What are the different types of girls? 35 Types


Despite the fact that there are fewer women’s psycho types than men’s psycho types, girls are still characterized by variety and various variations.

What are the different types of girls?

1. Party Girl

She is very active, cannot sit still and is rarely at home. Her elements are clubs, parties and noisy companies. She is always where fun and a lot of people.

Personally, she always does not have enough time for you, because so much needs to be done. This type of girl can hardly be called suitable for a serious relationship.

Take a closer look at the girl. If she likes to sleep during the day, then most likely she falls asleep after a stormy night.

2. Selfish

She considers herself the center of the universe, and her interests are inextricably linked with her own personality. You, your feelings and your problems pass by her without any hurt.

She is always right and it’s useless to convince her, and who are you to argue with the Goddess?

Such a girl, living in the world of her own distorted illusions, is probably the worst option for building relationships.

3. Too caring

This girl is worried about anything.

If you go skiing, she is worried that you will break your leg. If you drive fast, she worries you will crash. She may even worry when you don’t put the cutlery in its place and remember to tell you that.

Often the basis of this behavior is the desire to completely control your relationship, which in the end can be very tiring.

4. Hysterical

This girl is annoyed by everything and everything around. She infuriates her with a job that pays her too little, music that sounds on the radio, an ex-boyfriend whom she remembers for some reason.

But this is not so bad. It irritates her how you stir the tea, the way you talk and dress, and much more.

Such a girl, being an energy vampire, will not calm down until she sucks all the energy out of you. And do you need it?

5. Self-serving

In modern society, this type of girl is quite common, and benefit is their main driving force.

It can be your material capabilities, gifts that you give her, your car, thanks to which you can use you as a cabman.

This kind of girls is convinced that a man owes her a minimum, and a maximum obligation, because she is a magnificent woman, and a fee must be charged for such piece goods.

Such a girl will leave you without hesitation and without remorse if problems arise in your life and you stumble.

The moment you need moral support, your girlfriend will hug a new hero.

6. Glamorous or beauty queen

Uncomplicated, empty, boring person who looks very awesome.

At first, you cannot believe that you began to muddle with this beauty. Your friends envy you, and the heads of the guys turn when she passes by.

This is pretty cool until it becomes clear to you that such a girl does not have her own opinion, and her inner world is limited by her knowledge of cosmetics, shopping and the television.

If you, in principle, do not like talking with people, this type of girls may suit you, but it’s better not to risk it.

7. Businesswoman

Independence is its element. She does not need a man much to realize his goals, she achieves everything herself. The focus of her attention is completely focused on her own career or business, and a man is only a way for her to satisfy her physiological needs.

But if you met such a young lady at the stage of her life, when she nevertheless came to realize the need to start a family, and you are not a blunder guy who earns more than her, then perhaps you will have a harmonious union.

8. Chatterbox

This girl is likely to be your first love. You probably know her from an early age and started dating as teenagers. She is quite attractive, very confident, and definitely the soul of the company among her friends.

At the very beginning, you do not notice any minuses in her, because you are so impressed with her, but the trouble is, this girl never shuts up. And the longer you are with her, the more obvious this behavior starts to get on your nerves.

Soon you will get tired of her constant conversation and grunts in her ear because it is like being in a relationship with your mother. In the end, you will probably part with such a girl, because very rarely you want to connect your fate with your first love.

9. Fighting intimate girlfriend

You are most likely familiar from early childhood. You probably lived on the same street, went to the same school, innocently and sincerely enjoyed each other’s company, until this girl turned into an attractive mademoiselle.

You remain friends for a while until one night you make love. And there is nothing wrong with that. After what happened, your relationship can develop in completely different scenarios, and one of them can be periodic meetings, you yourself understand why, for a long period.

10. Student

She is young, even too smart, beautiful. She not only studies, but also works part time, and is also an activist in her educational institution. The guys pay attention to her, and she knows about it.

How your relations will develop is unknown, maybe everything will turn out. But in an effort to try something else, since her whole life is still ahead, you may be transferred to the category of former boyfriends.

