitivity increases. For example, soldiers after the war felt less pain than he should have been at their injuries because they know they are safe now.


2. Believe in what won’t hurt

Positive people really feel less pain.

3. Change tactile sensations

Rubbing, warming or cooling, pulling bandages a diseased place, or about cause receptors to be distracted by other sensations.

4. Do not dramatize

Less tell about how it hurts you. Vividly describing feelings you begin to feel them stronger.

5. Learn more about the disease.

If you don’t know why you have a pain in my side, you hurt out of fear. Go to the doctor and find out.

6. Do not bear the pain

Neurons get used to any pain. Do not lead to structural changes in the neurons, see your doctor on time.

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