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What should a man do: Amazing tips


Given the fact that any “should” is most often used for the purpose of various kinds of manipulations, i.e. the provision of psychological impact on the person, in relation to this article, the meaning of this term is taken to be identical to the phrase “I could have been better.”

What should a man do

1. Stay true to yourself and do what he wants

Do you hate your job? Are you not happy with your girlfriend? Does it seem to you that you are living someone else’s life?

You systematically ask questions: “How can I find my calling?”, “How to change my life for the better?”

But the truth is that in the depths of your heart you already have the answer to this question.

You may not see the whole picture, but the key to the door, behind which is the room of your true desires, is already in your hands.

Do you think that your work, place of residence, the environment is all a bad dream in which you unwittingly find yourself the main character? And what, besides yourself, prevents all this from changing?

Be true to yourself, determine what you really want, and follow your goals.

2. Make money and have your own home

Money is not as good as without money.

Jewish proverb

Money is not the main thing, but money solves the vast majority of possible problems. Money is good, not bad. Feeling solvent is a special and indescribable feeling.

A man who does not seek to make money is a man who runs away from problems.

This does not fully apply to that minority, which has ventured into great achievements, putting short-term profit into the background.

However, for most men, the desire to make money is completely natural and vital.

Learn to make money and stop living on debt.

In addition, a man should have his own secluded place where he can patch his life’s wounds or spend time with loved ones.

If you have not yet acquired your own housing, it does not matter, the main thing is not to lose sight of this goal.

3. Develop professionally

As a rule, if a woman does not become very successful in the professional field, but at the same time she finds love and happiness in family life, she does not come up with negative thoughts about her failure, missed opportunities or wasted time.

In men, the opposite is true. Even if everything seems to be good in the family, but problems or failures arise in the field of a career or business, a man may well possess a feeling of depression and insignificance, which will ultimately have a negative impact on his personal life.

A man needs the realization of his own professional inclinations and skills, with the help of which he can find the meaning of his existence, earn income, and also achieve his goals.

What men are engaged in, the sphere of manifestation of their business and professional qualities can vary greatly, however, in any case, a man should constantly support the desire to develop his professional level.

Find your business and improve it daily. Developing professionally and realizing your goals, you will be filled with vital energy and become a confident, harmonious and attractive person.

And, of course, academic education will never hurt you.

4. Monitor your body and health

Before becoming an office worker, the man was engaged in agriculture, and even earlier he was a hunter.

For a long time before a person learned to buy an apartment on a mortgage, a man built houses for living with his own hands.

Evolutionarily, people are accustomed to more intense physical activity compared to those that most of us deal with in modern conditions.

We no longer need to hunt, harvest or build a house. We are used to spending all day in a sitting pose at work, being in a traffic jam or at the monitor screen.

Therefore, in order to keep fit and stay in good shape, it is very important to monitor your body, give it the necessary physical activity and be sensitive to your state of health.

5. Be disciplined and consistent

Discipline, constancy, systematicity, consistency – these are the ingredients on which the realization of goals and the realization of dreams come true.

How many times have you started a business and then dropped it? How many times have you sought to realize your goals, and then stopped halfway?

You may not even remember how many times this happened to you, but you hardly forgot that you regretted not daring to get to the end.

Lack of discipline, constancy and sequence of actions – the greatest enemy of any man, as well as the killer of his dreams.

This is the invisible “friend” who likes to do a disservice and whisper in his ear: “Everything is in order, you can not go to the gym today. Treat yourself. You have worked so much this week. ”,“ This is impossible. You will not make it. You are not capable of it. Don’t even think about it. ”,“ Look at the others, they are many times better than you. Who did you decide to compete with? ”

Don’t pay attention to these demons and often remind yourself why you all started this.

6. Be able to say “No” and prioritize

To start doing what you want, it’s important to stop doing what you don’t want to do.

Your friends make you drink for their health, and you have completely different plans? Is the incredible beauty from the commercial trying to convince you of the need for a training course? You are gently hinted that if you do not do what is being imposed on you, you should consider yourself at least inferior?

You can safely and calmly tell them all “No,” without even explaining anything. Only you should decide what is important and necessary for you.

In today’s consumer society, they constantly want to sell you something by sticking a label with the words “Happiness” on the product. Things, clothes, cars, status, women, success.

However, most often you are offered something that does not lead to the desired result or doesn’t have any real value for you. But only you are responsible for the significance level of the opinions of others in the system of your values.

7. Read and self-educate

Any person seeking to achieve something meaningful in the modern world, it is very important to engage in self-education, and even more so for a man.

The main source of knowledge and a consistently effective way of self-development is reading, especially reading books.

What level do you want to be at? At the level of a mediocre layman, living life within the framework imposed by his usual environment? Or do you still want something more?

The knowledge obtained from books enriches your life, allowing you to better solve problems that arise, as well as consider life situations and circumstances from a different angle.

Knowledge gives confidence and calm, lack of knowledge causes anxiety and fear.

8. Rest, have fun, travel

If you work all the time and never rest, you can become the richest person in the cemetery.

Azahar Ahmed

Most people are unable to be as effective as possible for a long time if their professional activities are not replaced by periods of rest and entertainment.

Having a hobby, planning a vacation, traveling and visiting new places is a productive way to escape from your usual worries and responsibilities, as well as fill yourself with the necessary energy for new achievements.

9. Communicate and build relationships with women

Women are interesting and fun with them. They can be cool or nasty, but without them at least boring.

A woman is neither a goal nor a meaning, but a wonderful complement to male existence. Yes, and it is unlikely that it will be possible to continue my birth line without them.

It is better to communicate with women easily and unobtrusively, simply and sincerely, with irony and not without a share of flirting.

