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10 female habits that ruin relationships

Female habits: Each of us wants to build harmonious relationships, but this does not always work out. It happens that we do some stupid things and the man leaves us, without realizing that everything was done for the good.

Psychologists compiled a list of 10 female habits that only spoil the relationship. Remember them and try not to repeat.

1. Manipulation of man

A woman wants to get something and she is trying to do it with the help of manipulations. She searches for “pain points” of a man and, through manipulation, achieves what she wants. The man at this moment feels simply being used for selfish purposes. Do not do this, otherwise, you will be left alone.

2. Financial control

The woman is trying to control all the finances of the family. She thinks she knows better where to invest the money. All money must be in the same hands — in the hands of women. Understand that this is not correct. This position resembles more parental care than adults in a serious relationship.

3. Not to accept help from man

Naturally, women are stronger. They can do almost anything. If you manage everything yourself, then why do you need a man? A normal man will not tolerate such an attitude. This neglects them as a support and defender.

4. Humiliation

Women do not know how to be silent. They constantly tell men everything they think about them. “You are lazy”, “You earn little”, “You do not know how to do anything” – these are the phrases that can be heard from women. After such words, a man does not want to achieve anything. But if you say the opposite words to him, he will turn the world upside down.

5. Competition with man

Modern women sacredly believe in gender equality. And if she wants to drink a fifth bottle of beer, she will drink. And in general, women can do everything the same as men. Dear ladies, be weak, defenseless and sweet creatures, fulfill your functions. And let men protect you.

6. Complain to your mother

You should not tell your mother all the ins and outs of your beloved. Yes, he forgot about your anniversary of the first kiss, but this is not a reason to once again remind your mother that she has a bad son-in-law. You will reconcile, and your mom will have sediment in her soul. She will be worried about this for a long time.

7. Punishment by physical relationship

Physical relationship is very important for a man. Women know this very well and try to manipulate it. For any wrongdoing, they deprive their faithful of the opportunity to have a physical relationship. Remember that he can go looking for pleasure on the side.

8. The phrase “I will find better”

Never say this phrase to him. For a man, it’s like a stone in the heart. He must be sure that he is the only and best for you in the whole world.

9. Waiting for proof of love

Do not demand from a man constant evidence of his feelings. If he cares about you and his family, provides a reliable and strong rear – this is a manifestation of true love.

10. The desire to get everything at once

A woman wants to get married, then on maternity leave, then fly on vacation, then another vacation, and so endlessly … And she still didn’t tell anyone about the fur coat and diamonds. Women, remember that everything is never at once. There is no perfect life. Support your man, wait a bit and you will have everything, most importantly believe in him!

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