11. Cute shy girl

She is very shy and calm with you at the very beginning of the meeting. Both of you have mutual sympathy, and you have a desire to develop your feelings.

Getting to know this type of girl and translating it into something more is a very slow process because its isolation makes it difficult to transfer your relationship to the more serious footing.

But gradually the girlfriend will become more sociable and active with you while remaining timid and shy in front of strangers, she is such a person. It’s sweet enough, and maybe you can make it all right.

12. Jealous

Such a girl tortures you with questions: “What did you really mean when you said“ You look good ”to your colleague at this party? Do you like her? Are you secretly in love with her? It reminds me of what you told my sister last week, remember? “What a beautiful car. Will you give me a ride? ”You meant that you wanted to go somewhere with my sister and put her in the back seat, right? Didn’t you do that? ”

Most likely you will leave her because such a girl can drive you crazy.

13. Gossip Girl

This girl says too much about your relationship to her friend, friend of a friend, friend of a friend, and even this guy’s sister. Often in these stories, you appear more like an antihero than a hero.

In addition, she discusses not only you, but all other people, and at some point, it seems that all these people are more important to her than you.

You will begin to miss the jealous girl who, at least, was focused on you.

14. Your mom’s best friend

Before you even blinked your eyes, as the girl and your mother began to get along, like gangsters from one criminal syndicate.

Mom makes hints that it is time to calm down and start a family because girls like your girlfriend do not lie on the road. But you know perfectly well that in principle, normal girls do not need to wallow on the roads.

And if mom loves your girlfriend more than you, then this is not a reason to unconditionally listen to her.

15. Romantic

A fairly common type of girls. Such a girl is characterized by high sensitivity, she often cries after watching melodramas, and she is also very concerned about the fate of stray animals.

Such a girl of kindness knows how to empathize, and is unlikely to be capable of a mean act. She can make a wonderful wife.

16. Dreamer

Such a girl has been dreaming of sizzling unearthly love for years, waiting for her prince at least on a white bentley, who will take her with him, in her fairy tale, where she will become the queen and the ruler of this world.

But time goes on, and the girl is gradually disappointed in life, especially watching her friends get married. As a result, she remains an old maid or marries a man whom she does not love, but who loves her, which is also not the best option.

17. Undecided

Such girls want great and pure love, they tell everyone that they are eager to build a serious relationship, and have long been ready for family life. They often ask: “Where are the normal men?”

But when a serious fan appears, girls of this type fall into endless doubts: “Is this the person? What if I don’t really love him? ”

Having wound themselves up with such thoughts, they begin to close themselves off from men and avoid them until a normal adequate guy leaves their life for his business. After a perfect scam, such girls again complain to their friends how much and anxiously they want a big and pure love.

18. Frustrated

Girls of this type have experienced mental trauma or a painful breakup, as a result of which they relate negatively to relationships and men in general.

Such girls like to throw phrases: “All men are goats”, “There are no normal men”, “No one can be trusted”, etc. In communication, they bring all men under one comb and they fear the development of relations.

19. Experienced and adult

You will suddenly encounter her at some stage in your life, and she will immediately grab your attention. Her life experience, intellect and aura will have power over you.

She is completely different from all the other girls that you met until this moment – and this is part of her charm. When you are together, it does not seem to you that there is an age difference between you. In this case, from time to time you think: “Oh, if she were younger.” And if you ask yourself a similar question, then it is better to put an end to the relationship.

20. Perfect girl

Perfect people do not exist, and each man has his own ideal.

But if in general terms, then the applicant for the role of an ideal wife is beautiful, but she does not stick out all the charms of her appearance, smart, meek, kind and sympathetic, sincerely in love with you, and your mother is crazy about her.

Such a girl seems completely unbelievable to you, the one that suits you in everything. You have so much in common with her that communication is absolutely easy, as if by itself. She laughs at your jokes, and together you are very fun and comfortable, both in private and in public.

Physically, you really want her, and constantly. When such a girl is near you, the quality of your life rises. This girl is a muse for you, but not a burden. You even wonder what you did to deserve this gift of fate.

