5 things in the interior, which give no taste


Here is the list of 5 things in the interior, which give no taste prepared by sprintally.

1. A large number of plush toys

If you have children, the presence of a plush toy every step of the way is understandable. But if all these bears and elephants still remain from the days of your childhood, then it is not the place for upholstered furniture and even behind the glass. Not only that, they act as “dust collectors”, and look like artifacts from the past century. If you find it hard to part with a toy that invokes nostalgia or positive emotions, hide her in a more secluded area.

plush toys

2. Cheap reproductions of old paintings

Even the good fakes will never replace the originals. We understand that the original favorite of your creations brushes classics to get unreal and hang it at home want. But the reproduction of the reproduction different. Those that are printed on cheap thin paper and inserted into plastic frame gold, spoil the impression of the house from the threshold. And hackneyed stories like the ill-fated “Bears in the woods” or “the Three heroes”!As an alternative, we recommend paying attention to the original unknown artists that fit well with the interior decoration of the room. More options, having the right to life is a quality of copy, photographs or reproductions of abstract art, inserted in a modern solid frame with no “bells and whistles”.

Cheap reproductions of old paintings

3. Carpets on the walls

In the days of our grandparents all the walls in the rooms, especially the bedrooms were hung with carpets. They are often brought from other countries and even got “an acquaintance” and then passed it on to children and grandchildren inherited. Hang the carpet for sound insulation (Oh, what a sound in the Soviet “socket”!) and then for beauty. Now it is not necessary and even harmful. There are other ways to protect your apartment from noisy neighbors and sounds from the street or the entrance, and the carpet over which was shaking our parents, going to a lot of dust, so Allergy sufferers downright contraindicated to be with rugs in the same room.

Carpets on the walls

4. Mural on the walls

Huge paintings depicting waterfalls, forests, lakes, and other delights of nature – this type of decorating the walls moved away in the past. The peak of the popularity of Wallpaper was in the 80-90s when they went on sale. But today in fashion simplicity and minimalism when it comes to obtaining the usual city apartment. The fewer design elements were involved in its design, the more eyes and more opportunity to relax at the end of the day. Minus the mural in the fact that they quickly fade in direct sunlight. But if you are used to bright pictures on the walls, there is a solution: you can buy an air conditioner with the function of image change or a few original posters that match your passions – such as music, comics or movies. It will look much better and more modern than the piece faded in the sun paper.

Mural on the walls

5. Plasterboard “waves”

Not that “wave” of drywall, a priori, represented the apogee of bad taste, but even among those few designers who know how to fit them seamlessly into the interior. In most cases, these designs can not play and only clutter the space and strain the eyes. Perhaps that is why they have long gone out of fashion. And if “wave” is combined with the suspended ceiling, the foam curbs and lamp a La “starry sky”

Plasterboard waves


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