Why do we have nightmares?


Why do we have nightmares? The reasons for this discomfort is enough: starting with stress and ending with medication.

Late bedtimes

Should abandon “one of the most recent series” for the night and align the sleep mode. Lack of sleep and shallow sleep can lead to a nightmare dream (caused by the same series, by the way).


The emotions that we experience during the daytime, affecting your brain in a dream state. Roughly speaking, the body in dreams is working on daily emotions. Scientists from Australia have denied the idea that nightmares are supposedly helping the body to cope with anxiety, day to function better.

Dissatisfaction with life

Finnish researchers found that people who suffer from seasonal depression, are more prone to nightmares. If you noticed that you often feel sad, you should schedule an appointment with a therapist.


If you are taking antidepressants or other sedatives, you may be prone to bad dreams. However, you can not cancel the medication – it can affect the general condition of the body. It is necessary to level the course of medication, in consultation with the doctor. Is a level of medication without consulting your physician.

Eating before bedtime

The process of digestion affects the brain. So, after eating before going to bed you can’t sleep. If you feel the signs of the approaching night munchies, eat something light yogurt, salad or slice of cheese.

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