15 signs that he is married


Dr. House used to say that everyone lies, but we know that men lie most of all. Our lovely representatives of the stronger sex often have a need to go “left”. This invigorates them, gives them self-confidence, and helps to escape from the hateful family life. It’s just extremely unpleasant to find out that you are far from the only one at your beloved and that you have been given the insulting role of a lover. How to understand that a man is actually married?

About signs

There are a number of signs which (according to many women) is clearly talking about the presence or absence of the guy’s wife. However, the experience (and mine in particular) showed that these “beacons” are not reliable evidence.

1) had a trace of a ring. The guy on the finger of pale stripes? What? He could divorce, he could wear a decorative ring and lose it.

2) He does not wear a wedding ring. The lack of engagement is also no reason to relax. Some men mask the trail: they remove the engagement ring and put a ring in its place.

3) You instinctively feel that he is married/not married. The feminine sense is a myth. We really like to attribute to ourselves superpowers, because this flatters pride. Well-developed intuition is actually based on logic: our brain subconsciously notes alarm signs and concludes that the man is married. But in most cases, such a “scumbag” is only the result of jealousy, excessive anxiety, or arises from self-doubt after failures in past relationships. In other words: they were burned in milk and blow into the water.

Real signs of a married man

The most reliable way to make sure that your loved one is not married is to require a passport. Yes, it’s rude, but he can take offense and run away. But we need adequate men who, with humor, will stretch the little book, calming our nerves. But the passport will not help determine whether he has a common-law wife. Let’s examine other symptoms of a married couple.

1. He drops phone calls

We all drop phone calls from time to time. For the hundredth time, the provider’s operator raises, the dentist imposes another brushing on you – reasons to drop a lot of calls. But it is worth paying attention to exactly how a man blocks a call. If at the same time he freaks out, yells about the client, and tells how exactly this client got him – not everything is super. Either he is telling the truth, or he is skillfully lying. If you haven’t seen a guy solving business issues over the phone, there’s a risk of lies. Perhaps his spouse calls him.

2. He does not introduce you to friends and family

At the beginning of relations, this is not strange: you have not yet established a close relationship and he simply has no reason to thoroughly make you a part of his life. But if you’ve been together for several months, and you still haven’t seen his friends and relatives, then he is either an orphan or unsociable, or is afraid to introduce you because he is married.

3. He does not go with you to crowded places and loves dark rooms

The married guy is afraid to be caught on hot. Inviting a girl on a date, he will choose the place where unlikely meeting with my wife, her relatives or acquaintances. Especially popular cinema, wherein the darkness of the hall, a cheater can relax. He will choose clubs and restaurants somewhere on the outskirts or even offer to go to another city for a couple of days, supposedly in order to “unwind”.

4. He is talking on the phone in another room

If a man, under any circumstances, goes out to talk in another room – no big deal. Take me, for example. My relatives always interfere with my telephone conversations, preventing me from discussing working issues. Hearing that I am talking with someone from mutual acquaintances, they immediately tear up a pipe to scratch my tongues. So I made it a rule to talk on the phone in another room. But if a guy answers only some calls in a guerrilla manner, then it’s time to sound the alarm. Especially when he is hiding in the bathroom, turning on the tap for half an hour.

5. He gives tons of spirits that you did not ask for

It’s great if a loved one gave you the perfume of your favorite brand. But why do they sometimes give something that we did not ask for? These dung beetles thus try to mask the smell of another woman. Yes, yes, all those jokes about the same perfume to his wife and mistress are not jokes at all! Things are completely bad if a man directly insists that you use these perfumes. Although there are situations when a guy just recklessly bought cosmetics, hoping to please you.

6. He hides the phone all the time.

And again, the phone gives out the behavior of the cheater. Some girls are outraged if the guys put passwords on their phones – this is a silly cause for resentment because on our smartphones there is a lot of valuable information and it is better to protect yourself in case of loss or theft. But if a guy pokes the phone from you in all corners, drags him even to the toilet, and next to you flips the device face down – something is wrong …

7. Your number got written under a male name

Dial it, as if by chance, when the man’s phone is in your field of vision. If your number is highlighted under some nice nickname (Lapushka, Darling, Sun), then you can breathe easy. If you are recorded under your name, there is no cause for concern, but if you have Vasya, Kolya, Chel from work, and so on, then grab the infection by the causalities and arrange interrogation with addiction. Who is he afraid of? Who doesn’t like that a girl calls him often?

