What are the Best subwoofers?

Best subwoofers

There’s nothing as pleasing as the feeling of good music in your house or car through the best musical equipment. What are the best subwoofers? The best subwoofers are complete loudspeakers that produce low pitched audio frequencies enhancing good music that anyone can listen to since it’s good to the ears. In addition, the best subwoofers are produced by the companies that have been in the market for a long time, since they produce high-quality subwoofers that anyone can rely on. These are usually long-lasting subwoofers which add value to the cost of your purchase. Speaking of one, these top best subwoofers will do incredible things to your sound. It would be inevitable to avoid the richness of the sound produced by such subwoofers. This article will provide the top ten best subwoofers in the market today since we have narrowed down to ones that we believe are selling in our current market.

  1. SVS PB16-Ultra ($2500)

svs pb16-ultra 07

1500 output watts

Driver size: 16”

Direction: Front-firing

Unbelievable volume and quality sound make it our first choice and the finest sub, despite the need for two people to shift it due to its weight.

  1. Funk Audio 21.0L ($4150)

Funk Audio 21.0L

2400 output watts

21” Driver size

Front-firing direction

It’s in-house made custom design and funk audio gives as much importance. Its features also give it thumbs up.

  1. Martin Logan Dynamo ($695)

Martin Logan Dynamo

700 output watts

10” Driver size

Down firing

Offers the best value in the list, and also delivers superb quality music and unless you are really desperate for one, you shouldn’t hesitate to try this one out.

  1. JL Audio Fathom f110v2($3750)

JL Audio Fathom f110v2

1100 output watts

10” Driver size

Front firing

Its level of musicality makes it stand out from the rest since its low end is robust, clear and dynamic.

  1. Deep Sea Sound Mariana 24SC($2400)

Deep Sea Sound Mariana 24SC

4000 output watts

24” Driver size

Front Firing

Sometimes, you need to break things. You need so powerful music that snaps out the landlord. This sub which is relatively affordable comes along with ultra-high-power.

  1. Power Sound Audio S3601 ($2000)

Power Sound Audio S3601

1700 output watts

2 x 18” Driver size

Front and Back firing

Its huge sound, great control system and advanced processor circuitry makes it not for use in small rooms.

  1. Seaton Sound F18+($2395)

Seaton Sound F18+

1400 output watts

18” Driver size

Front firing

This one offers incredible sound with crystal-clear low-end notes. How shall we put this…’s not easy to get one good one.

  1. Rhythmik F25 ($1499)

Rhythmik F25

800 output watts

2 x 15” Driver size

Front firing

This one is a dual-drive sub with an interesting design, reduction of unwanted physical vibrations which helps them lure more sound pressure level. Highly recommended even with balanced inputs and its awkward size.

  1. Bowers & Wilkins DB1($4000)

Bowers & Wilkins DB1

1000 output watts

12” Driver size

Front firing

Glorious, dynamic low end is the perfect complement for any speaker. Due to various updates which have not yet been tracked down yet, we still stick to the first version which is tricky to track down.

  1. JTR Captivator 118HT ($1599)

JTR Captivator 118HT

700 watts

18” Driver size

Front firing

Crisp and clear bass which is fine tuned makes it outdo the other subwoofers, it may not be the best sub but it deserves a spot in this list despite it’s not as loud and dynamic as the previous ones.

Don’t hesitate to try any one of these subwoofers based on your sound expectation. The major specifications are outlined above. Make your right pick and you will have a sound system you’ll always love.

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