What to talk with a guy, a few tips

talk with a guy

Life is an unpredictable thing. You never guess in which situation you will need some knowledge. For example, young ladies often have a question about what to talk about with a guy. And such a question can arise not only at the first meeting but also after several months of communication.

The first meeting is understandable, people do not know each other yet, they have a bad idea about the interests of the interlocutor. Yes, and they are embarrassed while frank and discuss some very personal or intimate topics. Therefore, at the first meeting, girls are more likely to encounter the problem of choosing a topic for conversation.

Although after several years of living together, when feelings have cooled down a bit, common topics for conversation may not be added. On the contrary, there is often a crisis in communication, when there is nothing to talk about. But this should not be feared, it happens when all the commonly accepted topics have already been discussed, you know every letter of your biographies, all the funny and funny stories have long been memorized by heart.

First date: what to talk about with a guy?

Finding the right topic for a conversation at the first meeting is not so simple. After all, the interlocutors do not know each other at all. But there are some rules, adhering to which, the conversation will be interesting and fascinating.

7 rules of communication for the first date.

  1. At the first meeting, try to be natural and feminine. Communicate openly and honestly answer all questions asked by the interlocutor. In this way, you will be able to place the partner to yourself.
  2. Be sure to look the partner in the eye, in any case, do not look past. Do not be afraid to show your facial expressions, it is thanks to her that the guy will understand that you are really listening to him.
  3. When the interlocutor is telling something, ask suggestive questions, show that you are interested in this topic. If you are discussing an event, try to appear competent and express your opinion (it should not radically disagree with its position).
  4. All the guys want to take a leadership position, so choose the topic and start a conversation. But in any case, do not stay passive. So you show that you are not interested.
  5. Try to remember as much as you can from what the guy tells you. If you get something to do, then you will thank yourself for it.
  6. On the first date try to learn more about the interests of the guy, then to learn the basics of a topic. It will help you get closer.
  7. When communicating, try to avoid long pauses. Keep up the conversation, ask questions, be interested in the person of the guy.

What is better to keep silent on the first date?

On the first date to be silent, of course, you will not talk about something you need. But there are forbidden topics, which at the first meeting it is better not to raise:

  • Stories about relatives should be left for later;
  • The history of their illnesses since kindergarten, too, do not remember;
  • Do not talk about all the former guys, and all the more so do not criticize their habits and manners;
  • It is also better to keep silent about one’s own failures;
  • Better not complain about life, so as not to appear a whiner.

Themes for talking with the guy at the first meeting.

If you can not talk about yourself, relatives and former guys, then what to talk about with a guy? In fact, it is not difficult to attract the attention of a man, and there are many interesting topics for discussion. For example, you can discuss such topics for a conversation with a guy:

  • Last news;
  • Travels;
  • Films;
  • Books;
  • Hobby;
  • Entertainment;
  • Sports, etc.

In addition, all people, including men, consider themselves to be major specialists in two topics, politics and personal relationships. And if you do not need to talk about political topics at the first meeting, then you can discuss various aspects of interpersonal relations. It is only desirable in theory, without special reference to one’s personal past experience.

Crisis in communication: what should the guy say.

As already mentioned above, a crisis in communication can occur between people who have been communicating for a very long time. But, as they say, desperate situations do not happen. From this, it would seem, a serious problem can be fought, it is enough to go deep into male psychology.

What is better not to discuss.

If the conversation does not add up, then it is better not to discuss the following topics:

  • Do not touch on a topic that is interesting only to a guy, because in time you will become bored and the guy will see through you. Believe me, it will not lead to anything good. On the contrary, the loved one will be upset because you tried to “sacrifice yourself”.
  • Better not ask him about the past. Guys are very secretive. If he wants, he will tell.

What to talk about.

That’s impossible, I do not know anything about it, so I need to tell the guy? In general, there are many topics for discussion, there would be a desire.

  • The most unbeatable option is to discuss the past day. Try to ask your beloved, how his day went, how to work, etc. Tell us about your day, but choose the most interesting moments for him.
  • Discuss some common interests. If you both like to ski, the dream of vacationing in a ski resort. If you both like hiking in the woods, plan your next weekend. And you can have such interests very much: from computer games to origami. Believe me, from this communication you both get a lot of fun.
  • Talk about plans for the future. Ask your beloved what he expects of life, what successes he wants to achieve. Guys like to talk about future plans.
  • Another unbeatable option in any situation is a new book or film. Begin to talk about the emotions that you have caused a new film, and she will not notice how the guy picks up. And if this film is not impressed, you can find out why. Agree, a good topic for conversation.

But if a loved one does not want to keep up the conversation, he does not like topics for talking with a guy, better do not touch him, maybe he’s not in the mood. In addition, let him think what questions to ask the girl to maintain the conversation.

Here are some topics with which it is better not to contact the guy:

  • Do not ask why the guy is silent, as well as what he thinks. The truth from him you still will not wait, only to force him to lie.
  • Stop constantly asking him about your shortcomings. He can not always lie and say that you are beautiful. And the truth you will still be offended.
  • Do not repeat that you are stupid. If you constantly say this, the guy will take it, and believe it.
  • Do not complain to your boyfriend for life, bad health, constant illnesses, depression, etc. You can hear about this one time, well, too, but not every day. Constant complaints all bother. Put yourself in his place.

Talking with a guy is very different from talking with a girlfriend. Those topics that you think are very important, for a guy can be an empty chatter. Therefore, listen to your beloved, be interested in his hobbies and you will succeed.

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