After deciding to build an app or web-based service, the next step is to decide on storage for hosting the files. There are many Cloud storage partners available these days. Earlier it was limited to a few.  Amongst all Amazon EC2 is considered to be the top leader. Today we will look into some other alternates, where we can host our application.

  1. Openshift

A Linux based red hat cloud server where you can create and deploy Docker formatted containers. The site offers free signup offer with 1 Gib memory and 1GiB storage.

  1. Heroku

Heroku is the best option for start-ups and small-scale industries. Heroku supports major languages such as PHP, node.js, Ruby, Python, Scala, Go, Clojure etc. The company offers free hosting as well. Premium hosting package starts from 7$ per month.

  1. App Engine

App Engine is a Google owned cloud platform for hosting your libraries, frameworks or any language runtimes. Pricing options are available as per your requirements. You need to pay only for those services which you are in need of.

  1. VULTR

VULTR is an SSD cloud-based storage, where you can host your website source files or apps.VULTR provide its clients an option choose subscription plan on the hourly or monthly basis. This will help those developers who are testing their apps. Rate starts from 0.004$ / hour.

5.Scale way

Scaleway is another cloud SSD hosting option, which supports major developer tools. Scaleway has its main headquarters in Paris. Pricing of Scaleway starts from the € 2.99per month. As per, Scaleway is the first dedicated world’s fast IaaS.

  1. CloudVPS

Yet another functional Open Stack Cloud server. Developers and users can avail an API to control every aspect of cloud VPS. Pricing for cloud VPS starts from €7.50 per month.

  1. Lastbackend

Lastbackend is a cloud hosting server for apps which rely on fast performance. Lastbackend is an open source cloud server. All the features can be accessed and deployed using the command line. The developer version of server starts from $7/month and business version prices $21/month.

  1. CloudSigma

Cloud Sigma claims itself to be the fast server deployment under 26 seconds. They offer seven days free trial offer and pricing is as low as $0.0195/hr.

  1. Rackspace

Rackspace is one of the world’s leading cloud server platforms.  Rackspace is well known for their customer support and services. Their customer support team who are known as Rackers amongst their team provides fantastic support to their clients.

  1. PrivateLayer

Privately provides SSD based cloud service. Their services are from Switzerland, and many of us know Switzerland is being known for the reliable server. Pricing plans for PrivateLayer start from $39 per month.

Above are some of the best alternates to Amazon EC2, you can try for hosting your apps. There are a lot, in fact; maybe we can cover those in coming posts.

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