Top 10 largest snakes in the world

Snakes are some of nature's most amazing creatures. They both delight and terrify with their appearance. Any fashionista can envy the richness of the color of the snakeskin, and there are legends about the strength and dexterity of some representatives of the snake family. 1 min

Largest Snakes

Since ancient times, snakes have been idolized and feared, considered symbols of wisdom and demonic creatures.

These are the 10 largest snakes in the world

  1. 1 Reticulated Python | 7.5 meters

    Reticulated Python

    In the first place among the largest snakes in the world is the reticulated python. On average, the size of this species reaches an impressive six meters. It is documented that one of the snakes living in captivity, the Reticulated Python, was 7.5 meters long. Lives in South and Southeast Asia. It hunts reptiles, monkeys, small ungulates, birds.

    For humans, the reticulated python is dangerous because it is quite aggressive and strong.

  2. 2 Anaconda | up to 7 meters


    Anaconda is one of the largest aquatic snakes in the world. It often became the heroine of horror films in which it reached monstrous proportions. In fact, the maximum recorded length of an anaconda is 5.2 meters, but sometimes up to 7 meters long may be found. 

    In theory, the existence of larger snakes is possible, but due to the inaccessibility of the anaconda's habitats, it is difficult to confirm this assumption. Lives in South America. The snake hunts reptiles (caimans, turtles), mammals, and birds. Smaller snakes also fall prey to the anaconda.

  3. 3 Hieroglyph python | 5 meters

    Hieroglyphic Python

    The hieroglyph python is the third largest snake in the world. In another way, it is also called the African rock python. The maximum body length can reach 6 meters. Average pythons are slightly smaller which is about 5 meters in length. Weight is from 55 to 100 kg. Lives in Africa. The rock python can be found both in the savannah and in the rainforests. Excellent swimmer, excellent tree climber. Especially active at night. The huge size of the snake allows it to hunt large prey - antelopes, goats.

    It is dangerous for people since it has very aggressive behavior. A meeting with a hieroglyph python can end in death. In Canada, a rock python escaped from a zoological store climbed into a house, and strangled two little boys, 7 and 5 years old. This is not the first unfortunate incident involving a snake. In Africa, a ten-year-old boy was swallowed by an African rock python.

  4. 4 Dark Tiger (Burmese) python | 6-7 meters

    Dark Tiger Burmese Python

    On the 4th place among the largest snakes on Earth is the dark tiger (Burmese) python. The average body length is 3.7 meters. But in nature, there are pythons reaching 6-7 meters. The largest dark python kept in captivity reached 5.7 meters in length. It is distributed in Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, India, and Indochina. Accidentally introduced to Florida, it got along well there. Like all pythons, it is active in the dark. It hunts rodents, birds, and lizards.

  5. 5 Indian or light tiger python | 6 meters

    Indian Or Light Tiger Python

    The Indian, or light tiger python, ranks 5th among the largest snakes on the planet. these pythons reach a decent size-6 meter in length. It is found in Nepal, Pakistan, and India. It is active in the dark, and during the day it hides in hiding places: caves, forest rubble, and other nooks and crannies. They like to hunt small animals as the size of a cat.

  6. 6 Common boa constrictor | 5.5 meters

    Common Boa Constrictor

    The common boa constrictor is in 6th place in the ranking of the largest snakes in the world. It belongs to the family of pseudopods. In total, there are 10 subspecies of boas. This is a fairly large snake. In nature, snakes reaching 5.5 meters in length are not uncommon. The average weight of a snake is 22-25 kg. In captivity, boas rarely grow more than three meters. This reptile species easily tolerate captivity and is a frequent guest of terrariums. In nature, its habitat is Central and South America. You can find boas in the Lesser Maltese Islands and in Florida.

    The color of each subspecies is different and depends on the habitat. Boas are solitary and prefer not to be seen, so their color allows them to disguise themselves well. A snake bite is not dangerous for humans.

    An interesting fact is that the boa constrictor strangles its hunt using a certain technique of squeezing the chest of the hunt during its exhalation.

  7. 7 King cobra | 5 meters

    King Cobra

    The King cobra ranked 7 on the list of the world's largest snakes, can be called the queen of venomous reptiles. Some king cobra can reach more than 5 meters in length. Given the huge danger of the snake, it looks especially impressive. On average, the length of the snake is 3-4 meters. Habitat – Southeast and South Asia, live mainly in tropical forests.

    The King cobra is one of the most recognizable snakes. It is impossible to confuse it with another type because of its characteristic feature-the hood in the upper part of the neck.

    The snake is terrestrial, although it can climb trees. Prefers nooks and crannies – burrows and caves.

    The King cobra is extremely dangerous to humans. A portion of the poison is enough to kill you in 15 minutes from respiratory arrest.

    The interesting fact is that the king cobra can dispense the amount of venom when bitten. When encountering a human, it usually makes a "blank" bite, since it needs venom for hunting. Therefore, the number of deaths caused by the attack of this snake is generally small.

  8. 8 Amethyst Python | 3.5 meters

    Amethyst Python

    The amethyst python is the largest snake in Australia. The average length of a python is 3.5 meters, but there are some up to 8 meters long. It hunts small kangaroos, rabbits, and birds. It is in eighth place in our rating.

  9. 9 Bushmaster | 3-4 meters


    Bushmaster, a snake of the vast family of vipers, is ranked 9th on the list of the largest snakes on the planet. In South America, it is the largest venomous snake. It is good that this species of reptiles prefer to live in remote and uninhabited places. On average, it reaches 3 meters in length, but there are also four-meter snakes. Despite its great length, the snake weighs only 3-5 kg, since it has a slender body. He prefers wet places, so he settles next to water bodies. The snake is extremely shy and avoids territories inhabited by people.

    An interesting fact is the only 25 cases of snakebite of this type of person have been recorded in the world. Five of the victims were killed.

  10. 10 Black mamba | 3 meters

    Black Mamba

    The most dangerous of the snakes is the black mamba, which ranks 10th in the list of the largest and longest reptiles. Reaches a length of 3 meters. They say that in nature there are snakes up to 4 meters long, but there is no documentary evidence of this. The black mouth, painted in ink, gave the name to the snake.

    The habitat of the black mamba is Africa. Loves semi-arid places and leads a terrestrial lifestyle. In addition to being one of the largest venomous snakes, the black mamba is distinguished by its swiftness. In a throw, it can reach speeds of up to 20 km / h.

    Before the appearance of the antidote, a meeting with a black mamba for a person ended in a sad - fatal outcome. Snake venom causes respiratory arrest and paralysis.

    An interesting fact is when bitten in the head or neck area, death from the poison of a black mamba occurs within 15-20 minutes.

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