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If little birds can fly above 100-200 meters, it is the ultimate dream to the large birds to be able to rise to a height of several kilometers. But there are among them, and these air aces, who met in heaven the pilots of planes flying at an altitude of more than 7 kilometers. About these Champions we will cover in our review.

Which birds fly above all?

1. The Andean Condor, South America

The Andean Condor, South America

It is a large bird of prey, with a maximum weight of 15 kilograms. But large size does not prevent them from fine and high flying. Scientists have found out that these birds can rise to a height of 4.6 km.

2. White stork, Eurasia, Africa

White stork, Eurasia, Africa

It is migratory birds that nest in the vast spaces of Eurasia, and in the winter they fly to Africa. They rise to a height of 4.9 kilometers.

3. Mallard, North America, and Eurasia

Mallard, North America and Eurasia

These ducks with beautiful feathers widely distributed in Eurasia and North America. They usually fly not very high, in the range of 1.5-2 kilometers, but with the help of special equipment were recorded Mallard, which flew at a height of 6.4 kilometers.

4. The bearded vulture, or vulture, Eurasia and Africa

Bearded vulture, or vulture, Eurasia and Africa

These birds nest high in the mountains and live in the South of Europe, Turkey, Central Asia, and Africa. Individual species of bearded men were marked at a height of 7.3-7.4 kilometers.

5. The Whooper Swan, of Eurasia

The Whooper Swan, of Eurasia

These birds during their long-distance flights travel hundreds of miles. They usually fly at a height of 2-3 kilometers, but some flocks were recorded at a height of 8.3 kilometers.

6. Grey crane, Eurasia, northeast Africa

Grey crane, Eurasia, northeast Africa

In the fall, these cranes have to overcome vast distances from breeding grounds to the South. Different groups wintering in different places, and not just among those grey cranes that fly across the Himalayas, recorded a record altitude of 10 kilometers.

7. African vulture, Africa

African vulture, Africa

This species of birds are considered the highest flying bird in the world. A case of collision of this bird with the aircraft was recorded, and it is noted that the incident occurred at an altitude of 11,277 meters.

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