8. It can’t be calculated by credit card.

Until recently, credit cards in the CIS countries were rarely used, but every day we are more and more imbued with the convenience of such a calculation. Carrying a lot of cash with you is now dangerous. If in restaurants it is calculated exclusively in cash, then this is an alarming sign. Perhaps he has a common bank account with his wife and the man does not want the missus to see his suspicious expenses.

9. He does not store your photo on the phone

We all take pictures from time to time and it’s quite natural to store a picture of a loved one on the phone. Doesn’t your darling do that? Either he completely lacks a romantic vein, or he is afraid that others will find the photos.

10. He does not invite you to his home

Have you ever been to his place? Ah, he has an evil mother at home, he lives in a communal apartment, the neighbors flooded the apartment, they poison the cockroaches, and so on and so forth. Days, weeks, months pass, and he does not invite everything. Why? Because his wife is waiting for him at home. However, the invitation is also not a guarantee. Wealthy men often have a bachelor’s lair (bought or rented), designed specifically for cupid affairs, they call these apartments trahodromes.

Signs of a trachodrome

1) No pets. There is no one to look after the animals when the owner is at work or in his permanent home.

2) Too clean for a bachelor. Everything is practically sterile because he spends little time in such an apartment and does not have time to make a mess, throwing his socks everywhere.

3) There are a few clothes and household items. There is no urgent need for them. The bathroom has a minimum of men’s accessories, shelves are not littered with foams and razors gifted for February 23. In the kitchen of appliances that creatures in Noah’s Ark – a pair: two cups, two plates, two glasses. Friends and relatives do not come to that room; dishes are needed only for him and his mistress.

4) In the refrigerator, the mouse hanged itself. Let him not tell stories that he eats exclusively at restaurants or orders ready-made food at home. Even well-to-do men at least occasionally eat at home. If there is no tea or coffee in the buffet, and there is no packet of dumplings in the freezer, you were invited to that room.

11. He does not call you by name

I have problems remembering names, I often called one guy by the name of the former – just out of habit, without any cheating. To avoid another scandal, I began to give each new guy a cute nickname. Men do the same in order not to blurt out the name of their mistress in the presence of their wife and vice versa.

12. He is too nervous, accidentally seeing friends

Oh, I remember how one former (married, as it turned out later) twitched when a couple of acquaintances approached him. The girl drilled me with a sizzling look from head to toe and snorted defiantly with disapproval. Her companion embarrassedly greeted my prince and dragged her friend away from us. As soon as my boyfriend saw them, he suddenly pulled his head into his shoulders and flushed with shame. It seemed that in a past life he was a turtle and is now passionately trying to drag his head into his armor. At that moment, I first realized: mine is married. And we just had the honor of seeing friends of his wife.

13. He does not get in touch for a long time during “business trips”

We live in the modern world and phoning is no longer a problem. If the dear left for urgent-urgent matters and practically stopped answering calls and messages, then he either leads the country, or another woman is standing next to him.

14. He too wears a lot of perfume

Since intrusively presented perfumes are alarming, some men prefer to scent themselves. If you now and then have to run to the window to breathe in the fresh air, and the smell of a vigorous cologne makes you dizzy, then urgently ask the man to stop strangling so much. He did not calm down? Hmm, trouble. The parasite either stinks terribly or masks the smell of a wife.

15. He is confused in his stories

If a guy often lies, at a certain point he will simply get confused in a series of his own lies. In the morning he said that he would go out with friends to football, in the afternoon he froze that he had a doctor’s appointment in the evening, and then it turned out that he had a business meeting? Kitty lied so diligently in giving false testimonies that he confused himself.

All of these things individually mean nothing, but together they become a cause for serious concern. If you understand that a man is not faithful, do not rush to arrange a grandiose scandal, destroying innocent furniture. As a rotten apple itself falls from a tree, so the traitor will leave your life. Find the wisdom to accept the fact of betrayal, draw conclusions, and live on boldly, because you will still have a man who will appreciate you without breaking your heart with lies.

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