Thursday, July 18, 2024

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13 most expensive pets

These 13 pets are the most expensive pets in the world and they will empty your bank balance.

1. White Lion

White Lion. The leader of the cost of all pets. For such a lion, who wants to buy it, you have to pay about one hundred and thirty-eight thousand dollars. The domestic white lion is the most expensive pet. Lions of white color are extremely rare.


2. Parrot hyacinth macaw

Parrot hyacinth macaw. A large cobalt-blue bird with a length of one hundred and five centimeters. His life expectancy is not less than the life expectancy of a person. On average, such a parrot lives from fifty to ninety years. Its cost reaches twelve thousand dollars.

Parrot hyacinth macaw

3. The tiger python

The tiger python. This animal does a great job of being a pet. Its cost is twenty thousand dollars. In the house from it can be the practical benefit – it perfectly destroys mice and rats.

tiger python

4. Chimpanzee

Chimpanzee. Enough expensive “pleasure” as a pet. One individual costs about sixty-five thousand dollars. It is not difficult to feed such a friend – his diet consists of fruits, leaves and insects.


5. Mint angel

A mint angel is almost impossible to meet in nature since divers do not dive to such depths where this fish lives. Price per individual reaches thirty thousand dollars.

Mint angel

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