20 Best Free Cloud Storage Providers

cloud storage

Cloud storage comes in different shapes and forms. It is highly difficult to compare the providers, as each one of them covers different aspects. Here are the 20 best free cloud storage providers available right now:

Google Drive

Google Drive is undoubtedly one of the best free cloud storage providers. It offers 15GB of free space. Syncing is reliable and fast, and no bandwidth limits are available here.


Dropbox is another reputed and free cloud storage provider. It offers 2GB of free cloud storage. It is reliable and syncing is easy. It includes Linux clients as well.


OneDrive offers 5GB of free storage, but it doesn’t support non-office files. It is easy to use, reliable, and fast. It is free for your Windows accounts. Moreover, they offers many useful collaboration and sharing options.


Degoo is a small-scale setup and right now it is offering 100GB of free storage, which is 50 times more than that of DropBox. There is no file share or sync option. It is simple and easy to use.


It is a French company that gives 25GB of storage space at the beginning. By referring it to your friends, you are likely to get 50GB of space. It has excellent OS support, with a desktop sync option for Mac, Linux, and Windows.


Apple’s iCloud offers 5GB of free space. It is enough to back up your phone data.


It is one of the famous names in this field and is offering 50GB of free storage. It claims zero-knowledge privacy which means that even they don’t know your password. No password reset option is there.


They offer 10GB of free storage. Get backup from other providers and listen to songs with its media player.


It is a peer-to-peer cloud storage and offers 10GB of space. No file sharing option is present there.

Yandex Disk

It is a Russian form of Google Drive which offers 10GB of free storage.


They offer 10GB of storage space. It is best for storing music, videos, photos, and documents.


MediaFire offers 10GB at the very beginning. It is ad-supported, so it may annoy you a bit.


It offers 10GB of free storage. It is user-friendly and great for mobile apps.


Icedrive offers 10GB of storage at first which can be then increased by upgrading it to 5TB.

ASUS Web storage

It offers 8GB space for free and 512MB for each referral.


It is a new cloud storage service and offers 5GB at the start. It has better privacy options than others.


JottaCloud offers 5GB free storage and mobile apps are also there.


It offers 5GB of free storage. It can be used to backup your phone data.


CloudMe offers 3GB of free space. You can earn 500MB for each referral.


It offers 10GB of free storage and the file size limit is 250MB.

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