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Top 10 largest dog breeds in the world – our protectors and loyal friends

Largest Dog

Largest Dog: Dog is man’s best friend. This statement is known by all, so the presence of a four-legged family member no longer surprises anyone. A person who has a dog can no longer imagine life without it. They captivate with their loyalty and desire to please. A dog will always love its owner for who they are.

Today, there is a huge selection of breeds. From pocket-sized to heavy hundred-kilogram ones. As the data shows, these are also some of the kindest breeds. They do not use their size to intimidate people, but faithfully serve them and give love throughout their lives.

We present to your attention a ranking of the largest dogs in the world: top 10 large breeds with photos and descriptions.

1. English Mastiff

English Mastiff

Height: 70-91 cm.

The English Mastiff is an ancient breed of dog. The largest of the mastiffs and the largest dog in Europe. It is a balanced and calm, very thoughtful dog. Do not expect blind obedience from it.

The English Mastiff will require earning trust and will show character. Due to their large size, it is important to be more careful when interacting with dogs and children.

2. Spanish Mastiff

Spanish Mastiff

Height: 77-88 cm.

The homeland of this large beautiful dog is Spain, which is clear from the name of the breed. The Spanish Mastiff descended from the crossing of ancient Celtic fighting and guard dogs with mountain shepherds.

The breed is an excellent hunter and is capable of hunting even bears. But in the family, the Spanish Mastiff shows itself as an affectionate and gentle dog, capable of carefully guarding and being a loyal friend. They need love and attention, training, and personal, quite modest space.

3. Saint Bernard

Saint Bernard

Height: male: 70-90 cm, female: 65-80 cm

This is one of the most popular breeds. They are very friendly and simply adore people. But at the same time, they are good protectors and will always stand between danger and a person. There are many stories of Saint Bernards saving people in snowy avalanches and in water.

This breed of dogs always tries to please the owner, so the training process will be easy and calm. But it is necessary to start as soon as possible, otherwise the Saint Bernard can be cheeky and mischievous. Their calm nature makes this breed of dogs an excellent family member, even in a house with small children.

They are very patient and get along well with any domestic animals, even cats and small dogs. Attention from the owner is a vital necessity for them, so they should be praised as often as possible and never forget to show all your love.

4. Pyrenean Mastiff

Pyrenean Mastiff

Height: male: 77-80 cm, female: 71-75 cm

The large dog of the Pyrenean Mastiff breed will become a loyal, caring, and reliable companion. Its origins go back far into the past. This extremely intelligent dog behaves very tolerantly in the family, allowing even the most disobedient children to play with it.

It will be a reliable guard or bodyguard. It loves to run and walk, requires enough space for its size, so the most successful solution would be to keep it in a private house.

Training this breed is easy, but you shouldn’t miss the moment, otherwise re-educating the Pyrenean Mastiff will be very difficult.

5. Great Dane

Great Dane

Height: female: 71-81 cm, male: 76-86 cm

It is already clear from their appearance that this breed of dogs is very noble. But their character constantly proves their nobility. Great Danes are very calm and balanced. It is difficult to resist such beauty, so they are often kept in royal families.

The peculiarity of the breed is their precise understanding of the owner’s every word. They are suitable for both lonely people and noisy families with children. But do not forget about training, otherwise you may end up with a stubborn and persistent dog in old age.

6. Tibetan Mastiff

Tibetan Mastiff

Height: male: 66-76 cm, female: 61-71 cm

A powerful breed of dogs that stands out for its size and intelligence. They were bred in Tibet for protection. The dog is very affectionate with its owner, always allows itself to be petted and awaits a loving gaze.

This breed is known for its attitude towards children. They are true nannies. The Tibetan Mastiff feels comfortable with other animals and can even adopt some habits. The breed looks intimidating, but they do not pose a threat to people, especially with professional training.

They willingly obey all commands and never resist training from their owner. This breed is most common in Europe and particularly in some states of America.

7. Newfoundland Dog

Newfoundland Dog

Height: male: 69-74 cm, female: 63-69 cm

This is one of the ancient dogs. It is often called a water rescue dog and is used to save drowning people. Little is known about the history of this breed, they got their name in honor of the island.

This is an excellent choice for families. They get along friendly with all family members, including small children and other pets. Newfoundland does not understand aggression, so patience and affection are needed.

If you are a fan of hiking and long walks along the coast, then this breed is definitely for you. They don’t mind snow or rain outside, they will be happy to take a walk at any time. But at home, they feel calm and comfortable.

This breed is not at all suitable for guarding, but their size will make the offender think twice about approaching.

8. Boerboel


Height: male: 64-70 cm, female: 59-65 cm

The Boerboel has a very strong character. In order for him to have good behavior in the house, he needs to spend several hours a day outdoors. And not just regular walks, but rather exhausting activities.

The Boerboel always strives for dominance, so it is important to constantly remind him who the owner is. This breed is very strong and stubborn, so it requires careful training from a young age.

This is one of the most dangerous dogs, so if you have no experience in training, it is better to seek help from professionals. It is almost impossible to re-educate a Boerboel. But if everything is done correctly and in a timely manner, they will become great friends for the whole family.

9. Moscow watchdog

Moscow Watchdog

Height: 64 – 69 cm

This breed is bred as a guard dog. The Moscow Watchdog is known for its stubbornness, so it definitely needs training. But if you show yourself to be a caring owner, it will become an excellent companion. The Moscow Watchdog can be calm and energetic at the same time.

The owner will have plenty of time to play with the dog, as they only mature at 2-3 years old. During this time, they are full of energy and desire for active games. Another characteristic of this breed is their instant reaction. They attack immediately as soon as they sense a threat to themselves or their owner.

10. Leonberger


Height: female: 65-75 cm, male: 72-80 cm

The appearance of this dog may be intimidating, but in reality, despite all its muscles, it is very elegant and accommodating.

It got its name from the city of Leonberg. It is believed that when breeding this dog, the goal was to create a breed that resembled the lion on the coat of arms of this city.

Anyone who chooses a Leonberger as a friend will get an excellent companion and guard dog. This breed is good at recognizing strangers and will serve only one owner. At the same time, they are friendly and get along well with children.

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