Types of girls who are suitable for relationships

1. She is not tormented by causeless jealousy

Although a healthy level of jealousy is natural in a relationship, it is important that both partners have personal space.

A wise woman will allow a man in her life to have her freedom if he does not betray her trust.

2. She is intellectually developed

It is useless to deny the obvious thing: the first thing that attracts a woman in a man is her appearance. Many relationships are based only on physical attraction, because it is not so easy to recognize a beautiful person at first sight, but how long can it last?

When conversations with a girl make you bored and there is no intrigue in them, you have to fill in the time spent together with physical activity, but it will be difficult in this case to build a long relationship.

The girl, who is an intellectually developed and complex personality, with the ability to maintain interesting discussions on meaningful topics, will ultimately always be able to give odds to empty-headed beauties. And if she also looks good herself …

3. She is honest and sincere

How long can you be with a beautiful but deceitful girlfriend? If you are not able to trust your girlfriend and believe her words, you will not be able to build long and strong relationships.

4. She makes you smile

No matter where you are. If she is near you, you feel really happy. Next to her, you sincerely smile and sometimes behave stupidly. Communication is very easy and easy, while you feel safe and comfortable.

5. You want to be with her

Your friends tell you how they like to be single, or they are tired of their girls or wives. Perhaps your lonely friends say that they do not want to give up their bachelor life. You hear from them that they spend all their time at work, and they have no time to be distracted by women. But you don’t feel it. You want to be with your girlfriend as much as possible.

6. You are the best for her

It doesn’t matter whether you are wearing shorts or a fashionable suit, you are cheerful or sad, she always thinks that you are the best and sexiest man in the world.

7. She is your main supporter

No matter how life happens, whatever problems arise before you, you know that it is always on your side. She is always there.

8. She is ambitious

In addition to supporting and encouraging you to achieve your goals, she has her own dreams, which she constantly strives for. A worthy girl has a vision of her future, to which she tries to approach.

It is with such a girl that you will be pleased to share this world. She is your accomplice in crime, a fighting friend in your relationships and in life.

9. It is consistent and consistent.

Being consistent in your behavior is a valuable trait because it allows you to understand what a girl really is.

If a friend is unpredictable or mentally unstable, it is difficult to predict how she will behave towards you in various life situations.

10. She is invested in your relationship and in you

You notice that she does not wait for you to do something for her, but she is not against committing an act on her part, which will help you in some way or make you pleasant. And that’s fine because relationships are a two-way road.

Your girlfriend should not do something supernatural.

In the end, she can pay for dinner if you forget your wallet at home, or pick you up by car from the station when you come from a business trip.

If a girl continues to care for you, especially if you have been together for a long time, it is unlikely that she will later turn into an unbearable vixen.

11. She knows her worth and respects other people.

In this case, we are not talking about excessive self-esteem. This refers to the self-esteem that is present in the girl, as well as the respect that she shows to others.

It doesn’t matter what kind of car a girl has, in which house she lives, or what brand of clothing she wears – if she allows herself to wipe her feet or treats others with contempt, everything else does not matter.

12. She gets along with her parents

Not all people are close with their parents, and this, of course, does not make such a person an outcast of society.

Nevertheless, a girl who does not value her or your family should be subject to some doubts, especially when considering the possibility of building a long-term relationship.

13. Your values match

The source of building a value system is parenting. Generalized to such values is what we consider important (or not), what we believe in (or not), how we relate to others and to ourselves.

No matter how much you are attached to someone, sooner or later you will end up in a dead end in a relationship with a girl if your values do not match.

14. She is engaged in self-development and takes care of herself

Whether reading a new book or watching a documentary on a topic of her interest, a wise girl always seeks to improve her knowledge and skills in order to live a happier life. In addition, she is cold about alcohol, smoking and does not overeat.

15. She inspires you to become better without changing your essence

It expands your possibilities, as it seeks self-improvement and, therefore, encourages you to do the same.

As Mark Twain said, “Stay away from those who are trying to belittle your ambition. Small people always do this, but truly great people make you believe that you too can become great.”

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