Top 10 highest paid presidents in the world

Highest Paid Presidents

Highest paid presidents: People are very fond of counting other people’s money. They are interested in the salary of relatives, colleagues, let alone the top officials of the country. Admit it, haven’t you ever wondered how much the president gets? Of course, the salary of the Russian president is different from the salary of a French official or the head of state of Zimbabwe.

People care about the principle on which their wages are calculated, who sets their size. In many states, the president independently has the right to raise his salary by the next decree. Now let’s move on to specific individuals and specific numbers. If you’re wondering how much heads of state get paid, read this article.

The list of 10 highest paid presidents in the world

1. Barack Obama – 400 thousand dollars per year

Barack Obama

Barack Obama is the President of the United States. He was the 44th president, the people loved him very much, although he did nothing special for the country. He was even awarded the Nobel Prize for being actively involved in strengthening external relations. The opinion of him as a president was rather contradictory, he did not deal with the internal problems of the country.

By the way, Barack Obama received a very good salary of 400 thousand dollars a year. Many said that for that kind of money, he could have put in more effort. It is noteworthy that the subsequent President Donald Trump decided that he would not receive a high salary and that $ 1 would be enough for him.

2. Justin Trudeau – 260 thousand dollars per year

Justin Trudeau

He is the Prime Minister of Canada. His salary was 260 thousand dollars annually, we can say that he worked it out in full. The people were very pleased with such a ruler because he did a lot for them. People began to live better, many jobs appeared, including for migrants. Moreover, the prime minister was not a self-serving person and did not try to use his position to the maximum. In the first year of his premiership, he even returned to the budget the amount that he and his family had spent. This amount includes expenses that were not due to the Prime Minister by law.

3. Angela Merkel – 224 thousand dollars per year

Angela Merkel

Angela Merkel served as chancellor in Germany. Her salary was equal to 224 thousand dollars annually. Her policy was open, she strongly supported foreigners who arrived in Germany. As a result, flows of migrants poured into the country. This significantly worsened the economic situation in Germany.

The population expressed dissatisfaction, and the migrants behaved immorally. Then Angela realized that she had chosen the wrong policy. Church officials also condemned the Chancellor. They talked about how Merkel is using the church in order to attract the attention of citizens so that they vote in her favor.

4. Jacob Zuma – 220 thousand dollars per year

Jacob Zuma

Jacob Zuma served as President of South Africa. The citizens of this country loved him very much, they even called him “beloved president”. Jacob took seriously the country’s economy. He created many additional jobs, and massive construction began in the country. However, not everything was as good as it seemed at first glance. Jacob often took the missing funds from the treasury. Later, 16 charges were brought against him.

He was accused of corruption and fraud. In addition, Zuma was accused of misappropriating budget funds. The police announced the amount of $ 23 million. This amount was spent on the renovation of the house belonging to the President of South Africa. Of course, he denies everything.

5. Theresa May – 215 thousand dollars per year

Theresa May

She became the second woman to take the post of the British Prime Minister in her entire history. She receives 215 thousand dollars a year. This figure is still rather modest in comparison with the salaries of some of her subordinates. The British were surprised to learn that Theresa May’s salary is much lower than that of the BBC stars. Teresa’s political views were shared by ordinary British citizens.

May agreed to withdraw the country from the Eurozone and establish ties with the Russian Federation. In the European Union, Teresa is called a “corrupt woman”. She is very jealous of her country and has repeatedly expressed that there is no place for strangers in it.

6. Shinzō Abe – 203 thousand dollars per year

Shinzō Abe

Shinzo Abe was the president of Japan. His salary was 203 thousand dollars annually. As soon as he came to power, he immediately began to change the economic policy that existed at that time. He became the creator of a kind of system that he called “beeconomic”.

The people were not delighted with the new laws, but gradually life in Japan improved. Prices for some goods and services have increased, enterprises have become much more active in producing products, and, accordingly, the average salaries of people have increased. The Japanese economy has become 56% more efficient. Shinzo introduced social benefits for certain categories of citizens.

7. Recep Tayyip Erdoğan – 197 thousand dollars per year

Recep Tayyip Erdoğan

Recep Tayyip Erdoğan is the President of Turkey. His salary was equal to 197 thousand dollars a year. He did a lot for Turkey, both good and bad. During his reign, there was an attempt at a coup d’état, and Recep himself was nearly killed. In 2015, he attracted global attention by raising his own salary by 12.56%, while the rest of the ministers by only 6%. Citizens were unhappy with his position since a budget deficit was planned in Turkey for 2016.

8. François Hollande – 194 thousand dollars per year

François Hollande

François Hollande was President of France from May 15, 2012, to May 14, 2017. His salary is 194 thousand dollars. But it turned out that this was too much money for François. He was called the most unpopular of all presidents in the history of France. Apparently, the French president did not feel the need for money, so he wanted the citizens of the state to also take money easily.

First, he cut ministerial salaries by 30%, thus trying to save the budget. This also applied to the presidential salary. Since François Hollande broke all records of unpopularity, he did not dare to nominate himself for a second term. But it is possible that members of the new French government sometimes mention his economy with an unkind word because it hit their wallets too.

9. Vladimir Putin – 126 thousand dollars per year

Vladimir Putin

The salary of the President of the Russian Federation is 715 thousand rubles a month, which is approximately 126 thousand dollars annually. These are quite modest figures because earlier the president’s salary exceeded this figure several times. Vladimir Putin himself downgraded it when he came to power.

However, no one knows the total amount of income, because, in addition to the salary, the president is also paid entertainment expenses. In addition, there are a number of benefits for the head of state. He is given a house with a swimming pool and a stable. A church was built near it. All this was designed by Vladimir Vladimirovich himself.

10. Matteo Renzi – 125 thousand dollars per year

Matteo Renzi

Matteo Renzi is the President of Italy. His salary was 125 thousand dollars per year. He began to actively save the country’s finances, namely, he tried to reduce administrative costs in the state. Moreover, he himself undertook to control the salaries of officials. Such drastic measures caused a positive reaction from people, they began to respect Matteo. However, later it turned out that the president’s expenses significantly exceed his income. He allowed himself an expensive vacation, then at famous ski resorts, then in southern countries. Apparently Matteo Renzi was cunning, he saved on the wages of others, but he himself lived on a grand scale.

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