13 most expensive pets


These 13 pets are the most expensive pets in the world and they will empty your bank balance.

1. White Lion

White Lion. The leader of the cost of all pets. For such a lion, who wants to buy it, you have to pay about one hundred and thirty-eight thousand dollars. The domestic white lion is the most expensive pet. Lions of white color are extremely rare.

2. Parrot hyacinth macaw

Parrot hyacinth macaw. A large cobalt-blue bird with a length of one hundred and five centimeters. His life expectancy is not less than the life expectancy of a person. On average, such a parrot lives from fifty to ninety years. Its cost reaches twelve thousand dollars.

3. The tiger python

The tiger python. This animal does a great job of being a pet. Its cost is twenty thousand dollars. In the house from it can be the practical benefit – it perfectly destroys mice and rats.

4. Chimpanzee

Chimpanzee. Enough expensive “pleasure” as a pet. One individual costs about sixty-five thousand dollars. It is not difficult to feed such a friend – his diet consists of fruits, leaves and insects.

5. Mint angel

A mint angel is almost impossible to meet in nature since divers do not dive to such depths where this fish lives. Price per individual reaches thirty thousand dollars.

6. Pearl skate

Pearl skate. Fifty thousand dollars – this amount will have to be given for the pearl ray. This is a rare species, the catch of which is prohibited. The individual reaches a length of fifty centimeters. In captivity, the pearl sting practically does not multiply

7. Platinum Arowana

Platinum Arowana. Arovan platinum or white color is the most expensive and rare fish. Unusual color appeared as a result of mutation. The cost of one such individual can reach up to two hundred thousand dollars. It grows to ninety centimeters and can live in an aquarium with a volume of a thousand liters with a constant supply of a considerable amount of live food.

8. Khao Manee

Khao-mani. A breed of cats whose ancestors were pets of royalty. It’s about the breed of Khao manee. These are very intelligent, easily trained, tender cats with a snow-white color and bottomless eyes. Despite the rich pedigree, they are completely unpretentious and are able to live in almost any conditions.

9. Chausie

Chausie, This breed is both expensive and rare at the same time. The cost of a representative of this breed varies from eight to ten thousand dollars. Such a pet always pleases the owner, since not only is distinguished by beauty and grace but still behaves like a kitten throughout life.

10. Savannah

Savannah. A cat that looks like wild and does not give the impression that it can not be kept at home. This is the most expensive breed of cats in the world, the cost of the animal reaches twenty-two thousand dollars. A cat likes free space, so it is important to give the pet a chance to walk in the air from time to time.

11. The Saami Laika

Another breed, whose cost is seven thousand dollars. It is also called the Samoyed dog. She is an excellent assistant to a person in the northern latitudes, where aging and the ability to live in difficult conditions are necessary. This is one of the most ancient breeds. There are no less than three thousand years.

12. Canadian Eskimo Dog

The cost of a dog of this breed is about seven thousand dollars. Its second name is Eskimo husky. In the Far North, this animal is irreplaceable. Dogs of this breed transport goods and people in special sleds. Eskimo husky reaches in height of sixty centimeters with weight up to forty kilograms. It is not only hardy but also has a thick undercoat, due to which it can endure formidable frosts.

13. Lyon bichon

The record-holder for the cost among dogs is the cutie Lyon-Bichon. The cost of the puppy is about eight thousand dollars. The second name of this French breed is “the lion dog”, because of the haircut that owners often choose.

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