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fastest trains

The railway appeared many hundreds of years ago. There was an evolution from heavy, awkward carloads to super-fast expresses that cross huge distances in a matter of hours, due to magnetic levitation, which is hardly anyone you will be surprised by. This list includes the fastest trains that develop frenzied speed and work like a clock.

1. Trains of the Shinkansen series

Trains of the Shinkansen series

Speed – 581 km / h

The name of these trains comes from the Japanese word, which means “new highway”. These trains received another nickname – “bullet”, they own the absolute world record for trains that traveled with a magnetic suspension – 581 km / h, on the rails the result is more modest, but still impressive – 443 km / h. The road between Osaka and Tokyo at such a high-speed train will take only two and a half hours. In addition, they are the fastest trains in the world, they are also the safest, in more than four decades of operation there has not been a single accident.



Speed – 574.8 km / h

TVG are French trains that travel between France and Switzerland and France and Germany. Their average speed is 320 km / h. Despite this, the TGV POS model broke all speed records among the trains that travel on rails, it accelerated to 574.8 km / h in 2007.

3. Shanghai Maglev Train

Shanghai Maglev Train

Speed – 501 km / h

Shanghai Maglev – high-speed train, Chinese-made, which operates on a magnetic suspension. The first time was seen in Shanghai in 2004. The average speed is 431 km / h, which makes the journey from the city center to the airport (30 kilometers) a five-minute trip. November 12, 2003, an amazing event took place – Shanghai Maglev Train has developed a speed of more than five hundred kilometers per hour. The most interesting thing is that this train was developed not by the Chinese, but by the Germans. Transrapid SMT – a model that served as a prototype for this train.

4. CRH380A


Speed – 486.1 km / h The

maximum speed for this Chinese train on all documents is 380 km / h, but as it turned out it was not the limit and it was able to reach a speed of 486.1 km / h. CSR Qingdao Sifang Locomotive and Rolling Stock Company – namely, this company produces these ultra-high-speed trains. 8 cars of this elegant train, decorated in an airplane style, and contain about 500 people. For the first time, this train appeared on rails in 2010 and proceeded along the route Shanghai – Nanjing. Then two more lines of following were added: Wuhan – Guangzhou, and Shanghai – Hangzhou.

5. AVE Talgo-350

AVE Talgo-350

Speed – 365 km / h

AVE (Alta Velocidad Española) is a trademark of the operator of the Spanish Railways Renfe-Operador. This abbreviation of AVE also means the word “bird” in Spanish. Each train of this class is high-speed, but for us, it will be interesting for the AVE Talgo-350, its capacity is 320 people. Gains speed up to 330 km / h, following from Madrid to Valladolid and from Madrid to Barcelona. In 2004, during the experiment, he was able to accelerate to 365 km / h. Because of its design, this electric train carries the nickname Pato (“duck”).

6. ETR-500 (Elettro Treno Rapido 500)

ETR-500 (Elettro Treno Rapido 500)

Speed – 362 km / h

This electric train was launched in Italy a quarter of a century ago, today its speed is 300 km / h, the official record was set in 2010 between Florence and Bologna and equal to 362 km / h. To get from Bologna to Milan, he needs a little less than an hour. Three years ago several ETR-1000 trains were due to leave, the maximum speed of which should reach 400 km / h, but the release was delayed due to lack of financing.

7. KTX Sancheon

KTX Sancheon

Speed – 352 km / h

This train has one more name, it is known as KTX II, its first appearance in South Korea was recorded in 2009. Created by Hyundai Rotem, according to the drawing of the French train TGV, it belongs to Korail (the national railway operator of South Korea). Despite the fact that this train can develop the declared speed of 352 km / h, which it scored in 2004, in order to ensure its safety, its speed does not exceed 305 km / h. Comfortable cars of the train accommodate 363 people, it travels along two routes: Yonsan – Gwangju – Mokpo and Seoul – Pusan.

8. Eurostar


Speed – 334.7 km / h

Developed in the UK, the high-speed train from the TVG series, which crosses the UK, Belgium, and France, along with the La Mancha Tunnel (which has the second longest railway track in the world). The train accommodates nine hundred people, rides it is usually at a speed of 300 / h, and the high-speed record of this train occurred in 2003 and is equal to 334.7 km / h. To get from London to Paris, you just need to take a ticket to Eurostar and in less than two and a half hours you will be there.

9. InterCity Express (ICE)

InterCity Express (ICE)

Speed – 320 km / h

This type of high-speed trains is widely spread on the German railway, as well as in a number of nearby countries. On the road from Strasbourg to Paris, InterCity Express accelerates to 320 km / h. These long-distance trains are spread all over Germany. Now, this type of train was purchased by Russia, where they work on routes from Moscow to Nizhny Novgorod and from Moscow to St. Petersburg.

10. THSR 700T


Speed ​​- 315 km / h

The development of this train was conducted according to the schemes and drawings of the train Shinkansen, which comes from Japan. THSR 700T is located in Taiwan, its speed is from 300 to 315 kilometers per hour, it works on the route north of Taipei – south of Kaohsiung. There are a dozen comfortable carriages in it and all it involves about 1000 people. In 2005, it accelerated to its highest speed – 315 km / h.


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