It is recommended that relations with women be built in the form of mutually beneficial cooperation, but do not forget that you are the man in the relationship.

What a man should be able to do

What a man should be able to do

1. Tie a tie

Even in our modern culture, in which billionaires are accustomed to appearing in public in T-shirts, jeans and sneakers, the ability to tie a tie is unlikely to be superfluous.

Job interviews, weddings, other special occasions are some of the examples where a tie will become a perfectly fitting element of your wardrobe.

After all, you don’t want to ask your parents to tie a tie after 30 years.

2. To make a fire

There is a long, close relationship between man and fire.

And although fire is no longer needed for our survival, there is nothing better than sitting under a starry sky by a crackling bonfire, reflecting on serious life issues.

In addition, with the help of the considered skill, you can be going on a hike, cook delicious food for yourself and your loved ones in the wild.

3. Hang a picture

But is this not the most common request that a woman living alone can turn to a man?

Perhaps not the most, but certainly not in the last place.

4. Shine your shoes to shine

A pair of sparkling shoes will be the finishing touch to your manly look.

5. Negotiate and bargain

For some men, negotiation is part of everyday life, for others, its uncomfortable aspect, which is best avoided if possible.

However, when concluding transactions, starting from car rental and hotel room reservations, and ending with transactions within the framework of corporate partnerships, the ability to negotiate and the bargain will help to save a lot of money.

6. Repair the tap

Perhaps in modern society, this skill is not particularly important, but is it not a classic of the genre?

7. Show a sense of humor

In the age of digital technology, a variety of memes and viral videos, the art of making people laugh with this sparkling joke can be called a dying skill.

Stock up on a couple of jokes, turn on the playful mood mode and find yourself in the center of attention of your interlocutors.

8. Cook the kebab

For lovers of summer, nature and relaxation, this skill is almost vital.

9. Sew on a button

Once again you are preparing to go to work when suddenly a button comes off in your shirt. What to do? Sew on, of course!

The ability to sew a button can be very handy when you suddenly find yourself in a difficult position.

10. chop wood

I well understand why men are so fond of chopping wood: the result of work is immediately visible.

A. Einstein

The chopping of firewood will allow not only to warm up by the fireplace but also to enjoy the process, as well as warm-up due to physical activity.

11. Change the wheel

The ability to change the wheel in a car will save you from unexpected troubles along the way, and will also help assist a motorist who has faced a similar problem.

By the way, such a motorist may well be an interesting girl.

12. To grind a knife

What can be said here? Unsharpened knives are one of the signs that a man is not in the house.

13. Speak or toast

Throughout our lives, we are often given the opportunity to deliver a speech.

But regardless of the occasion of the event, the skill of public speaking will allow you to prove yourself as a more confident, convincing and intellectually developed person.

14. Choose a suit or jacket

The costume is probably not a familiar item in your wardrobe.

And yet, sooner or later, the moment will come when you will have to figure out what the costume should be like so that it fits well on you, adding presentability to your image, and not reminding the person who borrowed it from his older brother.

In addition, a well-chosen jacket or blazer is sure to add elegance to your appearance.

15. Swim

Being able to swim is good for any person, and even more so for a man.

This is not just a useful sport, but also an obvious way to help people who are in trouble in the water.

16. Vigorous handshake

A vibrant handshake is an important part of creating a pleasant first impression.

Such a handshake, accompanied by optimal strength and a look into the interlocutor’s eyes, conveys confidence and a positive disposition.

17. Iron clothes

It is unlikely that a man will not have a moment in his life when he will have to master this skill.

It is very simple, and the clothes will look great on you.

18. Situational Awareness

There is always the possibility of facing a situation that threatens our security, be it a natural phenomenon, the actions of an inadequate person or an inattentive driver.

Often we notice a threat when it is already too late, so it is important to develop situational awareness.

Situational awareness is not just knowing what is happening around you, but also the ability to develop an action plan when you notice that something is going wrong.

19. Pull up on the horizontal bar and push up

Pulling up on the horizontal bar is one of the best exercises for developing the upper body, and yet not all the guys have already been able to master it.

Push-ups, in turn, are the easiest way to restore tone to your physical form.

20. Cooking

In the modern age of digital technology and crock-pots, a man should be able to provide himself with a rich breakfast, lunch and dinner.

21. Be sociable

The ability to start communication and maintain communication is a wonderful skill that will always give profit to any person, without exception.

22. Speak a foreign language

Traveling to another country can be a real adventure, but you will not be able to feel all the delights of being abroad if you do not know a foreign language.

The knowledge of a foreign language will allow not only to establish communication with local residents but also to more effectively resolve business issues, as well as issues related to the trip itself.

23. Know the direction of the north

Having a smartphone with a GPS navigator, it is important to remember that the battery charge tends to run out.

24. To have delivered a blow

Of course, it is better to avoid assault, but if a real threat looms over your health, it is advisable to neutralize it as soon as possible.

25. Drive a car

No comments.

26. Do massage

And although a date is a classic tool in a gentleman’s romantic arsenal, you won’t be bothered by other ways to make a girl pleasant.

By choosing massage as such a method, your girl will definitely feel loved and surrounded by your warmth and care.

27. Dance slow dance

Do you know how to dance slow dances well, lead and circle a girl, while changing the rhythm and involving elements of unpredictable movements?

Well, fine. Women will certainly appreciate this.

28. Calming a crying baby

The ability to calm a crying child is one of the most important skills of a young father, which he can have in his arsenal.

29. Keep the punch

In the life of all men, and especially those who are not accustomed to sitting on its sidelines, events will inevitably occur that can only be called a knockout punch.

The ability to get up after a fall is a skill of champions.

30. Drive a nail

Without this, certainly nowhere.

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